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France - La France

Here below are responses to Totus2us podcasts given by French people with names beginning with A to J - Réponses donnés par des Français avec des noms chrétiens commençant par A à J - merci beaucoup à vous tous   ♥


"Our Lady for me she’s a mother, as she is for every Catholic. She’s someone that I trust to lead me to Christ. She is the one who has imitated Christ in the best way in this world.

La Sainte Vierge est notre mère et alors que notre espérance dans ce monde c’est pouvoir imiter le Seigneur Jesus. Et bien elle l’a imité au plus haut degré."


Alice's Word on the Street: Psalm 46 - Be still and know that I am the Lord
"I think there is so much truth in it and if we only stop and listen, God will speak to us."

Sœur Ambroisinne      

"La Vierge Marie, c'est la plus belle créature."


"I love Mother Mary because she’s an example for everyone, she’s the one that accepted the Lord in her life. 

La Vierge Marie a su accepter Dieu dans sa vie pleinement, même si ça  peut être effrayant pour elle. Elle a tout sacrifié pour ça et en ça c'est un parfait exemple pour nous qui parfois avons de mal à accepter de remettre Dieu au cœur de notre vie."


"Before I was even born, my grandmother had this habit of consecrating all her grandchildren to Our Lady of the Holy Trinity, so I was consecrated before I was even born. And I think Our Lady took that very seriously because she was the one who helped me to try to really take ownership of the gift of faith that was given by my family, she is the one who pushed me to really make it my own. Even though I am led astray all the time, she is always there as a Mum, to catch me and to call me back."


"I think Mary will remain ever in my lay person's life now the best school to follow Jesus, and I will try to imitate her day by day, and to imitate, to receive from her her faithfulness, her love, her humility. Mary, pray for us. Mary, pray for me."


"Mary is important to me in my life because she's like a second mother to me; I pray to her every day. Since she is the mother of Jesus, I feel like I've got a connection to her. In the Bible, when God told her that she was gonna have His Son, she accepted it with open arms. I find that really kind, and I want to be more like that. Mary plays an important place in the Catholic faith coz she holds the three secrets of Fatima. And if God can like reveal to her those three secrets, she must be really, really important and I'm just really happy that she's there."

Axer gives his queque chose de Marie in English & French.


"Mary will give you a lot of comfort especially when you are in trouble."


"For me Mary is the one who has taught me how to pray through the rosary and how to meditate different mysteries of Christ's life. ..

Pour moi Marie, c'est celle qui m'a appris à prier à travers le rosaire parce qu'en méditant le rosaire on découvre différents mystères de la vie du Christ."

Bruno's Word on the Street             & in French    
- The Parable of the Rich Young Man: Matthew 19: 16-26: Jesus said to him, "If you wilt be perfect, go and sell all that you have and give it to the poor and you will have treasure in heaven: and then come, follow me. -

"It is part of my vocational story - when I heard this passage I just felt I don't want to become sad and I want a happy life so I probably have to follow Jesus and become a priest."


"Mary has a special place in my heart, in my family’s heart… I like the expression ’To Jesus by Mary’ and I just trust her, she leads us to him. I know she has got a sense of humour, I know she uses unexpected ways to lead us where we have to go. ..

Je sais qu’on arrive à Jésus par Marie."


"Our Lady Mary is for me a protector of my children, she's mother to all of us and we pray.

Marie est la notre mère à tous et elle protège nos enfants."


"Cette expérience que j’ai vécue à Lourdes m’a vraiment fait comprendre que c’est la Vierge Marie qui pouvait nous conduire notre chemin de sainteté. Jusque-là j'avais pas vraiment reçu  la Vierge Marie comme un modèle de sainteté, comme une guide, comme une mère, pour moi elle m'était plus tôt étrangère. A partir de ce moment j'ai compris que le Seigneur avait voulu passer a travers cette femme pour vraiment nous toucher par sa grâce. Donc, depuis, j'essaie de développer cette amiliarité avec la Vierge Marie parce que je sens que dès que je m'approche de la Vierge Marie, je m'approche de son fils."  

