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Father Frankie

Father Frankie was ordained to the priesthood on 13th July 2013 in the Cathedral of St John the Evangelist for the Salford diocese in England.

Frankie's recommendations:

Week of 11 February: Les Misérables film ... a moving story that encapsulates one man's struggle to find redemption. Look out for the catholic priest...he's part is small, but one of the most significant!

Week of 25th April - Team Hoyt - 'the inspiring story of a Fathers love' -


Lent - a very good friend of mine, Kirsty Lacy - who's involved with Catholic youth ministry - has decided to do something extra special for this Lent. She's blogging a reflection each day throughout Lent from young people, giving their own take and spiritual thoughts on the season. You can check it out here.

Week of 17th January - A book called 'What the Holy Spirit does in a Believers Life' from the sermons of Charles Spurgeon (a Christian preacher from the 1800's, who attracted a regular 6,000 people a week to listen to his sermons), edited and compiled by Robert Hall. An awe inspiring look into what really is possible if we are open to the movement of God's Spirit in our lives.  The love and endless possibilities there are for us and for others through the power of the Holy Spirit..

Week of 10th January - I've got a reco for this week - Ignatius Catholic Study Bible - New Testament, second catholic edition, Ignatius Press, eds Scott Hahn, Curtis Mitch.  Fantastic! a great catholic commentary that helps you pray and study the scriptures, including references to the early Church fathers and the Catechism.


Week of 13th September - St Catherine of Siena's 'The Dialogue' - a beautiful book where St Catherine dictates and records insights and revelations she received from God in prayer.  This extraordinary work was one of the reasons Catherine aptly earned the title Doctor of the Church.

Week of 13th August - The Blind Side - starring Sandra Bullock (won Academy award for this). Just a lovely inspiring family film, based on a true story to show how individuals and families can make a change and difference in the World when they live out their faith - in love and service.

Week of 10th May - see the trailer for a new film which the producers are hoping to get distributed. It powerfully blows the lid off planned parenthood and the corruptions behind abortion - for more info, go to


Week of 22nd March 2010 - Music CD - available from Itunes 'Hope for Haiti now' songs from famous music artists to raise funds for Haiti...its great, especially listen out for Bruce Springsteen's version of the hymn 'We shall overcome' and Jennifer Hudson's version of the beatles track 'Let it Be'. 

Week of 4th January 2010 - The Wounded Healer by Henri Nouwen... a book about how we can reach out to others through our own brokenness and wounds, and help them discover God's healing touch in the most vulnerable aspects of their lives.


Week of 30th November 2009 - Ushaw Charity Gala – starring Jimmy Cricket

Ushaw College is hosting a special charity Gala this Christmas starring the legendary Irish funnyman Jimmy Cricket.   He will be joined by comedian and BBC’s Radio Newcastle’s Alfie Joey.  And there’s more… guest appearances from the Ushaw students themselves [as Frankie has told me I can edit this & as he'd never blow his own trumpet, I'm going to add: this includes Frankie Doodle himself].  All the money raised will go to the charities HCPT (supporting young people with special needs that go to Lourdes every year) and ‘Mary’s Meals’ (which feeds and helps educate over 375,000 children a day in some of the most deprived areas of the world).  On Monday 7th December at 7pm at the theatre in Ushaw College (College Rd, Durham DH7 9RH) and tickets are priced at £10 (kids £5).

Week of 23rd November

'The Inside Job' - a great spiritual book that helps heal broken self-esteem. It's beautiful! By Fr Jim McManus at Redemptorist publications.

Week of 16th November 2009

The comedian Tim Vine - very funny. Look him up on Youtube (clip below) or download him from itunes.  Great unique brand of humour - very silly and very funny.  A master of the one-liners.


Week of 19th October 2009

'Mark for Everyone' - part of a series of books written by Bishop Tom Wright (the Anglican Bishop of Durham) exploring the meaning of the Gospels. Tom Wright sets out to help our understanding of Jesus' ministry go to deeper levels as he unpacks the context, content and consequences of Christ's words and actions.  Taught me a lot personally about the culture of that day and just how powerful the meaning behind a lot of the parables really was.

Week of 12th October 2009

'From Gangland to Promised Land' - a book that really inspires! based on the true life of a notorious gangster in the End End of London who nearly kills a man one night outside a nightclub...this book reveals how God can even touch the most hardened heart and radically transform it!!

Week of 21st September

Bruce Springsteen's album, 'The Rising' - it came out a few years back (in 2002) and I'm led to believe it was inspired by the lives and stories Bruce Springsteen came into contact with after 9/11.  A lot of the lyrics come from Springsteen's Catholic upbringing - look out for 'The Rising' and 'Meet me at Mary's place'.

Week of Our Lady's Birthday....and the launch of Totus2us

A book called 'The Shack' where a novel meets theology. Went through the roof in America - was the New York Times best seller...A man who has had a life full of suffering gets an opportunity to ask God why? 

There's a lot in the book that is adventurous literacy, and I wouldn't agree with all of it - it was just the general theme of God and suffering that he dealt with really well.