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The Church

Here are the catecheses on the Church which Pope Francis gave us at the Wednesday General Audiences from June to November 2014. They followed on from Francis's Catechesis on the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, and preceded those on the Family.

There were 16 catecheses in this series:

1.    God forms a People

2.    Belonging to the People of God

3.    The New Alliance & the New People

4.    One & Holy

5.    The Church is Mother
  ii)  She Teaches the works of Mercy

6.    Catholic & Apostolic

7.    Charisms - diversity & unity

8.    Non-Catholic Christians

9.    The Bride awaits her Spouse

10.    The Body of Christ

11.    A visible & spiritual reality

12.    The hierarchical Holy Mother Church

13.    Bishops, Priests, Deacons

14.    The universal vocation to holiness

15.    Pilgrim towards the Kingdom