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Here below are responses to Totus2us podcasts given by Malaysians
- many thanks to you all   ♥

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"Mother Mary to us is just like our mother .. She is not only the mother of Jesus, she is our heavenly mother and our spiritual mother and our mother of perpetual help. With anything we can just ask her to intercede to her Son Jesus Christ, and believe and trust that the Lord will provide."

Alex gives his something about Mary in English & Chinese.


"I started praying to Mary when I lost my mother because I felt that perhaps she could feel the pain that I am going through when she lost her son on the Cross and she probably was much more brave because, knowing that Jesus was the Son of God and her son too, she was able to go through the whole process of enduring the pain of giving him back, I suppose to God and to the people."


"I always remember Our Lady and she is my guide in my life today."


"The Holy Virgin Mary is a very strong, holy person who, when we pray to her, has very powerful intercessionary answers to our problems and to our requests."


"Mother Mary is always there for me with God, and I really thank Mother Mary for everything, and she is really my mum."


"Mary is a mother to me. She is also my sister, my comforter, and she has been there for me every time when I ask her to intercede for me. She is a great love."


"I love Mary because she’s really a mother to me and she guides me along my way, and to love her back I just want to be another little Mary."


"To me Our Lady has always been the way to lead me to God. She is the first one that I knew before I converted at a young age."

Evelyn gives her something about Mary in English & Cantonese.


"Thank you, Mother Mary, that you will always be with us. Wherever we go, we also feel your presence, you're always with us, your intercession. You are the Mother of all. Whenever I'm in trouble, yes I will come to you and am sure that you will always lead us. Like you always say, like the story of Cana, there's always, always a prayer from you to Our Lord Jesus Christ, that you love us so much. I would like to thank you Mother. When there are difficulties you always say 'Come to Jesus. Let his will be done not ours.'"


"My dearest mother always said that she was our second mother because she gave Our Lady, the Mother of God, as our first mother. So, from a very young age, Mary is my first mother, my heavenly Mother who protected, guided all of us in the family, and love is what she is to me, a mother's love. Amen."


"Without Our Lady and Christ in my life I wouldn't be having this joy of life, to bring the witness of Our Lady to everyone I meet."


"Our Lady is so special, so special to us."

Justina gives her something about Mary in English & Malay.


"I never stop loving Our Lady."


"Mary is a mother to me. I find it useful to pray this prayer that I think Mother Teresa used to pray: 'Be a Mother to me'. And she said this every day .. I find it very helpful to get through tough times."


"Mary is the constant apostle."


"I'm so glad that my name is now under the book of Our Lady of Fatima … I prayed to Our Lady “I keep on talking to your son to help me, to give me a second chance.""

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"Totus tuus ego sum et omnia mea tua sunt.
Accipio te in mea omnia. Praebe mihi cor tuum, Maria."

"I am totally yours and all that I have is yours.
I accept you for my all. O Mary, give me your heart.”
- St Louis de Montfort

Saint John Paul II took his motto Totus Tuus from this quote.