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Feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord 2004

Pope St John Paul II's homily at Castel Gandolfo
Friday 6th August 2004 - also in French, Italian, Portuguese & Spanish  

"Dear Friends,
This day on which we are celebrating the Feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord brings back memories of our beloved and venerable Servant of God Pope Paul VI. On the evening of 6 August 1978 he concluded his life on earth here in this very house. A faithful imitator of his Lord, he received the light of Tabor in his heart and walked in that light to the end, carrying his cross with evangelical joy.

The 6th of August is not only the anniversary of his death, but also that of his first Encyclical, Ecclesiam Suam, which bears the date of the Transfiguration 40 years ago. In that memorable Document, Paul VI outlined the programme of his Pontificate.

In celebrating the Eucharist, we thank God once again for having given the Church this unforgettable Pastor. Entrusting ourselves to the intercession of Mary Most Holy, let us ask the Lord to enable the Church, today and in the future, to treasure his example and teaching."