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Pope Benedict XVI's prayer to Our Lady of Loreto
Loreto, on the occasion of the Agora of Italian Youth, 1 September 2007 - also in French, German, Italian, Portuguese & Spanish

"Mary, Mother of the "Yes", you listened to Jesus
and know the timbre of his voice and the beat of his heart.
Morning Star, talk to us about Him,
and tell us your pathway to follow him on the way of faith.

Mary, who in Nazareth lived with Jesus,
imprint in our lives your feelings,
your docility, your silence that listens
and makes the Word flourish in choices of true freedom.

Mary, speak to us about Jesus, so that the freshness of our faith
shines in our eyes and warms the heart of those we meet,
like you did visiting Elizabeth,
who in her old age rejoiced with you for the gift of life.

Mary, Virgin of the Magnificat
help us to bring joy to the world
and, as at Cana,
urge every young person, engaged in service to their brothers,
to do only what Jesus will tell them.

Mary, place your gaze upon the Agora of youth,
so that it may be the fruitful soil of the Italian Church.
Pray that Jesus, dead and risen, may be reborn in us,
and transform us into a night full of light, full of Him.

Mary, Our Lady of Loreto, gate of heaven,
help us to lift up our gaze.
We want to see Jesus. To speak with him.
To announce to everyone His love."