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Mercy Mercy Mercy

With the stories of mercy in our lives - how someone in our life has shown mercy to us and enabled us to carry on .. how unknowingly yet providentially we can all become 'messengers of Mercy'.

Many thanks to Joe Zambon for the gift of his music.

Beginning on the Feast of Christ the King, the last day of the Year of Faith, you can subscribe to this Totus2us podcast here on itunes or here on the RSS feed. To download the free mp3 audio recordings individually, right/double click on the play buttons 


3) Erin-Thérèse      

1 of the Totus2us team & from the United States

"After I became pregnant, I realised I loved this child in the womb for being just what they were, just for existing, just for being alive, and life being so beautiful and precious. I loved my daughter before I knew who she was, I loved her for who she was before I knew who she was. So I could feel God looking at me in that way and I learned that when God looks at each of us He sees for what we really are, which is the child in the womb, his child. And it has become much easier for me to have mercy. On people that I become irritated with or am likely to judge, I take a moment to remember them as the child that they are and I'm able to see them as God sees them in some small way, and that helps me to try to love them as God loves them, and I think finally to begin to see myself and accept myself in the grace of being a child of God.”

2) Jill      

from the United States

"After I kind of came back into the fold, my sister Mitzi was a person, she is a person, who listens and accepts me. No matter what I tell her, no matter how I’m feeling about something, no matter what complaints I have about people, she is the person who has shown me to be accepting, to listen and to be accepting, and to understand that all of us require mercy. She's merciful with me and through her mercy with me teaches me to be merciful with others. So I adore being around her because it's such a sweet feeling of peace when we know that we're accepted.”

1) Ruth      

1 of the Totus2us team & from Britain

"Just a couple of days ago Pope Francis announced the themes for the next 3 World Youth Days and they’re based on the Beatitudes and they are: ‘Blessed are the poor in spirit’ and then ‘Blessed are the pure in heart’ and then the third year is ‘Blessed are the merciful’. And for me it is the poor in spirit and pure in heart who have shown me both mercy and how to receive mercy. I mean they have shown me mercy and they have shown me how I need to be if I want to receive mercy. They seem to be so interlinked and, as the Beatitude on mercy goes, 'Blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy'. So I'm incredibly grateful to all the poor in spirit and pure in heart who have shown me mercy, because through them I have really been shown the merciful face of Jesus, they have so many times been Jesus for me, and for this I am incredibly grateful.”

Papa Francis, at the Angelus on 17 November said: 'Now I would like to recommend a medicine to you. Some of you may be wondering: “Is the Pope a pharmacist now?”. It is a special medicine which will help you to benefit from the Year of Faith, as it soon will come to an end. It is a medicine that consists of 59 threaded beads; a “spiritual medicine” called Misericordin. A small box containing 59 beads on a string. This little box contains the medicine, & will be distributed to you by volunteers as you leave the Square. Take them! There is a rosary, with which you can pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, spiritual help for our souls and for spreading love, forgiveness & brotherhood everywhere. Do not forget to take it, because it is good for you. It is good for the heart, the soul, & for life in general!'