Cécile was a pilgrim to Lourdes  
"I went to Lourdes with a group of young people and I didn't really know what I was expecting from this pilgrimage, I was just happy to be with Christian friends. With one of my closest friends we decided to go to the Grotto, to be in the water at the place where the Virgin Mary appeared. While I was waiting to go to the baths, I had a really weird feeling; suddenly I really didn't want to go there, everyone was really annoying me and seeing all the ladies waiting to go to the baths and it was really irritating me. I was really angry inside of me and not feeling well, it was really a weird feeling. I wanted to leave but then I was with my friend, so I just stayed. Then I entered the room where we had to be prepared to go into the baths and all those feelings of anger started to disappear but I was really confused. Then the lady brought me into the bath and I had suddenly a deep feeling of relief and when I came out, I kept crying for an hour and a half, and I just didn't understand what was going on. After, over the following days, I had a really a deep peace in my heart and I knew that the Virgin Mary had really restored me in my desire to be holy."


"Mary, I call her my mother because she is someone I choose to become my mother, because she's my real mother and she's always been here everytime I need her, and for me I have to come to see her every Saturday and I love her.  

Pour moi, la Vierge Marie représente tout. Je peux pas parler de Notre Dame sans parler de Jésus parce que, pour moi, être avec Jesus c'est être avec Maman Marie, et la prier c'est prier Jésus en meme temps. Donc c'est vraiment l'amour pour moi, c'est reconnaître l'amour de Jésus quand je prie Marie."


"Pour moi, Marie c’est le soutien de tous les instants, quand on est pressé, quand on s'est pas compris, c'est vraiment notre mère et notre soutien pour nous conduire vers Jésus."


La Vierge Marie est la mère du Seigneur mais je suis sûr qu'il me l'a donné, à moi aussi, pour mère parce que quand je suis dans la difficulté je comprends dans la foi, je prie toujours le chaplet à la Vierge Marie et je reçois toujours de l'aide."


"Pour moi, la Sainte Vierge c'est l’Étoile de la mer, celle que l'on regard pendant la tempête, à qui l'on s'addresse dans la tempête. Elle ne fait pas de bruit, c'est le silence mais qui permet de rentrer en soi-même et de se tourner vers elle au moment de la tempête. Donc, l'Étoile de la mer, guide de notre chemin."


"Mary is the one who is an example for all of us because she has never sinned, and she's the best person who can intercede for us because, during all his life, she was the closest to Christ."


"Mary is the Mother of God, yes, but she’s my mother, the mother of my children. She’s the mother of all of us.

Pour moi la Sainte Vierge est la Mère de Dieu, la Mère de l’Enfant Jésus, et c’est aussi la mère de mes enfants, ma propre mère, la mère du monde entier et je prie pour elle et je lui confie les vivants comme ils morts et surtout les oubliés, ceux qui sont morts et qui n’ont plus personne pour prier pour eux."


"Mary is the mother of God and the path to go to Jesus and I think she is full of tenderness.

Marie est pour moi la mère de Dieu, elle est le chemin qui me mène à Jésus et elle est pleine de tendresse pour tout son peuple et pour toute notre famille."


"Ce que je peux dire de la Vierge Marie c’est que chaque fois que j'ai des difficultés, que je suis triste, je me tourne vers elle et elle me conduit vers son fils Jésus. C'est par elle que je suis arrivée à Jésus. Elle me prend toujours par la main, je me sens toujours recouverte de son manteau d'amour, de son amour."


"I pray to the Lady of Lourdes so I will find may be peace in my heart and to my family and to everyone I love. I wish that the world will be better than it is now and I wish the best for all people, without any discrimination of faith or skin. We are living in very tough times and I hope that people will put a little love in their hearts, and that they will see further than just before them."

Père Dominique Faure      

"When Jesus says that he came to bring tidings of joy, that is what it means to be evangelised - the Gospel, the Good News is when we have opened ourselves to this tidings of joy that Jesus came to offer, and I often wonder if we have really discovered this Christian joy. Do we really understand what Jesus means when he speaks of the Good News? ... Our Christian life demands from us to be on the battlefield. St Thomas Aquinas doesn't hesitate to say after the Cross there is more suffering in the world than before, and the closer is the return of Christ the more the suffering will increase. It is important to accept that trials are an essential part of our Christian life, destabilisations are an essential part of our Christian life, the battlefield is an essential part. Jesus didn't come to bring us back to the peace and harmony of the garden of Eden; he came and demanded from us that we live again and again with Him all the tension that he has lived at the Cross. There, so easily, so quickly, we run away from the battlefield..we prefer to run away rather than stand in hope ... to discover that whatever suffering we go through, this is the battlefield that Jesus is waiting for us and there that he is willing to meet us in order to give us this joy that the world cannot give us, to give us this peace that the world cannot give us."


