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Jesus Christ, Son of God and Saviour

Here are the catecheses on Jesus Christ which Pope St John Paul II gave us at the Wednesday General Audiences between August 1986 & April 1989. They were the second part of JPII's Catechesis on the Creed, following on from those on God the Father and preceding those on the Holy Spirit.

There were a total of 97 catechesis in this cycle:
(links included for the Italian & Spanish (& a few Portuguese) texts on the Vatican website)
(The English text is from the Vatican website easy-to-miss, special section ... which Totus2us came by via the website Catechesis of the Popes. The titles aren't from the original Italian, but were included in book form, published by Pauline Books & Media, now out of print.)

The Mystery of Sin

 1.   Sin involves the deep deformation of creation
 2.   Sin involves the misuse of God’s gifts
 3.   Original sin causes a fundamental change
 4.   The universality of sin in human history
 5.   The Church’s teaching on original sin
 6.   Consequences of original sin for all humanity
 7.   The state of man in fallen nature
 8.   Sin breaks man’s covenant with God
 9.   The sin of man and the “sin of the world”
10   Sin alienates the human person
11   The entire human race struggles against the forces of evil
12   The Protoevangelium of salvation

Jesus Christ, God and Man

13   The identity of Christ
14   Jesus Christ, Son of God and Saviour
15   Jesus Christ, conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit and born of the Virgin Mary
16   Jesus Christ, son of Israel, chosen people of the Old Covenant
17   Jesus Christ, Messiah King
18   Jesus Christ, Messiah Priest
19   Jesus Christ, Messiah and Prophet
20   Jesus Christ, fulfillment of the messianic prophecies
21   Jesus Christ, inauguration and fulfillment of the kingdom of God
22   Jesus Christ, Messiah and Divine Wisdom
23   Jesus Christ, Son of Man
24   Jesus Christ, Son of God
25   The heart of the Gospel witness
26   The Father bears witness to the Son
27   The Prologue of John's Gospel synthesizes the faith of the Apostolic Church
28   Jesus Christ, the Son sent by the Father
29   Jesus' awareness of his unique relationship to the Father
30   Jesus Christ, the Son intimately united with the Father
31   Jesus Christ, the Son who lives for the Father
32   The Son addresses the Father in prayer 
33   The Son lives to give thanks to the Father
34   Jesus Christ comes in the power of the Holy Spirit
35   Jesus Christ brings the Holy Spirit to the Church and humanity
36   Jesus Christ reveals the Trinity
37   Jesus Christ, true God and true man
38   Jesus Christ, the eternal word of God the Father
39   Jesus claimed the divine attributes for Himself
40   Jesus Christ has the power to judge
41   Jesus Christ has the power to forgive sins
42   Jesus Christ, the divine lawgiver
43   Have faith in God and have faith in me
44   Whoever loses his life for my sake and that of the Gospel will save it
45   I confer a kingdom on you

The Miracles of Christ

46   The fact and significance of Christ's miracles
47   I say to you, arise!
48   Miraculous signs reveal Christ's power
49   Christ's miracles - salvific signs
50   Christ's miracles manifest salvific love
51   Miracles are a call to faith
52   Miracles manifest the supernatural order

The Church's faith in Jesus Christ

53   Jesus Christ is true man
54   Like us in all things except sin
55   Jesus, a man in solidarity with all humanity
56   Jesus Christ emptied Himself
57   The formulation of the Church's faith in Christ
58   Conciliar definitions about Christ
59   The Church's belief in Jesus Christ according to the conciliar definitions
60   The Council of Chalcedon and the Monothelite Heresy
61   The Christological definitions and the Church's faith today

The Mission of Christ

62   Christ's mission
63   The Kingdom of God
64   "I came into the world to testify to the truth"
65   Christ's mission is to reveal the Father
66   Jesus Christ, "the faithful witness"
67   Jesus, founder of his Church
68   Jesus, founder of the ministerial structure of the Church
69   Jesus, founder of the Sacramental structure in the life of the Church
70   The Church's holiness comes from Christ
71   Jesus frees us from the slavery of sin
72   Jesus frees us to seek the good in truth
73   Jesus frees humanity for a new life
74   Jesus is our model

The Mystery of Redemption

75   Jesus is the model of prayer
76   Jesus Christ is a model of perfect love
77   Christ's sacrifice fulfills God's design of love
78   The death of Christ as an historical event
79   Christ's awareness of his vocation to redemptive sacrifice
80   The value of the suffering and death of Jesus Christ
81   The redemptive value of Christ's sacrifice
82   The meaning of suffering in the light of Christ's Passion
83   "Father, forgive them .. "
84   "Behold your Mother!"
85   "My God my God, why have you forsaken me?"
86   Christ's last words on the Cross
87   The fruitfulness of Christ's redemptive death
88   "He descended into hell"
89   The Resurrection: an historical event and an affirmation of faith
90   From the empty tomb to the meeting with the Risen Christ
91   The apparitions of the Risen Christ
92   The Resurrection is an historical event that transcends history
93   The Resurrection is the high point of revelation
94   The saving power of the Resurrection
95   The Ascension: a mystery announced beforehand
96   The Ascension is the fulfillment of the mystery of the Incarnation
97   Jesus is Lord