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Help, Ayuda, Aiuto, Aide ..

Any help you can give to help Totus2us going & growing would be hugely appreciated, eg ..
- 'share' this page with your friends
- give a response to one of Totus2us's podcasts
- ask your parish priest to include info about Totus2us in the parish newsletter
- write a review for 1 of the podcasts on itunes
- and, most importantly, keep Totus2us in your prayers.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

To get in touch with the Totus2us team, please send us an email.

Our Lady's birthday, 8th September 2019

Totus2us was launched today 10 years ago, as a gift to Our Lady on her birthday. I can't think of what to say other than thank you!

Thank you to Our Lady for all the graces that have been received through her intercession;
thank you for all the encounters I've had with people who've been prepared to witness to their faith in the recordings;
thank you to all the priests who have done recordings and given encouragment;
thank you to all those who've helped over the years, most especially with their prayers, encouragement & support.

I haven't been able to calculate stats for the downloads/streams for the last 3+ years, so I don't even know what there might be to boast about if I'd wanted to. It has reminded me that beyond the numbers it's all in God's hands - He knows who it's touching and where things are at.

If you'd like to do something in celebration of 10 years, you could take a listen to one of the podcasts/look at the website & perhaps recommend them to others.
with many thanks,
Ruth (from the Totus2us team)

15th September 2018

Since Our Lady's birthday last week-end, Totus2us is now in its 10th year. The scandals of the last month in particular have reminded me of how much need we have to look to Our Lady, seek shelter under her mantle, find comfort in her maternal tenderness and make her fiat our own.

Along with new episodes continually being added to the 40+ Totus2us podcasts, there are some new podcasts soon to be included with catechesis by Paul VI and John Paul I, talks by Fr Dominic Faure and hopefully a podcast devoted to John Bradburne, his life & his poetry.

If you are able to help spread word of Totus2us in any way, I would be very grateful (eg forwarding this email to any friends you think might be interested; if you use iTunes, reviewing a podcast; if on Facebook, liking the Totus2us page & flagging it up for friends). Many of the podcasts disappeared from iTunes for most of 2017 (due to a geeky coding blip linked to their change in rules) but they're now all back up there & present. And they will hopefully be up on Spotify soon too.

I'm hoping to be able to give more time to Totus2us in the coming year (the full-on job I had for 3 years is no more), so if you have any suggestions or comments on how I could do things better/what more to include on Totus2us, please let me know (or if you'd be happy to give a response for one of the podcasts).

Wishing you a blessed Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows,
Ruth (from the Totus2us team)

Our Lady's birthday, 8th September 2017

This year's feast of Our Lady’s birthday brings Totus2us to the beginning of its 9th year. The last year has flown past, with much of my attention taken up with my paid job (which ended earlier this year with the ending of the concerts at QGT) and needing to move. Things are beginning to fall into place now and I'm hoping to give at least the next 6 months to Totus2us. If there's anything you'd like me to focus on in the podcasts or you have any suggestions, please let me know. I'd also be very grateful if you're able to pass on news about Totus2us to any of your network of friends.

I entrust everything once again to Our Lady, knowing that Totus2us is all hers so that she may best use it for the glory of her Son.

With gratitude & wishing you a very blessed feast day, Ruth

Our Lady's birthday, 8th September 2016

8th September is Our Lady's 'official' birthday and the date Totus2us was launched 7 years ago, as a gift in thanksgiving to our Mother Mary.

So much has been received & given through Totus2us since then (including over 3.5 million downloads around the world), I wanted to thank all of you who have prayed, helped or contributed in any way to Totus2us

Our Lady's birthday, 8th September 2015

Totus2us is now 6 years old and rather amazingly is still ticking along, with over 2.8 million downloads.

If you could but hear it, there is now a great hymn of gratitude being sung to all those who've helped in whatever way during these 6 years -  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

The big change for me in this last year has been that I've had a regular job, which has brought many blessings but has also meant I haven't been able to give nearly so much time to Totus2us (hence the big back-log of somethings about Mary waiting to be done by me!).

If you have any suggestions that Totus2us should / could be doing especially with the wondrous Jubilee Year of Mercy starting on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, 8th December, please do get in touch. Also, if you've listened to a podcast & thought you might like to/be prepared to say something, please let me know. It's always a joy to receive recordings!

Giving thanks for all that has come along & about in God's Providence during these 6 years and praying that Totus2us will always belong totally to Our Lady,

Our Lady's birthday, 8th September 2014

With the celebration of Our Lady's birthday on Monday, Totus2us turned 5 years old & has just topped 2 million downloads.

