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Does God have a sense of humour?

Find out with Frankie Mulgrew and guests.

Comedy TV stars and headlining comedians from the England, Ireland and USA comedy circuit give their take on this mystifying question.  

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Frankie with Tim Vine, Milton Jones, Ricky Tomlinson, Frank Carson, Joe Pasquale & Jimmy Cricket.

with Tim Vine      

"God invented humour; He wants us to laugh. Let's all go out and laugh and the great thing about laughter as well is that it's infectious and I think that is another reason why God invented it, because it helps us to spread joy to other people too." 

TV comic Tim Vine not only holds the world record for telling the most amount of jokes in an hour, but he's also a household name in the UK & Australia through the hit TV shows 'Not Going Out' and 'The Sketch Show'.

with Jimmy Cricket and Frank Carson      

Jimmy Cricket: "Yes, very much so. It's all about the overall personality and getting one with good, getting wholesome, and living a good life. A good laugh, clean wholesome humour, it's like music: when it's really good, it comes from above." 

Frank Carson"I can't imagine God putting people on this earth without a sense of humour."

2 of Ireland's favourite comedy sons take to the stage to tell us why they think God does have a sense of humour.

with Ricky Tomlinson      

"I thank God every day because I am lucky, I'm very lucky … Absolutely .. How would he have created a face like this if he didn't have a sense of humour? Of course he's got a sense of humour. He is responsible for our laughter and our tears and our well-being." 

Ricky Tomlinson, one of England's most famous comedy sons and member of the Royle Family.

with Milton Jones and Paul Kerensa      

Milton Jones: "It's my experience that people respond to joy. My act isn't particularly preachy in any way but, if it works, it works because it produces joy in people. And joy is not necessarily very constructive in and of itself but it is a good thing - it is a celebration of life, of living, of words, and I think that that is what God is all about." 

Paul Kerensa"God definitely, 100% has a sense of humour - for a start he created man, which I think is funny enough in itself."

These 2 headliners from the UK's comedy scene share their humour, insights and faith on our burning topic of conversation.

with Judy McDonald      

"I've always been a kind of smart Alec and now that this is my livelihood, I rely more on God for my material than anyone. In the beginning I tried to write jokes and I was horrible at it and God kind of just nudged me at it and said 'Hey kid, take a look around. I'm pretty funny, just people don't always get my jokes.' So that's kind of my attitude now and every day I'm alive I marvel at how really funny He is and we just don't always see it. I think God's humour is the purest form of humour, it's joy." 

Introducing America's own Judy McDonald - Judy's great observational style gives tribute to why Catholics are so cool. Because we can laugh out loud - at ourselves!

with Joe Pasquale      

"Of course God has a sense of humour … Look at the duck-billed platypus, what's that all about? Why would you invent a duck-billed platypus if you haven't got a sense of humour?"

Before giving his take on our big question?? Joe Pasquale, one of Britain's favourite comedy sons, tells us what he's been up to: why faith is important and the comical time he did a voiceover advert with Bob Hoskins.