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The Presentation of Jesus in the Temple

Feast Day - 2nd February - World Day of Consecrated Life
4th Joyful Mystery of the Rosary

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St John Paul II's words in 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, Jubilee 2000, 1999, 1998, 1997, 1980 & 1979

3 2us by Father John Edwards SJ      

"We too are presented to God. Please God each one of us is alive in the life of Christ, what we Catholics call 'in a state of grace', and presented in some way also through the hands of his mother. It was through her, after all, through her yes, that God became man. So we are endlessly in the situation of being held before God in his holy place by Mary and we must pray that the Christ life in us should grow and develop."

3 2us by Father Kevin Taggart OSB       

"As Christians we are asked to take the light of the world around with us so that we can spread God's Word and the Gospel, because each of us is a temple of the Holy Spirit and therefore the light of the world."