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Somethings about Mary in February 2010

Many, many thanks to Alison, Anna, Antony, Beatriz, Catherine, Christina, Collette, Connie, Domenica, Edith, Elizabeth, Emilia, Sister Emma Mary, Sister Felicity Marie, Florence, Gabriel, Henrietta, James, Father Juraj, Justin, Maria Antonia, Martin, Milagros, Nicolas, Patrick, Robert, Rosamund & Sarah for giving their 'something' about Mary.

This image is of Our Lady of Lourdes, whose feast day is on 11th February.

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1st February - Florence       

"Mary is my mother and I pray that every other person will recognise how close she can be to everybody - she is a real mother."

Florence is from Nigeria.

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2nd February - Feast of the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple - Henrietta       

"Our Lady, the Virgin Mary, Mary Mother of Jesus, means to me the beginning, the start of my journey, my own personal journey, as I don't think I would have encountered Jesus without her."

Henrietta is from England.

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3rd February - Sister Felicity Marie       

"The Blessed Virgin Mary so very much prays with us when we're most in need, when we don't quite have the right words to say or don't know how to pray."

Sister Felicity Marie, a Franciscan Sister of the Renewal, is 26 and from the United States.

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4th February - Justin       

"Mary touches me, she touches my life, she touches my heart.  She touches other lives.  I see her touching other lives.  She's all around me."

Justin is 38 and from the UK.

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5th February - Anna       

"If you want to be with Maria always, think about your heart, her heart."

Anna is from Italy and gives her qualcosa su Maria in English & Italian.

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6th February - Christina       

"I really feel  Mary has in every single step of the way taken my hand and led me to her son, even times when I haven't realised it.  And I look back and  realise how much Mary really has been there with me."

Christina is 26 and is from Glasgow in Scotland.

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7th February - Maria-Antonia       

"I can't live without being close to Mary, to protect me.  She's like my mother, so anything I need, I go and ask her."

Maria-Antonia is from Portugal and gives her algo sobre Maria in English & Porguguese.

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8th February - Robert       

"I have complete trust that when I entrust my prayers to Mary that my life is in her hands and that nobody who ever turned to her has been left unaided."

Robert is 27 and from England; he has a blog called Discover Happiness - Love Undefiled.

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9th February - Connie       

"Our Lady has always been like pretty much a guiding star, showing me the way to go through life or how to approach different challenges in life."

Connie is from Kenya.

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10th February - Collette       

"I just love the Blessed Mother because she is my hero and my inspiration in every way."

Collette is from the United States.

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11th February - Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes - Patrick       

"We all prayed very fervently to Our Lady of Lourdes and miraculously he was cured … I sincerely believe that it was thanks to the intercession of Our Lady that he is now healthy and happy."

Patrick is 32 and from England.

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12th February - Milagros       

"I really, really, really love Mary.  She's the most special person in my life and she's the most beautiful person I've ever seen.  It's very great to be with her because I feel comfortable and it feels like being with my mother, because she is my mother….
La Virgen es todo .."

Milagros is 19 and from Argentina; she gives her algo acerca de María in English & Spanish.

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13th February - Sarah       

"Mary to me is the epitomy of beauty.  She represents everything that I would want to be and would aspire to be."

Sarah is 28 and from the UK.

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14th February - Father Juraj       

"For me the rosary works in an incredible way.  I'm not talking about some physical miracles but it gets written in my heart, in my soul, when I say the rosary."

Father Juraj is from Slovakia.

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15th February - Elizabeth       

"Through Mary, thanks to her fiat, we all get to participate within the Trinity and really that in itself I find sublime and so I thank her."

Elizabeth was born in New York and brought up in London.

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16th February - Domenica       

"For me the Virgin Mary has always been very important … I feel her very close to my heart."

Domenica is from Mexico.

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17th February - Ash Wednesday - Sister Emma Mary       

"I experience Mary as my mother.  I experience her help, her words, her encouragement and her intercession."

Sister Emma Mary of the sweet name of Mary is 23 and from England.  She is a Servant Sister of the Home of the Mother.

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18th February - Antony       

"I'm no longer scared about death because in the Hail Mary it says 'pray for us now and at the hour of our death' and I know that if Our Lady is praying for me at the hour of my death, all will be well."

Antony is in his 30s and from the UK.

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19th February - Catherine       

"Our Lady is the arms that go around you when you need a hug; she's a passage to Jesus. Sometimes when I can't pray to God I can just think of Our Lady as my mother and I feel connected."

Catherine is from England.

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20th February - Edith       

"My experience with Mary is just really like a real relationship with a mother, that you can tell everything, that you can share with her whatever."

Edith is from Hong Kong.

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21st February - Martin       

"In every way Mary is someone who inspires love - that certainly has been my experience."

Martin is a seminarian from England

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22nd February - Nicolas       

"I really felt that Mary was there like a nurse assisting Jesus, who was doing the healing operation."

Nicolas is 29 and from France; you can pray la Neuvaine à la Miséricorde Divine with Nicolas here.

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23rd February - Emilia       

"I think of Mary especially in that moment at the foot of the cross as somebody who teaches us in a profound way how the gladness, the joy that come through a life of faith can be sustained even through deep sorrow.  So even in the most difficult moments, somehow through the mystery of those difficult moments, we can unite to Christ's suffering, we can experience a very profound joy; through the poverty that we experience in those moments, we can open ourselves up to the love of Christ and abandon ourselves more fully to God's plan for our life - those are the things that Mary teaches me first and foremost."

Emilia is 27 and from England.  

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24th February - Gabriel       

"In Mary's affirmation of God's call, she shows various virtues, among which are humility, trust, faith … Her last words that are recorded in the New Testament 'Do what ever he says' recall us all to be present to the will of God moment by moment in our every day lives."

Gabriel was born in Hungary and lives in Canada.  

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25th February - Rosamund       

"It was Our Lady who helped me to fall in love with Jesus in new ways."

Rosamund is from London

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26th February - James       

"I do love my mother, mother Mary."

James is 27 and from New Zealand. 

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27th February - Beatriz       ♦

"Whatever we do and whatever mistakes we make, whatever good things we do, we are completely loved by St Mary and that's why I always feel very, very relaxed when I pray to her or when I share with her something."

Beatriz is from Spain

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28th February - Alison       

"Mary is the person I speak to in times of greatest need, to intercede with my prayers."

Alison is from England