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The Spirit: Giver of Life and Love

Here are the catecheses on the Holy Spirit which Blessed Pope John Paul II gave us at the Wednesday General Audiences between April 1989 & July 1991. They were the third part of JPII's Catechesis on the Creed, following on from those on Jesus Christ and preceding those on the Church.

There were 82 catechesis in this cycle:
Links included for the texts in Italian & Spanish (& a few Portuguese & French) on the Vatican website.
(The English text is from the Vatican website easy-to-miss, special section ... which Totus2us came by via the website Catechesis of the Popes. The titles aren't from the original Italian, but were included in book form, published by Pauline Books & Media, now out of print.)

The Coming of the Spirit of Truth

 1.   "I believe in the Holy Spirit"
 2.   The Paraclete - the Spirit of Truth
 3.   The Holy Spirit as Advocate
 4.   The coming of the Holy Spirit in the light of the Old Testament promises
 5.   Preparation for the coming of the Holy Spirit
 6.   Mary's presence in the Upper Room at Jerusalem
 7.   Pentecost was originally a celebration of the first fruits of the harvest
 8.   Pentecost is a powerful manifestation of God
 9.   Pentecost: an outpouring of divine life
10   Pentecost: God's gift of divine adoption
11   Pentecost is the fulfillment of the New Covenant
12   Pentecost: the law of the Spirit
13   Pentecost: People of God, a holy people
14   The birth of the Church
15   Baptism in the Holy Spirit
16   The intrinsic link between the Eucharist and the gift of the Holy Spirit
17   Pentecost marks the beginning of the Church's mission
18   The Church's universality and diversity
19   Peter's discourse after the descent of the Holy Spirit
20   The initial apostolic preaching
21   The effect of Peter's discourse at Pentecost
22   The presence of Christ's Kingdom in human history
23   The Holy Spirit in the life of the primitive Church
24   The Pentecost of the Gentiles
25   The Holy Spirit in the mission to the Gentiles
26   The fruitfulness of Pentecost
27   The meaning of "Spirit" in the Old Testament
28   The creative action of the divine Spirit
29   The guiding action of the Spirit of God 
30   "The Spirit lifted me ..."
31   The Holy Spirit as sanctifier
32   God's Spirit purifies
33   The Spirit, the Word and Wisdom
34   The divine Spirit and the Servant

The Holy Spirit in the Mission of Jesus

35   The Spirit's greatest wonder is Christ
36   The Virginal Conception
37   The Spirit's special presence in the Blessed Virgin Mary
38   The Holy Spirit and Mary: model of the nuptial union of God with man
39   A new anthropology from the Spirit
40   Christ is totally holy
41   The Spirit at work in the Visitation of Mary
42   The Presentation in the Temple
43   The Spirit and the Child Jesus
44   The Spirit helps Mary understand
45   The Spirit working at Jesus' Baptism
46   The Spirit led Jesus into the desert
47   The Spirit of prayer fueled the Master's active life
48   The Spirit at work on Calvary
49   The Resurrection of the body

The Holy Spirit: a Divine Person

50   The Revelation of the Person of the Spirit
51   The New Testament fully reveals the Trinity
52   The Spirit: active agent in Jesus' work
53   An Advocate who dwells in us
54   The Spirit in St Paul's letters
55   The Spirit searches everything
56   Wind and fire: signs of the Spirit
57   Anointing: biblical sign of the Spirit
58   The Holy Spirit in the Creed
59   The Spirit and the filioque debate
60   The Spirit as "Love proceeding"
61   The Spirit as gift

The Spirit and the Church

62   The soul of the Church
63   The Spirit of unity
64   The Spirit is the source of holiness
65   The Spirit: source of catholicity
66   The Spirit: safeguard of the Apostolic bond
67   The Spirit: guardian of sacred tradition
68   The Spirit: source of sacramental life
69   The Spirit: source of all ministry
70   The Spirit: source of spiritual gifts
71   The Spirit: another comforter
72   The Spirit: dwelling in individuals
73   The Spirit: source of new life
74   The Spirit: source of interior life
75   The Spirit: source of prayer life
76   The Holy Spirit: light of the soul
77   The Holy Spirit is the vital principle of faith
78   The Spirit: life-giving source of new love
79   The Spirit: principle of peace
80   Only the Holy Spirit gives true joy
81   The Spirit gives strength to Christians
82   The Spirit: pledge of eschatological hope