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Here below are responses to Totus2us podcasts given by Vietnamese people
- nhiều nhờ tất cả các bạn    ♥

You can download the free mp3 audio recordings individually by right/double clicking on the blue play buttons - Bạn có thể tải miễn phí mp3 ghi âm cá nhân bằng cách phải / nhấp đúp chuột vào các nút chơi.


"To me, Mary is our most holy mother, our helper, when we are in great need our friend."

Agnes gives her something about Mary in English & Vietnamese.


"I pray to Our Lady because I believe she’s round me as protection everywhere I go."


"Mary is like an advocate for me in front of God, I believe so. And she's so friendly to me that I feel like she's a bridge that can bring me to Christ and to enter the Divine Family of the Trinity."

Martin gives his something about Mary in English & Vietnamese.

Paul Trong Song Lý      

"I have a very great devotion to Our Lady, especially the Vietnamese Lady of Lavang, who appeared 200 years ago for the Vietnamese people who escaped the persecution in that area in Lavang and during that time Our Lady appeared to them to console them, to heal them, because they were in a jungle so they had no medicine, nothing. So Our Lady told them just to take and cook the grass around about, and she said to them from now until the end of the world, everyone who comes to this area to pray to me, I will hear their prayer."

Paul Trong Song Lý gives his something about Mary in English & Vietnamese.

Thai Van       

"Our Lady is our mother, no matter where we are from but wherever she is, she is our mother. I have the great privilege to meet her in person with my rosary, when I am in trouble, when I am in difficulties. The rosary helps one, as said by the late John Paul, it is the power of the rosary, each chaplet that we say, Our Lady, our mother, is there."

Thai Van gives his something about Mary in English & Vietnamese.

Our Lady of Lavang

Our Lady of La Vang is the central and national shrine of Vietnam, approximately 60 kilometers from the former capitol Huê. The name is derived from a type of ferm which used to grow in great quantities in the region. During the great persecution (1798-1801) many Christians took refuge in the jungle situated in proximity of Quang Tri, a village in central Vietnam, where they experienced hunger and sickness, and prepared themselves for martyrdom. One day, as the community was assembled in prayer, the figure of a lady surrounded by many lights, appeared to them. She presented herself as the Mother of God, encouraged and consoled them, and gave them a special sign of her loving care. She advised the people to use the leaves of the fern to treat their ailments, and promised them to receive their prayers with maternal generosity. All who would congregate on this site to pray would be heard and their petitions granted. Mary appeared on several occasions at the same site. After the persecution in 1802, the Christians left their jungle hiding place and returned to their villages. However, the story of the apparition and its message was passed on. In 1820 a chapel was built at the apparition site. From 1820-1885 still another wave of persecution decimated the Christian population. More than 100,000 Vietnamese Christians died as martyrs. In 1885 the chapel in honor of Our Lady of La Vang was destroyed by a fanatic. A new chapel was built between 1886 and 1901 (consecration). Soon it was no longer able to hold the many pilgrims to La Vang, and in 1923 a new and bigger church was erected. It was consecrated in 1928 (August 22) in the presence of 20,000 pilgrims. Every three years a national pilgrimage was organized for the whole country which was to have a special meaning even after the separation of South and North. In 1959 La Vang was officially declared a national shrine, marking the 300 years of the Church's presence in Vietnam (AAS 51 (1959) 84-86). The Church of La Vang was made a basilica minor in 1961.

Blessed John Paul II's Message at the end of the Marian Year in La Vang

To Archbishop Étienne Nguyên Nhu Thê of Huê, Viêt Nam

1. On the occasion of the closure of the Marian Year and the 25th three-yearly pilgrimage to the Shrine of Our Lady of La Vang, I join through prayer the Vietnamese faithful and pilgrims who have entrusted themselves to the motherly intercession of the Virgin Mary, asking this most holy Mother to guide the Catholic Church in Viêt Nam on her journey to the Lord, and to help her in the witness she must bear on the threshold of the third millennium.

