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Saint Catherine Labouré

Sister of the Daughters of Charity of St Vincent de Paul - from France
She saw Our Lady who asked her to make the Miraculous Medal
Born on 2 May 1806
in Fain-lès-Moutiers
Died on 31 December 1876
in Enghien-les-Bains
Beatified on 28 May 1933 by Pope Pius XI
Canonized on 27 July 1947 by Pope Pius XII
Feast Day - 27th November

3 2us by Father Nathan Cromly CSJ      
"St Catherine Labouré was a woman to whom Mary revealed the desire of God to give grace. In a special way therefore in celebrating this feast day, we need to celebrate this saint who allowed herself to receive that message: the humility of her heart to enable herself to be so loved by God that she could even receive Mary as a mother, mediatrix (which means channel) of His gift of Himself to her; to allow oneself to be loved in a way that we can't even understand. For example to think about those graces for which we haven't even asked - what must those graces be like? That's what Our Lady told St Catherine: God wants to give even more than what you ask for. It's like plunging St Catherine on a spiritual path of desire, saying 'Do you really want to cooperate with God?' then desire for the rest of your life."

Frankie, from England      
"I felt inspired to go up to her and give her this Miraculous Medal. ... Our Lady reaches out to them and brings them closer to her Son."

Catherine Labouré was the 8th of 10 children and lived on a farm. When her mother died at the age of 46, Catherine turned ever more to Mary: at one point, in tears, she climbed on a chair to reach the statue of the Blessed Virgin and kissed it, saying: "Now you will be my mother."

At 24, Catherine, after overcoming many obstacles, entered the Seminary (novitiate) at the Motherhouse of the Daughters of Charity, on rue du Bac in Paris. It was here in the Chapel that the Blessed Virgin appeared to her several months later, the first time on 19 July 1830, to tell her about a mission confided to her; the second time the following 27 November, to show her the medal that Sr Catherine was asked to have made.

The following year, having completed her Seminary, Sr Catherine was sent to Reuilly, at that time a very poor neighbourhood in the southeast of Paris. She would serve the elderly there until the end of her life, keeping her secret to herself, while the medal miraculously spread throughout the world. Catherine Labouré died in peace on 31 December 1876: "I am going to heaven… to see Our Lord, His Mother and Saint Vincent."

In 1933, at the time of her beatification, the vault where she was buried at the chapel in Reuilly was opened. The body of Catherine was found to be intact and was transferred to the Chapel at rue du Bac and placed under the altar of Our Lady of the Globe.

Michel, from France      
"Mary left us the Miraculous Medal, which I wear."

Kate from America      
"We spent the whole day visiting our Blessed Mother most beautiful, with St Catherine Labouré, St Louise de Marillac and St Vincent de Paul. It was such an unbelievable way that it all came together in a perfect, perfect way."

Chapelle Notre-Dame de la Médaille Miraculeuse (France)

Joanne, from Australia,      
"While I was there I prayed several rosaries, attended several Masses, and at the end of the day I really felt like a new person, completely spiritually refreshed and renewed, all my problems were put into perspective and I just made a resolution that I should once a month put some time aside to do a little pilgrimage, even if it’s just to my local church."