"I came to thank Our Lady, the Virgin Mary, because good things have happened to me in life, after having gone through difficult times and I just wanted to thank her for being there at difficult times and at good times."

Elizabeth gives her quelque chose de Marie in English & French.


"The Virgin Mary is the charm of God and she's the expression of the maternal love of God."

Elodie gives her quelque chose de Marie in English & French.


"This summer I answered the Pope's call and the experience [at Journée Mondiale de la Jeunesse] was just exhilarating, simply, simply just mind-blowing. Meeting so many young people, making new friends and all sharing the same faith is just a great experience. I think for anybody it's a great way to either discover faith, reinforce it or rediscover it."


"Mary is the Mother of God and she’s the mother of the child who saved the world. When I think of her I think of saving and helping. No matter how we are or anything we do, she will always give us a second chance."

Père Eric      

"I experience so many times that Mary is our mother when she is at the foot of the Cross. When we are in different pains or suffering we can really ask Mary to help us to find a peace and when we pray the rosary we experience each time a great peace and a great compassion given by Mary. She is the Mother of Compassion and she can help us to overcome all our suffering and difficulties.

J'ai expérimenté de nombreux fois la présence de Marie, Marie au pied de la Croix, qui nous rejoint à nos propres souffrances."


"Mary is the one who made me realise that God is there for everybody and when I mean everybody it's me as well."


"Mary is love, nothing but love.

Marie, c’est la porte du ciel. "


"For me Our Lady is motherhood, love and sweetness and a tender eye on all people in the world, protecting us.

La Vierge Marie pour moi est la douceur, la tendresse et le regard aimant et protecteur d'une maman qui s’occupe pour ses enfants.  C'est comme une mère pour le monde entier en fait."


"Every time I called Our Lady to keep me under her mantle with light, suddenly my heart felt like.. I was really in peace and I was sure that she was with me, because it was almost as though I could feel her. Since this time, I call her every time I go out very late, every time I feel that someone is dangerous or something, I call on Our Lady to keep me under her mantle and everything goes well every time. Also the thing that I love about Our Lady is that she always hears my prayers."

"J'ai eu la grâce d'être accompagnée par la Sainte Vierge depuis toujours mais je me suis compte rendue vraiment de sa présence au près de moi il y a quelques années."


"Mary represents a mother to me. She's been very kind to listen to me and to guide me. She's been a great teacher to guide me to Christ. When I turn myself to Mary I can feel spontaneously a great love and a great mercy. I feel very confident as soon as I hear the name of Mary or as soon as I pray to Mary. .. She is a motherly figure to me, to guide me to Christ, to make me pure in my heart and more humble. And I will never, ever find enough words to thank Mary. Ave Maria. 

La Vierge Marie représente pour moi une mère. À chaque fois que je me tourne vers la Vierge Marie, je sais qu'elle m'écoute à chaque instant et qu'elle répondra à mes prières. Elle me guide, elle m'enseigne comment me comporter afin d'amener vers le Christ. C'est une figure très importante dans ma vie car je sais que à chaque instant je peux me tourner vers la Vierge Marie, dans mes moments les plus difficiles ou dans mes joies, et qu'elle sera toujours là pour m'écouter et me consoler. A chaque fois que je prie la Vierge Marie je ressens une paix intérieure, une douceur et une miséricorde."


"Mary is more a mother to me than my own mother.

Marie est plus mère pour moi que ma propre mère."


"La Vierge Marie, elle est une force, une image, qui m'aide à m'abandonner à la volonté de Dieu puisque la Vierge Marie est la première à l'avoir fait totalement, pleinement. Donc elle est un vrai modelle quotidien. Notre Dame du Rocher, priez pour nous."


"Holy Mary is my true mother, my only true mother.