"For 2,000 years, the Church has been the cradle in which Mary places Jesus and entrusts him to the adoration and contemplation of all peoples" (Bull of Indiction of the Great Jubilee of the Year 2000, Incarnationis mysterium, n. 11), who never tire of calling upon the Mother of all mercy. People always find shelter and courage under her protection. In fact, Mary "shines forth on earth ... a sign of certain hope and comfort to the pilgrim People of God" (Lumen gentium, n. 68) in the midst of the difficulties of this world. She is the mother of the pilgrim Church to which she continues to give birth, constantly inviting people to accept God's promise as she did and, with the help of the Holy Spirit, to be Gospel missionaries.

2. By enrolling in her school, especially on the threshold of the Great Jubilee, when they will be called to an ever deeper conversion, the faithful will assert their faith, be more attentive to the Word of God and will be available for their brothers and sisters. For all Christµs disciples, Mary is the model par excellence of Christian life. She prepares our hearts to receive Christ, instructing us, just as she did the servants at the wedding at Cana, to do whatever he tells us (cf. Jn 2:5). She invites us to reach out to those who need our help, as she herself did with her cousin Elizabeth (cf. Lk 1:39-45). Thus from our beloved Mother we receive a "taste" of the encounter with God and the mission among our brethren, which are the two aspects of Christian love.

When we turn to Mary our hope is revived. Indeed, she is a part of our humanity, and in her we contemplate the glory God promises to those who respond to his call. I therefore invite the faithful to put their trust in our common Mother, often invoked under the title Star of the Sea, so that, amid the storms of sin and the sometimes painful events of history, they will remain firmly anchored to Christ and bear witness to his love. "Following her, you will never lose your way; imploring her, you will never know despair; thinking of her, you will avoid all errors. With her support, you will not fall; with her protection, you will have nothing to fear; under her guidance, you will never be tired; thanks to her favour, you will reach the goal" (St Bernard, Second Homily on the Gospel passage: "The Angel Gabriel was sent").

3. In going to the Shrine of Our Lady of La Vang, so dear to the hearts of the Vietnamese faithful, pilgrims entrust to her their joys and their sorrows, their hopes and their sufferings. In this way they turn to God and make themselves intercessors for their families and for their entire people asking the Lord to instil sentiments of peace, brotherhood and solidarity in the hearts of all men and women, so that all the Vietnamese will be every day more closely united, in order to build a world in which it is pleasant to live, based on the essential spiritual and moral values and where each person can be recognized in his dignity as a child of God, and turn freely and with filial love to his Father in heaven who is "rich in mercy" (Eph 2:4).

4. I am particularly close to you in my thoughts at this time when the Church in your country is honouring the Mother of the Saviour; I entrust you to the intercession of Our Lady of La Vang and cordially impart to you and all your pastors an affectionate Apostolic Blessing, which I extend to the pilgrims who will visit the shrine in the spirit of the Jubilee and to all the Catholic faithful in Viêt Nam.

JPII - Message from the Vatican, 16 July 1999, for the conclusion of the Marian Year in La Vang, Viêt Nam



The Holy Father recently said, "In visiting the shrine of Our Lady of La Vang, who is so loved by the Vietnamese faithful, pilgrims come to entrust to her their joys and sorrows, their hopes and sufferings. In this way, they call on God and become intercessors for their families and nation, asking the Lord to infuse in the heart of all people feelings of peace, fraternity and solidarity, so that all the Vietnamese will be more united every day in the construction of a world based on essential spiritual and moral values, where each one will be recognized because of his dignity as a son of God, and be able go in freedom and as a son toward the Father of Heaven, 'rich in mercy,'".

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Totus tuus ego sum et omnia mea tua sunt.
Accipio te in mea omnia. Praebe mihi cor tuum, Maria. - St Louis de Montfort

Bienheureux Jean-Paul II a pris sa devise Totus Tuus de cette citation.