There is so much to thank Our Lady for during these 5 years and this year's Youth 2000 prayer festival, itself celebrating 25 years, was a wonderful opportunity to look back on God's loving providence at work in all things. Two new podcast episodes recorded in Walsingham particularly reflect something of Totus2us's own story. On World Youth Days, Ernest Williams speaks about the youth festival in Medjugorje in the summer of 1989 followed by JMJ in Santiago de Compostella, from which Youth 2000 was born. In Man for Others, Fr Lee Marshall (ordained last year) gives his testimony: "I've never doubted my vocation because I knew that it came from Our Lady's intercession, I knew that it had always come from that initial prayer which I'd made on that bus to Medjugorje, of asking Our Lady to help me to open my heart to the Lord. .. So the Lord has done amazing things in this last year and I'm just so excited as to what the future will be. What He will do in my life and what He will do in the Church. It's a great time now to be a Catholic in this country, it's such an exciting time. The shoots of renewal, the shoots of what the Lord is doing is so fresh and there's something amazing growing, something amazing beginning and it's such a blessing to be part of it."

It has been a great blessing to have been part of Totus2us and have had the privilege of meeting so many people who've given witness to their faith, hope & love. A big heartfelt thanks goes out to all those who've made it possible: Rob Stone (my brother-in-law & his company TWK) and the Totus2us team; all the priests who've done recordings & the musicians whose music is included; those who've helped financially (particularly the Carmelite sisters of Nottinghill), and all those who've done a recording or kept Totus2us in their prayers.

But the biggest THANK YOU goes to our blessed Mother Mary for all that has been shared, received and given through Totus2us. Totus2us belongs entirely to Our Lady, given to her on her birthday 5 years ago (& regiven to her each year).

May Mother Mary help each of us to follow her Son Jesus Christ more closely, faithfully and lovingly. And may she, Queen of Peace, continue to intercede for us all, that there may be peace in our hearts, in our families and in the world.

with gratitude, Ruth, from the Totus2us team

ps the cherry on Our Lady's birthday cake for me this year is Marianna's something about Mary, up for this feast day (8th September). Marianna is my 2½ year old goddaughter, whose mother Erin-Thérèse I'd never have met but for Totus2us (she emailed me from America after having listened to the podcasts for about a year). Erin-Thérèse has been the most wonderful support on the Totus2us team these last 3 years & her daugher has now given a beautiful something about Mary - "I love Mary. I love people. I love Mary."

25th June 2013

Today in Medjugorje, Bosnia Hercegovina, they have been celebrating the 32nd anniversary of Our Lady's apparitions there (Mary did in fact first appear on 24th June, Feast of St John the Baptist, but she didn't say anything, so the anniversary is celebrated on 25th June when she introduced herself as the Queen of Peace).

When I started Totus2us I was discreet about Medjugorje, just including it if mentioned in people's something about Mary (which often happened), as an official decision hadn't been pronounced by the Church. However when, in Feb 2011, I read Mgr Oder's book entitled 'JPII, why he is a saint' (not surprising why I bought the book) & some 4 pages were given to Medjugorje & JPII's stance on it (Mgr Oder works at the Vatican in charge of the beatification process), I knew it was time to proclaim the story & messages of Medjugorje. So Mgr Leo Maasburg (who worked v closely with Mother Teresa for 15 years) v kindly gave a 3 2us recording 2 years ago for 30th anniversary.

Not only am I very aware of all the graces my family & many of my closest friends have received through Medjugorje but I've been hugely encouraged over the last 25 years by the fruits of Medjugorje eg Craig Lodge House of Prayer, the Wintershall plays, Youth 2000, Mary's Meals, to name but a few initiatives from the UK. But I think what has struck me more than anything else working on Totus2s is how much we need Our Lady .. & how much Medjugorje has to do with renewal in the Church. For 4 years now I've been going up to random strangers & asking them if they'd say something about their faith. Those who have been prepared to share with me, have so often spoken about Medjugorje & how it was a real turning point in their lives; that there they discovered God's love and experienced a conversion of heart. So it doesn't make sense to me, nor does it seem fair to all those who are searching, not to speak of Medjugorje (nor do I think we can afford not to).

In celebration of the anniversary Totus2us has a talk by Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow about Mary's Meals, a beautiful fruit of Medjugorje which now feeds over 750,000 children every school day. There are also many other testimonies you can listen to on this page. If you're based in the UK, the Wintershall Life of Christ began today & runs till Sunday (I know there are still tickets available for Friday - it's an ace outdoor performance & takes all day in front of an audience of 2000+).

Some wonderful news: on Sunday, 16th June there was a solemn Act of Consecration of Lebanon & the Middle East to the Immaculate Heart of Mary - it was a very beautiful & moving ceremony at the end of Mass in the Cathedral in Harissa - more on this here.

As beloved Papa Francis so beautifully put it recently,
May Jesus bless you and the Holy Virgin look after you.

Ruth, from the Totus2us team

Our Lady of Medjugorje's message to Marija, today, 25 June 2013:
“Dear children! With joy in the heart I love you all and call you to draw closer to my Immaculate Heart so I can draw you still closer to my Son Jesus, and that He can give you His peace and love, which are nourishment for each one of you. Open yourselves, little children, to prayer – open yourselves to my love. I am your mother and cannot leave you alone in wandering and sin. You are called, little children, to be my children, my beloved children, so I can present you all to my Son. Thank you for having responded to my call.”