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Somethings about Mary in February 2013

Many, many thanks to Alexander, Alexander, Anel, Sister Bivya, Christina, Christopher, Denise, Eddie, Eileen, Elizabeth, Enzo, Evelyn, Florence, Francesca, John, Joseph, Kay, Kudzai, Maria, Marie-Lucie, Mario, Martha, Mary, Maureen, Theresa, Thomas, Yordanos & Sister Zoe for giving their 'something' about Mary.

This statue of Our Lady with the child Jesus is in Holy Trinity Church, Brook Green in London.

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1st February - Yordanos      

"Mary for me and for my family, she is the one with whom we stand. Without her we cannot stand. Mary for us is the mother of the world. Thank you, Mother Mary."

Yordanos is from Eritrea & gives her something about Mary in English & Tigrinya.

Our Lady's message to Mirjana Soldo, Medjugorje, 2nd February 2013:

"Dear children; Love is bringing me to you - the love which I desire to teach you also - real love; the love which my Son showed you when He died on the Cross out of love for you; the love which is always ready to forgive and to ask for forgiveness. How great is your love? My motherly heart is sorrowful as it searches for love in your hearts. You are not ready to submit your will to God's will out of love. You cannot help me to have those who have not come to know God's love to come to know it, because you do not have real love. Consecrate your hearts to me and I will lead you. I will teach you to forgive, to love your enemies and to live according to my Son. Do not be afraid for yourselves. In afflictions my Son does not forget those who love. I will be beside you. I will implore the Heavenly Father for the light of eternal truth and love to illuminate you. Pray for your shepherds so that through your fasting and prayer they can lead you in love. Thank you."

2nd February - Feast of the Presentation of Jesus - Eileen       

"I had a lot of miracles from Our Lady, especially when I went to Medjugorje for the first time. I was addicted to drugs and drink and she helped me to come off all that. She helped to be strong. .. She helped me in all my situations, especially with my family and my children, and she kept me strong and she kept me praying."

Eileen is from Ireland.

3rd February - Sister Zoe       

"Our Lady is very important to all Carmelites. She’s our sister as well as being our mother and Our Lady of Mount Carmel, she's the Lady of the Place, she's always there with us. And I've just heard a new title for Mary which I like very much and it was Our Lady of the Pirates. And I really like that because I'm one of those pirates, one of those people who certainly did shipwreck their lives."

Sister Zoe is in the Carmel at Ware in England.

4th February - Theresa      

"Our Lady, Mary, for me, she is always just a name and someone I can call to at any moment of the day. It’s not even to think if I will pray, it's just any problem, I can call on Mary - it's a great consolation and I hope it's a prayer."

Theresa is from Ireland.

5th February - Christopher      

"The impressive thing about Mary is that she agreed to be the mother of God when she was about 16 and she went wholeheartedly with the will of God. Because she went wholeheartedly with the will of God, we have the redemption of the rest of mankind."

Christopher is from England.

6th February - Francesca      

"I think Mary is a great mother for all Christians and she is always a great protector for everybody who wishes her help."

Francesca is from Italy.

7th February - Elizabeth      

"Mary means everything to me and without her I don’t think I could survive, it’s as simple as that."

Elizabeth is from Ireland.

8th February - Feast of St Josephine Bakhita - Kay       

"Our Blessed Lady is my mother and she’s my guide. I rely on her totally."

Kay is from the UK.

9th February - Anel      

"Mary is my mum and she’s the greatest woman ever. 

María es mi mamá y ella es la mejor mujer de todo la vida."

Anel is from Mexico & gives her response in English & Spanish.

10th February - Martha      

"Mary for me is my holy mother and a role model, that through her intercession I will be close always to her beloved son Jesus.

La Virgen María es nuestra madre, santa madre, y es el modelo que debemos seguir y el intercesor que siempre nos lleve a su amado hijo Jesús."

Martha is from Colombia & gives her algo acerca de María in English & Spanish.

11th February - Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes - Alexander      

"My something about Mary is that I am very blessed to have my birthday on the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes, which is 11th February, when she first appeared to Bernadette."

Alexander is from the UK.

12th February - Shrove Tuesday - Marie-Lucie      

"For me Our Lady is a mother and she is always there. ..

La Sainte Vierge pour moi est vraiment une mère."

Marie-Lucie is 21 & from France; she gives her quelque chose de Marie in English & French.

13th February - Ash Wednesday - Maureen      

"Our Blessed Mother is the rose that I’ll never be able to describe. She’s my sweet mother, I love my blessed mother, I love her so much. And I thank the Lord for the love He has given me to be able to love His mother and to continue to love, because without the grace of God I cannot love our Blessed Mother and I cannot love God too. So I just love the Lord for everything He has done and given me through our Blessed Mother. She's the advocate; she sits at the foot of the Cross and cries all the time for us, she loves us so much. "

Maureen is from Uganda.

