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Mary, Mother of God

Here are the catecheses on the Blessed Virgin Mary which Pope St John Paul II gave us at the Wednesday General Audiences between September 1995 & November 1997. They followed on from JPII's catechesis on the Church and preceded those on Salvation history.

There were a total of 70 catechesis in this cycle:
(Totus2us came across these by via the website Catechesis of the Popes. The titles aren't all from the original Italian; some were included in book form, published by Pauline Books & Media, now out of print.)

 1   Mary is a pattern of the Church’s holiness
 2   Mary is the Virgin Mother of God
 3   Mary was united to Jesus on the Cross
 4   The Church grew in understanding Mary’s role
 5   To honour Mary is to go to Jesus
 6   Mary is a model of persevering silence
 7   Mary shows us God’s respect for woman
 8   Mary sheds light on the role of woman
 9   Presence of the Mother of the Church in Vatican II
10   The purpose and method of exposure of Marian doctrine
11   Mary in the Trinitarian perspective
12   Mary in the Protoevangelium
13   Announcement of the messianic motherhood
14   Motherhood comes from God
15   Women involved in the salvation of the people
16   The moral nobility of woman
17   The daughter of Zion
18   The new daughter of Zion
19   Full of grace"
20   The perfect holiness of Mary
21   The Immaculate Conception
22   Immaculate: redeemed through preservation
23   Immaculate: the dogmatic definition of the privilege
24   Holy throughout all her life
25   She who believed
26   The virginity of Mary, truth of faith
27   The intention of virginity
28   The value of the virginal conception of Jesus
29   Mary, model of virginity
30   Betrothed to a man of the House of David, named Joseph
31   The Perpetual Virginity of Mary
32   Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord
33   Mary, the New Eve, freely obeyed God
34   The Visitation is a prelude to Jesus’ mission
35   The Magnificat
36   The Nativity
37   Theotokos, Mother of God
38   Educator of the Son of God
39   The Presentation of Jesus in the Temple
40   Simeon's prophecy associates Mary with the sorrowful destiny of the Son
41   At the Presentation, the cooperation of the "woman" in the Redemption is revealed 
42   Jesus lost and found in the Temple  
43   Mary in the hidden life of Jesus  
44   Mary at the wedding feast of Cana  
45   At Cana, Mary induces Jesus to perform his first miracle
46   Mary's participation in the public life of the Son
47   At the Cross, Mary participated in the drama of Redemption
48   Mary, singular cooperator in the Redemption  
49   Woman, behold your Son
50   Behold your Mother
51   Mary and the resurrection of Christ 
52   Mary and the gift of the Spirit 
53   The dormition of the Mother of God 
54   The Assumption of Mary, truth of faith        
55   The Assumption of Mary in the tradition of the Church        
56   Queen of the universe      
57   Mary, pre-eminent member of Church
58   Mary, type and model of the Church
59   Mary, model of the motherhood of the Church
60   Mary, model of the virginity of the Church
61   Mary, model of the holiness of the Church
62   Mary, model of the Church in the divine cult
63   Mother of the Church      
64   The heavenly intercession of the Mother of divine grace 
65   Mary Mediatrix
66   The Cult of the Blessed Virgin  
67   The Nature of Marian Devotion  
68   Marian devotion and the veneration of images
69   Prayer to Mary
70   The Mother of Unity and Hope