La Sainte Vierge est ma maman. la maman qui me donne le plus d’amour."

Soeur Hyacinthe      

"Our Lady is my model of faith, of hope and of charity.  Looking at her life I get so encouraged because she is fully human and she is full of grace."

Béni Jean Paul II, nous vous aimons!       
One of the things Sr Hyacinthe loves most about JPII was his fearlessness, giving the subject of her Masters Degree in History as an example - his role in building a church in Nova Hota. Another reason is because of his teaching, philosophical and theological, particularly about the human person.

John Paul II - "The human person is a good towards which the only proper attitude is love."

Sr Hyacinthe Defos du Rau OP, a Dominican Sister of St Joseph, is 1 of the Totus2us team. You can pray the rosary with her in French and English and you can listen to her beautiful insights into the Catholic Catechism here.


"I'm just about to give birth and just feeling really close to Mary in these sorts of moments where she feels really here and fulfilling of love, and bringing me closer to God whenever I go far away from him, especially in these sorts of moments where you're about to give life, which is so special.

Je vais donner naissance dans quelques jours et c'est un moment très particulier pour moi, donner la vie, et c'est pour ca que je venais pour dire 'Merci. Merci pour tout ce qu'elle a pu me porter pour me rapprocher de Dieu dans les moments un peu difficile, surtout en cette période très, très forte."


"I cherish the image of the Visitation in the Rosary - it is my favourite one. When I see Mary so young and so full of joy, and expressing her joy to Elizabeth.  And I receive that personally, like Mary coming to me, comforting me and sending all her graces."


"Every time I say the Hail Mary, I always wonder when we've finished that prayer, it finishes with us asking Mary to pray for us at the hour of our death, but really we need to have also her prayers after our death.  ...

'Je vous salue Marie' se termine par une prière en disant on demande l'intercession de la Vierge Marie jusqu'à notre mort. Hors, nous avons besoin en plus de son intercession fondamentale après la mort."


"Mary leads us totally to Jesus. She gives me her heart, she gives me her eyes, so that I could love Jesus with her heart ... she gives me her eyes so that I can contemplate Jesus with her eyes. I will be eternally grateful to her."

Jean runs courses at the School of Mary in London.


"I come to Fatima because Christ and Mary are a symbol of hope and it’s a real pleasure to come here because it’s very important for our faith.

C’est la troisième fois que je viens ici [Fatima] parce que pour moi la Vierge Marie représente le bon secours et la rédemption pour nos souffrances et pour moi aussi un symbole d’espérance."

Jean Frédéric       

"Mary is the symbol of a perfect love. The one to whom you can confide and say everything that is on your heart and she will always be there for you."

Père Jean-Marie      

"Notre Dame a demandé Le Laus à son Fils pour la conversion des pécheurs et son Fils le Seigneur le lui a accordé. Alors ce que l’on découvre beaucoup dans ce sanctuaire c’est le sourire: le sourire de Marie à travers la beauté des lieux, à travers le calme et la paix que l’on peut accueillir. C’est vraiment la Vierge Marie qui, en nous souriant, fait aussi monter vers Dieu notre prière. Notre prière devient la sienne et elle l’offre à son Fils et son Fils nous donne sa paix."


"About 20 years ago I had a conversion and very quickly I met the Virgin Mary in the rosary, and I used to pray the rosary every day. What was very important is that she really leads to her son, to Jesus. Through the rosary and through the meditation of the rosary I really met Jesus, her son.

Une bonne vingtaine d'années j'ai vécu une conversion profonde et très rapidement j'ai redécouvert la Vierge Marie au travers le rosaire qui m'est donné de prier tous les jours, tous les jours. Au travers des méditations des mystères il m'est donné de vraiment découvrir Jésus. Et voila, Marie mène et amène à son fils."


"Mary is the perfect example. She sacrifices herself for her children."

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Totus tuus ego sum et omnia mea tua sunt.
Accipio te in mea omnia. Praebe mihi cor tuum, Maria. - St Louis de Montfort

Saint Jean-Paul II a pris sa devise Totus Tuus de cette citation.

"Je suis totalement vôtre et tout ce que j'ai est à toi.
Je vous accepter pour mon tout. Ô Marie, donne-moi ton cœur.”