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The Jubilee of the Redemption

Pope St John Paul II declared the year 1983 a Jubilee of the Redemption to celebrate 1950 years since Jesus Christ's death and resurrection. The opening of the Holy Door for the inauguration of the Jubilee Year took place on the Solemnity of the Annunciation, 25th March 1983.

Pope St John Paul II dedicated his catechesis during the Jubilee to the theme of the Redemption, pausing his series on 'Human Love in the Divine Plan'. They were:

 1   Jubilee of the Redemption
 2   The Annunciation
 3   The Holy Cross
 4   Christ is risen
 5   Man has need of reconciliation
 6   Jesus has reconciled us to the Father
 7   Easter joy
 8   Mary
 9   Mary, Mother of all the redeemed
10   Mary, Mother of unity
11  Pentecost
12  Corpus Christi
13  The Eucharist
14  The Sacraments of the Eucharist & of Reconciliation
15  Renewal in the Spirit
16  The Redemption
17  Our redemption in Christ
18  The day is near, walk in the light
19  Walk according to the Spirit
20  The freedom of redemption
21  Discernment
22  Adult in faith
23  Put on Jesus
24  In the name of Jesus, whom you crucified
25  Exultation of the Cross
26  The Passion & death of Christ
27  God sent his only begotten Son into the world
28  Reconciliation & penance in the mission of the Church
29  Man's longing for Redemption
30  What is man
31  Man's errors about God
32  The Resurrection from the dead & eternal life
33  The mystery of man created in the image of God
34  Nicodemus & being reborn
35  The profound symphony between man & Christ
36  The experience of fragility, death
37  The Immaculate conception
38  Advent
39  The good news, the word of the redeemer
40  Motherhood of Mary, Theotokos
41  Baptism of Jesus
42  Christian unity
43  In Christ, whatever you have done to the littlest, you have done to me
44  The Christian community
45  Christianity must be constantly renewed
46  Be fruitful & multiply
47  The forgiveness of sins
48  In the name of Christ, I call you to be reconciled with God
49  The life of mortification
50  Confession
51  The Sacrament of reconciliation
52  The Sacrament of penance
53  Reconciliation
54  Confession & spiritual growth
55  Holy Week
56  Easter