14th February - Feast of Ss Cyril & Methodius, Co-Patrons of Europe (with St Benedict) - Eddie      

"As long as I can remember, I’ve had a great love for Our Lady. When I was younger I was a member of the Legion of Mary, which is the largest organisation of lay catholics throughout the world. .. I’ve always had that devotion to her, even when I was away from my faith."

Eddie is from Ireland.

15th February - Feast of St Claude de la Colombière - Denise      

"Mary is a gracious woman who blessed us with Jesus, Lord our Saviour. I give thanks to her on a daily basis that Jesus came here to wash away my sins."

Denise is from London.

16th February - Kudzai      

"For me the Blessed Mother is just the greatest gift to us .. She holds a very special place in my heart and in my family’s heart."

Kudzai is from Zimbabwe.

17th February - Florence      

"What I know about Mary is that she is the virgin that gave birth to our Saviour Jesus Christ. And she is the most humble lady and our mother who prays for us every day. So it is good for us to thank her for giving us Christ."

Florence is from Nigeria.

18th February - Evelyn      

"Mary really listens to your prayers, you know. If you're in problems, she really helps you. If you pray to her, your burdens disappear."

Evelyn is from the Philippines.

19th February - Thomas      

"For me Our Lady is a gentle intercessor that helps me draw closer to our Lord Jesus in prayer."

Thomas is from Boston in the United States.

20th February - Sister Bivya      

"In my life every time Our Lady’s presence is with me and every day I pray to Our Lady because my congregation is Our Lady's congregation."

Sister Bivya is from India.

21st February - Feast of St Peter Damian - John      

"I love Our Lady."

John is from New York City.

22nd February - Maria      

"To me the Mother of God is a true connection to God, especially when I pray the rosary .. I think of her most of the time as an epitome of suffering."

Maria is from Poland.

23rd February - Enzo      

"I’m a big fan of Maria of Loreto, the Black Madonna.

Amo la Madonna di Loreto, che è la Madonna Nera di Loreto."

Enzo is from Rome & gives his qualcosa di Maria in English & Italian.

24th February - Christina      

"Our Lady, the Blessed Virgin Mary, to me is truly a mother of perpetual help who carries me always and carries every disciple of her son. She leads always to Jesus. And she carries us so that we can arrive to the beatific vision and be happy in our lives and enjoy Jesus for all eternity."

Christina is from the United States.

25th February - Mario      

"Penso che Maria è la nostra signora del cielo che ci porta tutti in cielo."

Mario is from Rome (la città di Maria) & gives his qualcosa di Maria in Italian.

Our Lady of Medjugorje's message to Marija Pavlović, 25 February 2013:

“Dear children! Also today I call you to prayer. Sin is pulling you towards worldly things and I have come to lead you towards holiness and the things of God, but you are struggling and spending your energies in the battle with the good and the evil that are in you. Therefore, little children, pray, pray, pray until prayer becomes a joy for you and your life will become a simple walk towards God. Thank you for having responded to my call.”

“¡Queridos hijos! También hoy los invito a la oración. El pecado los atrae hacia las cosas terrenales, yo, por el contrario, he venido a guiarlos hacia la santidad y hacia las cosas de Dios; sin embargo, ustedes se resisten y desperdician sus energías en la lucha entre el bien y el mal que están dentro de ustedes. Por eso hijitos, oren, oren, oren hasta que la oración se convierta para ustedes en alegría, así su vida se convertirá en un simple camino hacia Dios. Gracias por haber respondido a mi llamado."

"Cari figli! Anche oggi vi invito alla preghiera.Il peccato vi attira verso le cose terrene ma io sono venuta per guidarvi verso la santità e verso le cose di Dio ma voi lottate e sprecate le vostre energie nella lotta tra il bene e il male che sono dentro di voi. Perciò figlioli, pregate, pregate, pregate affinché la preghiera diventi gioia per voi e la vostra vita diventerà un semplice cammino verso Dio. Grazie per aver risposto alla mia chiamata.”

26th February - Joseph      

"In my spiritual life, for Our Lady there is a special position in my heart. …  We have a lot of virtue to learn from Our Lady."

Joseph is from Hong Kong & gives his something about Mary in English & Cantonese.

27th February - Mary      

"It’s just so nice to have a mother on earth but a mother in heaven just is so much more wonderful you can turn to for anything all the time. And you’re not always with your mother on earth but you’re always in the presence of your mother in heaven. And it’s such a grace to have Mary as a mother."

Mary is 19 & from Wisconsin in the United States.

28th February - Alexander      

"Mary is the protector of our homeland and the protector of all our children and all of our families and gives us hope in the darkest hours and helps us get through the days."

Alexander is 17 & from Bavaria in Germany. He gives his etwas über Maria in English & German.