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Solemnity of the Assumption of Mary in the Great Jubilee Year 2000

Blessed Pope John Paul II's words at the Angelus
- in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese & Spanish

"Dearest Brothers and Sisters!
1. Today the Church is celebrating the glorious Assumption into heaven of Mary Most Holy. The People of God, guided by Revelation, have always believed that the Mother of Christ was associated with her Son's victory over death, and venerate her glorious Assumption in soul and body.

Chosen by God as the purest vessel in which to "come and dwell" among men, Mary, at the end of her earthly existence, was immediately taken up into heaven. This is why the Christian community, in a renowned hymn, joyfully sings her praise and invokes her: "Hail, O steadfast foundation of faith; / Hail, O shining emblem of grace.... /Hail, O key to the kingdom of Christ / Hail, O Hope for the ages of bliss.... / Hail, for the heavenly rejoice with the earth; / Hail, for the earthly meet the heavens in song!" (Akathistos).

The feast of the Assumption, celebrated with popular festivals almost everywhere, coincides with "Ferragosto", which is synonymous with the summer holidays. I urge everyone, especially those on holiday, to rediscover the Christian meaning of today's feast by participating in the Eucharistic celebration and by praying with devotion to our heavenly Mother.

The Assumption reminds us that our true homeland is heaven, and she offers us her motherly help to prepare for the definitive meeting with Christ at the end of our earthly pilgrimage.

2. This year, the 15th August, in the heart of the Holy Year, also marks the beginning of the world youth meeting. Many have arrived in recent days, and this afternoon the official opening of the 15th World Youth Day will take place with the rite of welcoming, first at St John Lateran and then in St Peter's Square.

I thank the organizers and the many volunteers for all they have done and for what they will do in the coming days to ensure the success of the Great Jubilee of Young People. In particular I thank the families, parishes, schools and institutes which have opened their doors to offer hospitality to young pilgrims from every part of the world. It can be said that from today until next Sunday, Rome will be the youth capital of the world!

3. Let us invoke upon this Jubilee event the motherly protection of the Blessed Virgin. We invoke her, counting on the intercession of St Maximilian Mary Kolbe, priest and martyr, whose memorial we celebrated yesterday. May the Queen of Heaven, whom he so loved, continue to guide the earthly path of her children, especially that of the new generations, and remind everyone of the glorious goal where she has preceded us and awaits us."

After the Angelus:

"Dear English-speaking pilgrims: Mary’s assumption into heaven speaks to us of the great hope which sustains all Christian hearts – that one day we will be with her in the Kingdom of her Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. May the Blessed Mother’s intercession strengthen our faith and love as we journey to our eternal destiny. I commend you and your families to the powerful protection of the Queen of Heaven.

Chers Pèlerins de langue française, soyez les bienvenus en cette fête de l’Assomption ! Que la Vierge Marie vous aide à accueillir le Christ chaque jour dans votre vie, comme elle a su si bien le faire, et à servir les autres ! Priez pour les nombreux jeunes réunis ces jours-ci à Rome pour leur Journée mondiale. Je vous bénis tous de grand cœur.

Saludo ahora cordialmente a los peregrinos de lengua española aquí presentes, así como a quienes se han unido a esta plegaria mariana del Angelus a través de la radio o la televisión. Hoy, solemnidad de la Asunción de la Virgen María, inicia la Jornada Mundial de la Juventud. A Nuestra Señora y Madre encomiendo de modo particular a todos y cada uno de los jóvenes que, desde América Latina y España, han venido a Roma para este gran encuentro, a la vez que imparto con afecto a vosotros y a vuestras familias la Bendición Apostólica.

Liebe Pilger aus den Ländern deutscher Sprache! Ich freue mich, daß ihr in meine Sommerresidenz gekommen seid, um Maria zu ehren. Heute ist ihr Hochfest, der "Große Frauentag". Was der "großen Frau" der Heilsgeschichte zuteil wurde, das ist auch unsere Hoffnung: am Ende der Zeit ganz bei Christus zu leben - mit Leib und Seele. Gern erteile ich euch den Apostolischen Segen.

A minha saudação afectuosa também a quantos estão aqui de língua portuguesa: Possa a vossa peregrinação terrena seguir sempre o rasto luminoso de Nossa Senhora da Assunção! Ao dar-nos Jesus, Ela foi colocada à vista de todos como «estrela da manhã» que guia a bom porto, ao abrigo seguro que é Deus. Ponde os olhos N'Ela, e não vos perdereis.

Pozdrawiam serdecznie pielgrzymów zgromadzonych dzis na Jasnej Górze pod przewodnictwem Ksiedzem Prymasa i Episkopatu Polski. Pozdrawiam szczególnie mlodych, którzy u stóp Jasnogórskiej Pani jednocza sie w modlitwie z rówiesnikami z calego swiata, przezywajacymi w Rzymie jubileuszowe spotkanie mlodziezy.

Polecam waszej modlitwie wszelkie sprawy Kosciola i moja posluge. Wszystkich was zawierzam laskawej opiece Maryi. Niech wam Bóg blogoslawi!"

JPII - Castel Gandolfo - Tuesday, 15 August 2000 - © Copyright 2000 - Libreria Editrice Vaticana