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Somethings about Mary in February 2015

Many, many thanks to Adriano, Soeur Ambroisinne, Angelo, Biljana, Cecilia, Clara, Eileen, Elena, Sister Felicidad, Frances, Francesca, Francesca, Frezghi, Ifeaneyi, James, Madeleine, Mhari Bernadette, Michael, Michael, Patrick, Soeur Philippe, Sheila, Susan, Tessi, Ursula & Victor for giving their 'something' about Mary this month.

This photo is of Our Lady of Bodmin.

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1st February - Francesca      

"I came to Our Lady late but now I see that, as the mother the Blessed Mother of Our Lord, this is the only way forward because she is there interceding for us, helping us with everything and at every moment of our lives she's there. And I give thanks for the Holy Mother of God."

Francesca is originally from Johannesburg in South Africa.

Our Lady's message to Mirjana Soldo, Medjugorje, 2nd February 2015:

"Dear children! I am here, I am among you. I am looking at you, am smiling at you and I love you in the way that only a mother can. Through the Holy Spirit who comes through my purity, I see your hearts and I offer them to my Son. Already for a long time I have been asking of you to be my apostles, to pray for those who have not come to know God’s love. I am asking for prayer said out of love, prayer which carries out works and sacrifices. Do not waste time thinking about whether you are worthy to be my apostles. The Heavenly Father will judge everyone; and you, love him and listen to him. I know that all of this confuses you, even my very stay among you, but accept it with joy and pray that you may comprehend that you are worthy to work for Heaven. My love is upon you. Pray that my love may win in all hearts, because that is the love which forgives, gives and never stops. Thank you."

2nd February - Feast of the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple & World Day for Consecrated Life - Sister Felicidad      

"I love the Virgin Mary. She's our mother, always protecting us. We cannot live without her. Our foundress, St Maria-Michaaela, was very devoted to the Virgin Mary. When her mother died, she said she chose Mother Mary as her mother."

Sister Francesca is from Spain & gives her response in English & Spanish. She is a sister of the Adoratrices Esclavas del Santisimo Sacramento y de la Caridad (Adoratrices, Handmaids of the Blessed Sacrament & of Charity) who, in Kensington Square in London, work with women affected by prostitution and victims of sex trafficking - more info about their work through Rahab Project here.

3rd February - Ursula      

"Our Lady is special to me, in my needs and in my prayers, in helping me through each day. Each day I turn to her, morning, noon and night, to ask for her guidance and her help through each day."

Ursula was born in Antigua.

4th February - Michael      

"Our Lady is Mother of Perpetual Help and the Mother of Christ."

Michael is from Singapore.

5th February - Adriano      

"The Virgin Mary for me, she’s really my mother, my queen, and I know that I can’t live my life without Mary. She's for me the hope, she gives me the force to be always with Christ. "

Adriano is from Brazil & gives his response in English & French.

6th February - Tessi      

"Mary is my everything. She's my mother and, being in the Legion [of Mary], she guides me in whatever I do and inspires me in everything. She's my model, so I do everything for her. I try to do everything for her."

Tessi is from the Philippines.

7th February - Eileen      

"Mary is our loving mother. We always say 'Hail Mary, full of grace'. She always loves us and blesses us. Whatever we ask to Mother Mary, she never lets us down, she's always giving us, giving a blessing. Whatever we need, we always go to Mother Mary. She's our world Mother for everyone, not for me only, for everybody in the world. She's a blessed lady, how she loves her Son Jesus, she loves us."

Eileen is from Bangalore in India; she gives her response in English & Tamil.

8th February - Feast of St Josephine Bakhita - Susan      

"I just absolutely adore Mary, I entrust everyone to her. She’s the best. I just feel her mantle, her love, her guidance in so many ways."

Susan is from Jersey.

9th February - Angelo      

"Mary has been with me since day one. Mary is my godmother, she's always with me.

Maria é minha madrinha. Ela está sempre comigo."

Angelo is from Portugal.

10th February - Feast of St Scholastica - Cecilia      

"Our Lady is my mother, because I never had a mum (she died when I was 3 months old), and I tell everyone pray to her, pray. Normally in the world your mother is the top because she gave birth, but Mary is the Mother of God. I do trust her so much. I tell everyone, I even tell the Muslims and Hindus, 'Pray to Our Lady, if you need it desperately and it's good for you, she will do it for you.' Simple as that."

Cecilia is from India.

11th February - Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes & 23rd World Day for the Sick - Mhari Bernadette      

"Our Lady has always been very special to me. Before I was born, they offered my mum an abortion, and I'm 65, so that's how long ago. Of course Mum refused. They then, when I was born, called me the miracle baby because I was perfectly alright. I was meant to be small and undersized - I'm about 5 foor 9, anything but! So they named me after Lourdes, Mhari Bernadette, because they went there on their honeymoon, my mum and dad.… She's always been part of my life. I'm sure she's the reason why I'm perfectly healthy and I've got 3 daughters of my own. So, yeh, she's very very special to me always, looked after me and she's always with me."

