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School of Prayer

Here are the catecheses on prayer which Pope Benedict XVI gave at the Wednesday general audiences from May 2011 up until the Year of Faith in October 2012:

Man in Prayer

1) Man in Prayer (I)     L'uomo in preghiera  
2) Man in Prayer (II)     L'uomo in preghiera  
3) Abraham's intercession for Sodom
4) Nocturnal fight & encounter with God
5) Moses intercession for the people
6) Prophets and prayers compared
7) The people of God who pray: the Psalms
8) Reading of the Bible, nourishment of the spirit
9) "Oases" of the spirit
10) Meditation     La Meditazione  
11) Art & Prayer

Prayer of the Book of Psalms

12) Arise, Lord! Save me! - Psalm 3
13) "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?", Psalm 21 (22)
14) Psalm 23
15) Psalm 126
16) The "Great Hallel" - Psalm 135 [136]
17) The great song of the "Law", Psalm 118 [119]
18) The King Messiah, Psalm 109 [110]

The Prayer of Jesus

19) Prayer running through Jesus's whole life
20) The jewel of the Hymn of jubilation
21) Prayer before the beneficial and healing action of God
22) Prayer & the Holy Family
23) Jesus's prayer at the Last Supper
24) Jesus's prayer at the hour of his exultation
25) Jesus's prayer at Gethsemane
26) Jesus's prayer facing death
27) Jesus's prayer in the imminence of death
28) Prayer & silence: Jesus, Master of Prayer

Prayer in the Acts of the Apostles

29) The Praying Presence of Mary
30) The "Little Pentecost"
31) The Primacy of Prayer & the Word of God
32) The Prayer of the first Christian Martyr
33) St Peter's Imprisonment

Prayer in the Letters of St Paul

34) Prayer & St Paul
35) The Spirit & the "Abba" of Believers
36) In Jesus Christ the faithful 'Yes' of God & the 'Amen' of the Church
37) The Contemplation & the Strength of Prayer
38) The Hymn to Christ

39) St Alphonsus Liguori & Prayer       Sant'Alfonso Maria de' Liguori e la preghiera  
40) St Dominic Guzman & Prayer
41) St John the Baptist & Prayer

42) Prayer in the first part of the Apocalypse
43) Prayer in the second part of the Apocalypse
44) The Liturgy, School of Prayer
45) The Sacred Liturgy, especially the Eucharistic Celebration