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Somethings about Mary in December 2009

Many, many thanks to Alfonso, Alicia, Father Antonio, Father Augustine CFR, Carmen, Catherine & her children, Celia, Sister Chiara, Cosima, David, Douglas, Gemma, Jason, Jessamine, Julian, Katarina, Katherine, Linda, Lucy, Maria, Maria-Teresa, Marie, Mary, Matt, Melissa, Olivette, Phil, Philip, Stephen, Vicky, & Vivian for giving their 'something' about Mary.

This image is of Mary, the Immaculate Conception whose feast day is 8th December.

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1st December - Celia       

"Mary is the mother of Jesus which to me means she is the reason we have Christmas."

Celia is 1 of the Totus2us team, is 23 and from Leeds in England.

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2nd December - Katarina       

"Our Lady means a lot to me because I'm a mother of 6 and she's always a big help."

Katarina is from Austria.

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3rd December - Julian       

"In certain ways Mary means everything to me.  Through her we receive Jesus, so she is pivotal to our faith and our life."

Julian is from the UK.

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4th December - Mary       

"I wasn't really especially close to the Blessed Mother until I too became a mum."

Mary is from the USA.

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5th December - Sister Chiara       

"Every day, every hour, Our Lady is remembered by me."

Sister Chiara is a Franciscan Missionary of the Divine Motherhood and is from England.

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6th December - Melissa       

"The first thing I learnt about Mary being a convert was "Monstrates in matrem" - "Show me that you are my mother" "

Melissa is from the UK.

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7th December - Marie       

"The Virgin Mary is giving me love and comfort freely.  She's there to love all of us and brings all our prayers to her son Jesus."

Marie is from France.

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8th December - Feast of the Immaculate Conception - Jessamine       

"Whenever we approach God we don't have to be afraid because Mary, our good mother, is always with us."

Jessamine is from the Philippines.

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9th December - Alfonso       

"I know Mary as the Virgin of Guadalupe but I know she has appeared in different places with different colour skins but with the same meaning - with this love and help. "

Alfonso is from Mexico and gives his algo acerca de María in English & Spanish.

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10th December - Linda       

"To me Mary is a wonderful mother figure who is always part of my life and who I turn to regularly, in fact almost every hour, to share whatever is going on in my life with."

Linda is from England.

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11th December - Olivette       

"Mary for me is a gift from God."

Olivette is from Sierra Leone.

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12th December - Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe - Carmen       

"Our Lady of Guadalupe means everything for me.  She's been absolutely wonderful to me since the moment I was conceived and she has been guiding me along my life through everything, absolutely everything."

Carmen is from Mexico.

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13th December - Gemma       

"Mary means everything to me."

Gemma is from Italy.

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14th December - Maria       

"Our Lady is half way between us and the Cross of Our Lord, because she was there at the foot of the Cross and when we find the Cross difficult, she is there for us as well."

Maria is from Spain.

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15th December - Matt       

"Mary is a mother who is always there, keeping me safe in uni, helping me out whenever things get tough, and a great help in terms of purity as well."

Matt is 18 and from Wales.

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16th December - Vivian       

"Our Lady is my friend… she is my mother."

Vivian is from Panama and gives her algo acerca de María in English & Spanish.

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17th December - David       

"Mary means so many things to me but I think most importantly she means love."

David is 18 and from London.

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18th December - Douglas       

"I pray to Our Lady every night and every day."

Douglas is from Ireland.

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19th December - Lucy       

"Our Lady for me has always been a very important presence in my life."

Lucy is from England.

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20th December - Philip       

"What Mary means to me is first and foremost a mother, who I can always turn to and who always listens and always protects us."

Philip is from Austria.

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21st December - Katherine       

"I have a miraculous medal ..which has been an incredible witness - so many people have stopped me in the street and in shops.. all nationalities, faiths, everyone is interested in it."

Katherine is from England.

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22nd December - Maria-Teresa       

"Through Mary I feel I get close to Jesus's heart."

Maria-Teresa is from Peru.

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23rd December - Phil       

"Mary is very close to my heart."

Phil is 21 and from England.

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24th December - Father Antonio       

"I cannot separate Our Lady from Jesus."

Father Antonio is from Zimbabwe.

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25th December - Christmas Day - Catherine with her children       

"When I think of Mary, I think very much of a mother figure, and all the love and all the suffering."

Catherine and her 3 children, Grace, John and Mary, are from England.

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26th December - Stephen       

"I pray to Mary every day."

Stephen is from Mauritius.

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27th December - Feast of the Holy Family - Cosima       

"God chose the right person to be Jesus' mother."

Cosima is 9 and from England.

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28th December - Jason       

"Mary to me  means mother and I think of comfort."

Jason is from Scotland.

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29th December - Vicky       

"I am so happy and so glad that God has given us our mother Mary as an intercessor, as a loving mother who watches over us and who prays for us all the time."

Vicky is from Nigeria.

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30th December - Alicia       

"What Our Lady means to me is absolute serenity always, always completely composed and ready to listen to anything without being disturbed by it, but yet total compassion and sympathy and understanding."

Alicia is 20 and from England.

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31st December - Father Augustine       

"Mary has played a very big part in my journey towards the priesthood and in the priesthood."

Father Augustine, a Franciscan Friar of the Renewal, is 32 and from England.

Benedict XVI... and something about Mary

"What immense joy to have Mary Immaculate as Mother! Every time we experience our frailty and the suggestion of evil, we can turn to her, and our heart receives light and comfort.

Also in life's trials, in the storms that make faith and hope vacillate, we think that we are her children and that the roots of our existence sink in the infinite grace of God. The Church herself, even if exposed to the negative influences of the world, always finds in her the star to direct and follow the route indicated by Christ.

Mary is in fact the Mother of the Church, as Pope Paul VI and Vatican Council II solemnly proclaimed. While, therefore, we render thanks to God for this wonderful sign of his goodness, we entrust to the Immaculate Virgin each one of us, our families and the community, the whole Church and the entire world."

(Angelus on the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception, 8th December 2009`0

John Paul II... and something about Mary

"Christ's call leads along a way which is not easy to travel, because it can also lead us to the Cross.  But there is no other way which leads to truth and which can give life.  Nevertheless, we are not alone on this path.  Mary, through her fiat, opened a new way for humanity. By her acceptance of, and total dedication to the mission of her Son, she is the prototype of every Christian vocation.  She will walk with us, she will be our travelling companion, and with her help we will be capable of following the vocation which Christ offers us.  Dear young people, let us set out upon our way with Mary; let us commit ourselves to following Christ, the Way, Truth and Life.  Thus we will be zealous bearers of the message of the new evangelization and generous builders of the civilization of love."

JP2 at the 4th World Youth Day - Santiago de Compostela 1989