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Somethings about Mary in September 2009

Many, many thanks to Brother Alphonsus Mary, Alvaro, Angelika, Arancha, Blanca, Bosko, Catherine, Chloe, Father Emmanuel, Fabienne, George, Father Georgios, Jean Frédéric, Hannah, Sister Hyacinthe, Lillian, Ludmilla, Margaret, Mary Grace, Petr, Renée, Rose & Steven for giving their Something about Mary.

This image is a Russian icon of Our Lady of Sorrows, whose feast day is 15th September.

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8th September - Our Lady's birthday - Angelika       

"Mary to me is a very special person because she stayed with Christ under the Cross."

Angelika is 1 of the Totus2us team and is from Germany.  She's beginning this podcast as she had the inspired idea for it!  Many thanks, dear Angelika :-)  You can pray the Divine Mercy chaplet in German with Angelika here.

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9th September - Br Alphonsus Mary       

"The Blessed Virgin Mary knows who we are and what our dignity is.  Her love is constant and she is constantly calling us back to her Son Jesus." 

Brother Alphonsus Mary is from the USA. Yesterday, 8th September, was his 10th year anniversary for entering Carmel - happy, blessed anniversary, dear Brother Alphonsus Mary.

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10th September - Alvaro       

"Mary is the mother who never said no; who has always accepted God's wishes for her.  She is with us in every day and every second of our lives, protecting and caring as our true mother."

Alvaro is from Brazil.

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11th September - Renée       

"Our Blessed Mother is the light of God's love."

Renée is from Michigan in the USA.

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12th September - Feast of the Most Holy Name of Mary - Chloe       

"It's to Mary that I turn when I am looking for gentler qualities that I need help with."

Chloe lives in London.

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13th September - Jean Frédéric       

"Mary is the symbol of a perfect love.  The one to whom you can confide  and say everything that is on your heart and she will always be there for you."

Jean Frédéric is 22 and from Paris.

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14th September - Feast of the Triumph of the Cross - Arancha       

"Mary is the one who takes me to Our Lord, she takes me by the hand and never allows me to be frightened.  She teaches me to be happy, to trust."

Arancha is from Spain.

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15th September -  Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows - Rose       

"I never stop loving Our Lady."

Rose is from Malaysia.

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16th September - Steven       

"Whenever I see a picture of Mary the word mother comes straight into my head and I feel like I'm at home somehow." 

Steven is 22 and from the UK.

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17th September - Mary Grace       

"Mary is the source of my strength.  Whenever I feel that I'm weak I go to her and pray to her."

Mary Grace is from Montreal, Canada.

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18th September - Bosko       

"Mary means for me a loving mother.  She suffered for her Son.  She gave all her life loving for her Son."

Bosko lives in Chesterfield, England.

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19th September - Sister Hyacinthe     

"Our Lady is my model of faith, of hope and of charity.  Looking at her life I get so encouraged because she is fully human and she is full of grace."

Sister Hyacinthe is 1 of the Totus2us team and from France.  She is a Dominican Sister in the New Forest, England.  You can pray the Rosary with her (in English & French), and listen to her beautiful reflections on the Catholic Catechism.

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20th September - Hannah       

"Through the rosary we receive so much grace through Mary's hands."

Hannah is 24 and from London.

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21st September - Blanca       

"Mary protects us and gives us the light to brighten our path."

Blanca is from Colombia and gives her something in English and Spanish. 

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22nd September - George       

"Any area of darkness in my life I can turn to Mary and I have a real sense of hope for the future that there's nothing that, with her interceding to her Son, I can't overcome."

George is half-Maltese, 36 and from England.

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23rd September - Feast of St Padre Pio - Fabienne       

"Mary is the one who made me realise that God is there for everybody and when I mean everybody it's me as well."

Fabienne is from France.

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24th September - Feast of Our Lady of Walsingham - Fr Emmanuel       

"Mary is a mother and I most run to her when I'm in trouble or struggling." 

Father Emmanuel is 36 and from England. He is a Franciscan Friar of the Renewal and has given 3 2us on St Padre Pio.

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25th September - Ludmilla       

"Mary is my idol in that she couldn't see all the consequences of what was going to happen to her but she said yes to God, whatever."

Ludmilla is from Slovakia.

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26th September - Petr       

"Our Lady means for me Divine Mother."

Petr is 29 and from the Czech Republic.  You can pray the Divine Mercy chaplet in Czech with Petr.

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27th September - Margaret       

"Mary is my heavenly Mother, I go to her with all my worries and concerns and she presents all my intentions to God, to Jesus; she purifies them and magnifies them too."

Margaret is 18 and from the UK.

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28th September - Lillian       

"Mary has always been there in time of need and has always directed me to her Son, our Lord Jesus Christ." 

Lillian is British but originally from Africa.

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29th September - Father Georgios       

"Mary means everything to me."

Eastern Church hymn: "What shall we offer you, O Christ, who for our sakes has appeared on earth as a man. Every creature which you have made offers you thanks. The angels offer you a song, the heavens their star, the wise men their gifts, the shepherds their wonder, the earth its cave, the wilderness a manger and we offer you a Virgin Mother.

Father Georgios is a Catholic priest from Thessalonika, Greece.  You can pray the Divine Mercy chaplet in Greek with Fr Georgios.

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30th September - Catherine       

"I always remember Our Lady and she is my guide in my life today."

Catherine is from Malacca in Malaysia.