Mhari Bernadette is from England.

12th February - Frances      

"To me Mary is somebody we can turn to, she's our mother and we talk to her with our hearts full of love. We can go to her when we're in pain, when we're in joy and share out deepest emotions wiht her, knowing that she loves us as our mother and that our prayers will sincerely be taken to Christ for us."

Frances is from South Africa.

13th February - Madeleine      

"Mary means so much to me. When I lost my parents that’s when I really found my faith, my Catholic faith, and she's been my backbone, my strength and for that I'm extremely appreciative. In my times of need, and there have been many times, I've prayed to Mary and she's come good for me."

Madeleine is from London.

14th February - Feast of Ss Cyril & Methodius - Sœur Philippe      

"I have known the Virgin Mary since I was very young and she has been my strength all of my life, and my religious vocation as well. I thank her for all that.

La Vierge Marie a été pour moi toujours une force depuis mon enfance, especiallement durant ma préparation à la vie religieuse et depuis toujours elle a été une force pour moi. Merci Marie pour toutes ces grâces et pour me faire connaître Jésus et le faire aimer et le faire connaître. Amen."

Sœur Philippe is from France.

15th February - Sœur Ambroisinne      

"La Vierge Marie, c'est la plus belle créature."

Sœur Ambroisinne is from France.

16th February - Francesca      

"Mary is a model, an example, a model to follow for life and I find her graceful and sweet. 

Per me, Maria è un esempio, un modello da sequire .. una figura dulce e piena di grazia."

Francesca is from Verona in Italy.

17th February - Shrove Tuesday - Michael      

"Our Lady for me is our mother, our mother in heaven ... So Our Lady is a very special person to me. She helps me to come back to Jesus."

Michael is from Canada.

18th February - Ash Wednesday - Clara      

"For me, Mary as a woman is a model. So she has all the characteristics that we women should look up to and so she's the perfect model for that."

Clara is 22 & from Argentina; she gives her response in English & Spanish.

19th February - Frezghi      

"Mary I believe is the best, best example as a mum, as someone of faith who believes and trusts in God and her son."

Frezghi is from Eritrea & gives his response in English & Bilen.

20th February - Elena      

"Our Mother is very helpful for our prayer .. She always helps us and she is very good. And through our Mother we can go to her Son, and he forgives our sins. We are devoted to Mother."

Elena is from the Philippines.

21st February - James      

"I believe with our Catholic faith that Mary is our mother, she is the mother of all of us. Through her prayers and intervention with her Son, our Lord and Saviour Christ, she gives us as freely as we receive all the time from the Lord. And I had an experience back home witnessing the Virgin Mary in one of churches in the north of the country and she healed me from a physical illness, and the consultants and doctors back home confirmed that I was healed completely from that illness. She's wonderful in the way that she gives us the comfort that we do when we trust in her and most importantly we trust in her Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, and through her prayers we are granted all the graces that Christ granted to us of peace, joy, glory, strength, happiness and love."

James is an Assyrian from Iraq & gives his response in English & Aramaic.

22nd February - Patrick      

"Our Lady is our mother of all her children on earth."

Patrick is from Ireland.

23rd February - Victor      

"For me my Lady is my mother and I pray to her every day and she is fantastic."

Victor, originally from Spain, lives in Finland.

25th February - Biljana      

"I love Our Lady. I’ve been in Medjugorje and I prayed for everybody, for the whole world, and thank God for everything that He gives to us."

Biljana is from Croatia & gives her response in English & Croatian.

Our Lady of Medjugorje's message to Marija Pavlović, 25 February 2015:

“Dear children! In this time of grace I call all of you: pray more and speak less. In prayer seek the will of God and live it according to the commandments to which God calls you. I am with you and am praying with you. Thank you for having responded to my call.”

“Queridos hijos! En este tiempo de gracia, los invito a todos: oren más y hablen menos. En la oración busquen la voluntad de Dios y vívanla según los Mandamientos a los que Dios los invita. Yo estoy con ustedes y oro con ustedes. Gracias por haber respondido a mi llamado."

"Cari figli! In questo tempo di grazia vi invito tutti: pregate di più e parlate di meno. Nella preghiera cercate la volontà di Dio e vivetela secondo i comandamenti ai quali Dio vi invita. Io sono con voi e prego con voi. Grazie per aver risposto alla mia chiamata.”

26th February - Ifeaneyi      

"Holy Mary is the mother of Christ."

Ifeaneyi is from Nigeria.

27th February - Sheila      

"Mary is to me somebody that I lean to when I’m in need."

Sheila is based in London but originally family wise is from Kenya & Goa.