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Psalm 51 (52)

Against the deceitful one
“Let the one who glories glory in the Lord” (1 Cor 1, 31).

Why do you boast of your wickedness,
  you champion of evil,
planning ruin all day long,
  your tongue like a sharpened razor,
  you master of deceit?

You love evil more than good,
  lies more than truth.
You love the destructive word,
  you tongue of deceit.

For this God will destroy you
  and remove you for ever.
He will snatch you from your tent and uproot you
  from the land of the living.

The just shall see and fear.
  They shall laugh and say:
‘So this is the man who refused
  to take God as a stronghold,
but trusted in the greatness of his wealth
  and grew powerful by his crimes.’

But I am like a growing olive tree
  in the house of God.
I trust in the goodness of God
  for ever and ever.

I will thank you for evermore;
  for this is your doing.
I will proclaim that your name is good,
  in the presence of your friends.