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The Immaculate Heart of Mary

Feast day - the day after the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
(so date varies each year, depending on Easter)

3 2us by Father Emmanuel Mansford CFR      
"The wonderful thing about the heart of Mary is that it was a human heart and so she loved Jesus with this human heart. She loved him as we love people, she felt sad when he went away, she didn't always understand some of the things he said or did, but because she didn't have sin she trusted in the word that was revealed to her. So when we struggle to understand the work of Jesus in our life, the plan of God for us, we can say "Mary, lend me your heart that trusts so fully."

And so as we prepare to honour Our Lady in the purity of her heart, this heart that was so filled with joy because it didn't know sin (so often it's sin that robs us of the joy that God wants for us), let us ask her a simple prayer: "Mary, lend me your heart, so pure and clean, that I may love Jesus as you did, trust in Jesus like you did, follow Jesus as you did, even to the Cross, that I may be a witness to the resurrection. Amen."

Maria Concetta is from Sicily      
"In the institute, we have a special devotion to Mary, she is the one who gives us the trust to become saints, since our goal is to become saints. So we invoke Mary under the title 'Our Lady of trust' give us trust to become saints. So Mary is for us a model, a way in any situation in life, in any difficulty, we look at Mary, she gives us really the trust with her smile to go on in life no matter what the difficulties will be. I would like to conclude with a prayer we say a 1000 times a day: 'O Immaculate Heart of Mary, true model of every holiness, give us trust to become saints.'"


"Our Blessed Mother has taught me so much in my life: the importance of daily prayer, that we are made for holiness and that we need very few things materially in this life."

Mary-Anne, with her husband Callum, founded Craig Lodge (in Dalmally), a house of prayer in the Highlands.

St John Eudes, in The Wondrous Heart (ch 9):

Amongst all the feasts of the Virgin Mary that of her heart is like the heart and queen of all the rest because the heart is the seat of love and charity. What is the subject matter of this particular solemnity? It is the heart of the well-beloved, only Daughter of the eternal Father, the heart of the Mother of God, the heart of the Bride of the Holy Spirit, the heart of the best of Mothers to all the faithful. It is a heart wholly on fire with love for God and aflame with charity towards us.

It is all love for God since it has never loved anything but God alone and whatever God wanted it to love in him and for his sake. It is wholly love since the blessed Virgin has always loved God with all her heart and soul and strength (Mk 12,30). It is all love because she has not only always wanted whatever God wanted and never wanted what he did not want, but still more because she has always placed all her happiness in God's most loveable will.

It is all love for us for she loves us with the same love with which she loves God since it is God she sees and loves in us. And she loves us with the same love with which she loves the Man God, her son Jesus. For she knows him to be our leader and head and ourselves to be his members (Col 2,19) and, therefore, that we are but one with him.

St John Eudes, in The admirable Heart (Book 11, ch 2 passim)

Mary looks on us and loves us as though we were her son, her own children, who bear this glorious quality for two reasons. First, because as mother of the Head she is therefore mother of the members (cf Col 2,19). Second, because our Saviour on the cross gave us to his mother as her children. He gave us to her, not simply in her capacity as queen and sovereign, but in that capacity that is of the greatest imaginable advantageousness for us, namely as mother, saying to each one of us what he said to his beloved disciple: “Behold your mother.” And he gave us to her, not simply as servants or slaves – which would have been a great honour for us – but as children.“Behold your son”, he said to her, referring to each one of us in the person of Saint John, as though he were saying to her: “Behold all my members, who I give to you as your children; I am putting them in my place so that you can consider them as myself and love them with the same love with which you love me; as I love them, love them too.” Mother of Jesus, you look on us and love us as your children and as brothers of Jesus, your son, and with the same heart. And you love and will love us eternally, with the same motherly love with which you love him. And so, my brethren, in all your business, your needs, your anxieties and afflictions, have recourse to the heart of our so charitable mother. It is a heart that is always watching over us and over the slightest of things that concern us. It is a heart so full of kindness, sweetness, mercy and liberality that none of those who invoke it with humility and trust ever returns without being consoled.