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St Paul VI was a pilgrim in 1969 to Uganda; St John Paul II followed in his footsteps in 1993 and Pope Francis in 2015.

Pope Paul VI canonized Charles Lwanga, Kizito, Andrew Kaggwa & 19 other Ugandan Martyrs on 18th October 1964 in St Peter's Basilica, the Vatican.

Here below are responses to Totus2us podcasts given by Ugandans
- many thanks to you all    ♥

Paul VI: "Beloved sons & daughters, would you like a final remembrance? Then have filial devotion to Mary most holy, the Blessed Virgin, true Mother of Christ and spiritually our Mother. You will have great need of her - to understand Christ, to serve Him, to imitate Him; you will need consolation and confidence - entrust yourselves to Our Lady. It is to her, as I depart, that I confide the Church of Africa, and especially this Church of yours here. Invoking upon all of you her sweet, powerful, motherly protection, I salute you and once more I bless you. Goodbye! And, by God’s mercy, may we meet again one day in Heaven!" (2 Aug 1969)


"Holy Mary, Mother of Jesus, pray for us sinners, today and forever. Amen."

Adiro is from Uganda & gives her something about Mary in English & Ateso.


"Our Lady for me, since the death of my mother, is my mother now and I depend on her for everything. She walks with me, day in and day out. I always tell her when I need help, ‘Our Lady you need to put your apron on and come and help me.’"


"Mother Mary means to me everything ... Jesus loves me because of Mary. He forgets my sins because of my Blessed Mother… I have never given her anything but I give her my heart to take it to Jesus; she takes my heart to Jesus. I know she loves me: she loves everyone."

(The crying in the background on the recording was a baby being baptised :-)


"I'm delighted to say Our Lady is my all, she is everything in my life."


"I love Our Lady. For me she has always been an intercessor, a big, big intercessor."


"The Virgin Mary, I take her as my mother because she is the Mother of Christians .. I believe that my prayer through her reaches to Christ her Son and I take her as an example and role model for us who believe in Christ."

Fosca Ashepet    

"Holy Mary is a precious woman who gave birth to the Saviour. In fact she needs to be treasured. It was not a simple thing but she made it."

Ashepet gives her something about Mary in English & Ateso.


"I have a deep devotion to Our Lady because I believe that through Our Lady we get closer to Jesus."

Gertrude belongs to the A Day with Mary apostolate.


"Mary is very important in my life. Without her we wouldn't have Jesus in our lives and without Jesus we wouldn't have eternity … With Mary, everything is always blessed."


"Our Blessed Mother is the rose that I’ll never be able to describe. She’s my sweet mother, I love my blessed mother, I love her so much. And I thank the Lord for the love He has given me to be able to love His mother and to continue to love, because without the grace of God I cannot love our Blessed Mother and I cannot love God too. So I just love the Lord for everything He has done and given me through our Blessed Mother. She's the advocate; she sits at the foot of the Cross and cries all the time for us, she loves us so much."


"I think of Mary as my mother, and I always find spending a day without thinking about her or invoking her protection or her prayers, it sort of doesn't make the day without Mary for me. So I always think of her as a mother and, whether in times of joy or times of trials, I kind of find her as a link for me to Jesus, and so Mary is really important for me."


Noah, a seminarian with the Mill Hill Missionaries, talks about the priesthood in Man for Others:

"The priesthood is really a special gift and as a priest is a servant, now as a servant he is supposed to follow Christ and Christ is the first servant. And as a servant he is supposed to sacrifice his life for the sake of the Gospel; sacrifice his time and energy for the expansion of the Church."


"At Christmas we talk about Emmanuel, the birth of Emmanuel, which means God is with us, God is with you. So it shows me that God is going to be with me right from that time and it continues all the way through to the next Christmas."


"I love Our Lady and go everywhere she is I can find her. Recently I was in Medjugorje. So I really love her."

Samuel gives his something about Mary in English & Swahili.

Father Walter      

Father Walter Munna Mashamba, a diocesan priest, ends his testimony with these words:

"Let us accept Jesus, let us be in union with Christ, let us love the Eucharist, let us love our Mother Mary, and our ministry will not be a burden. Our ministry - we shall love it. Jesus will use us in our ministry, we shall do wonders in our ministry and we shall never grow tired of serving Christ. I thank the Lord for the gift of priesthood and I've never regretted becoming a priest. I should have been a soldier, but today I am a soldier for Christ. I should have held a gun but today I'm holding Christ. Today I'm able, through His power, to invite Christ to transform wine into His blood, the host made out of wheat into His body - the greatest miracle."

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Totus tuus ego sum et omnia mea tua sunt.
Accipio te in mea omnia. Praebe mihi cor tuum, Maria. - St Louis Marie de Montfort

St John Paul II took his motto Totus Tuus from this quote.

"I am totally yours and all that I have is yours.
I accept you for my all. O Mary, give me your heart.”

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