"Je suis totalement vôtre et tout ce que j'ai est à toi.
Je vous accepter pour mon tout. Ô Marie, donne-moi ton cœur.”

Appel du Pape Paul VI pour la Paix au Vietnam
Philippines, Manille, Samedi 28 novembre 1970 - in French & Italian

Vénérables Frères,
Chers Fils et amis du Vietnam,

Bien souvent, au Vatican, Nous avons accueilli des groupes de vos compatriotes. Et voici qu’aujourd’hui il Nous est donné de venir en personne dans l’Extrême-Orient et d’y rencontrer des représentants nombreux et qualifiés du Vietnam. Nous vous accueillons avec joie et désirons avant tout vous manifester Notre paternelle affection pour vous et pour votre chère Patrie, que Nous aimerions considérer comme tout entière présente devant Nous en ce moment.

Celle-ci, depuis tant d’années ne connait plus les bienfaits de la paix! Soyez sûrs que Nous partageons les peines, et aussi les espoirs et les aspirations des Vietnamiens. Ils désirent, comme tout le monde, vivre en paix, dans la concorde et la tranquillité: c’est la condition d’un développement social et économique normal, auquel ont droit tous les peuples du monde. Et il faut malheureusement constater que, depuis trop longtemps, ils sont privés de ces bienfaits. Laissez-Nous vous dire d’abord que Nous admirons la patience, la constance, la force d’âme des populations vietnamiennes: sans se laisser abattre, d’un côté, par les opérations belliqueuses - qui, malheureusement, se poursuivent ces derniers jours encore - ni décourager, de l’autre, par les actes de terrorisme qu’entraîne cette guerre interminable, elles reconstruisent, elles pansent les plaies, elles préparent des lendemains meilleurs pour leurs fils et leurs filles.

Qu’elles continuent à garder les yeux fixés sur l’avenir heureux qu’il faut assurer au Vietnam, sur le bien commun de leur Pays, aujourd’hui dans l’épreuve, mais qui, demain, grâce à l’union de toutes les énergies pourra connaître, Nous en sommes sûr, des jours meilleurs.

Qu’elles aient par-dessus tout ce souci du bien commun. Ceux qui servent utilement leur Patrie, ce sont ceux qui lui apportent leur contribution de probité morale, de sens des responsabilités, de solide préparation culturelle et professionnelle. Et en ce moment surtout, la contribution peut-être la plus nécessaire, c’est celle qui s’exerce au plan social, à tout ce qui peut et doit être fait en faveur des plus malheureux. Ceux qui laissent courageusement de côté tout individualisme qui pourrait nuire en ce domaine au bien de la communauté, ceux-là travaillent efficacement à l’avènement de la paix tant désiré.

Mais, direz-vous, que fait le Pape pour nous aider à atteindre cette paix à laquelle tous aspirent? Nous faisons, chers fils et amis, tout ce qui est en Notre pouvoir. En particulier, Nous ne cessons d’exhorter à poursuivre la négociation honnête et loyale, qui Nous paraît non seulement le chemin le plus sûr, mais encore le seul digne de l’homme pour conduire à une paix juste et durable.
Cette rencontre d’aujourd’hui Nous fournit l’occasion de renouveler Notre pressant appel à tous les responsables: qu’ils aient à coe ur d’éviter tout acte qui puisse nuire à un climat d’entente si nécessaire pour le succès des pourparlers en cours. Que le spectacle de tant de douleurs et de larmes d’innocentes victimes leur soit un constant stimulant à surmonter les difficultés, à vaincre les obstacles et à travailler à l’avènement de la paix.

En travaillant à la paix du Vietnam, ils travaillent par le fait même à la paix du monde et au bien-être de toute l’humanité, pour laquelle il n’y a de salut que dans la paix et la fraternité.

Que Dieu bénisse ces efforts, chers fils et amis, qu’Il bénisse vos personnes et vos familles, Nous le Lui demandons de tout coe ur, tandis que Nous vous donnons Nous-même à tous Notre Bénédiction Apostolique.