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Somethings about Mary in November 2009

Many, many thanks to Alida, Becki, Bernwadt, Brian, Carlos, Christianne, Daniella, Diana, Fran, Frederica, James, Brother John Mary Jesus CSJ, Jorge, Father Justin CSJ, Father Keith, Brother Mairesean CSJ, Maria, Marie-Alice, Marina, Sister Maureen, Nigel, Ramón, Ruth, Salinger, Steve, Sylvia, Tan, Father Teka SJ, Vicky & William for giving their 'something' about Mary.

This image is of the "Consolata" Virgin.

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1st November - Feast of All Saints - Marina       

"With Mary, every end becomes a new beginning, every obstacle turns into a wonderful blessing."

Marina is 35 and from Croatia. With some friends, she has set up the Croatian website Katolik.

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2nd November - Feast of All Souls - Vicky       

"With Mary, I feel protected and very close to my mother."

Vicky is 33 and from England.

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3rd November - Tan       

"Mary went to all kinds of lengths, short of showing herself and speaking with an audible voice, to teach and console me."

Tan is from Canada.

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4th November - Brother Mairesean       

"In God's Providence, in the way that He's led me, what I've at least been conscious of, is this presence of Mary."

Brother Mairesean is 39 and from Ohio in the United States.  He is a brother of the Community of St John.

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5th November - Ruth       

"Mary always leads me into my faith and does it with such gentleness and love, it's doable."

Ruth is 1 of the Totus2us team and is from Britain.

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6th November - Frederica       

"Mary is for me a mother, a friend and I have been a non-believer for a very long time, for 29 years, and then I went to Medjugorje."

Frederica is 34 and from Italy.

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7th November - Alida       

"I'm studying fashion design at university and Mary has always been my inspiration for true beauty and elegance."

Alida is from the USA.

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8th November - Father Teka SJ       

"Mary invites me to avail myself at any time for any need that requires my presence."

Father Teka is a Jesuit priest from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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9th November - Maria       

"It's difficult to explain: there's like hope, someone there to pick me up."

Maria is 33 and from Portugal.

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10th November - James       

"I love Mary's faith and the way she opened herself to God and to God's will."

James is from England.

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11th November - Steve       

"Mary brought me to her son Jesus, and Mary is the reason why I am Catholic."

Steve is from the USA and runs Youth in Europe which organises pilgrimages, particularly to World Youth Days.

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12th November - Father Justin       ♦

"Mary helps me to discern the signs of the times - I would say the smile of God."

Father Justin is 31 and from Hong Kong.  He is a brother of the Community of St John and is currently based in Cebu in the Philippines

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13th November - Fran       

"Mary enshrouds each one of us in her mantle and she holds us close just as a mother would do."

Fran is from the USA.

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14th November - Jorge       

"Mary is my hope, my happiness, my all."

Jorge is from Mexico.

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15th November - Becki       

"When times are difficult and when I'm learning to be a mum, she's there and guiding and providing me with a model for me to work from."

Becki is 1 of the Totus2us team and is from England.

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16th November - Carlos       

"Mary is not only our queen and our mother but also like the friend every day - the one who is always there with you, the one who in every circumstance of your life shows you the way to Jesus."

Carlos is from Spain.

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17th November - Alice       

"I think of Mary as a universal mother who is there to be kind and look after everyone and be very accessible to people."

Alice is from France.

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18th November - Father Keith       

"Our Lady kind of enters into your life and transforms it and smooths away difficulties, makes you see things from a completely different perspective."

Father Keith is from England.

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19th November - Bernwadt       

"Mary will never leave us, will never leave me and so I can rely on her and on her help, her guidance, her intercession."

Bernwadt is 35 and from Germany.

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20th November - Christianne       

"Mary is the person I turn to in every need, in every requirement, in every desire, every joy and in every sorrow.  I place my whole life in her hands."

Christianne is from England.

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21st November - Presentation of the Virgin Mary - Sylvia       

"What I'd really love to share about Mary is how special she has been in my country, Costa Rica."

Sylvia is from Costa Rica.

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22nd November - Nigel       

"I hope that Mary will be the means, the channel, by which the Church will be restored to unity."

Nigel is from England.

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23rd November - Ramón       

"For me, Mary is very special."

Ramón is 26 and from Spain.  He gives his something in English & Spanish.

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24th November - Diana       

"I find that I am waiting with Our Lady."

Diana is from England

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25th November - Daniella       

"For me, Mary is someone I have to have in my life."

Daniella is 28 and from Mexico

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26th November - Brian       

"Mary means an awful lot to me; she's present throughout the scriptures .. and is an immense gift from God to us."

Brian is from England

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27th November - Sister Maureen       

"Mary is very important to me.  I was dedicated to her even from a baby and from my First Communion I was taught to say 3 Hail Mary's in honour of Our Lady's purity, which I did  all through my teens, every night."

Sister Maureen is from Australia and has 'the joy' of being a Salesian Sister.

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28th November - William       

"What Mary, the Mother of God, means to me?..  I suppose if I had to pick one word it would be compassion."

William is from New York.

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29th November - Brother John Mary Jesus       

"Mary is the one whom the Lord gives to us as a mother.  I think a mother is really someone who leads the way through what she lives.  That's really Mary because she lives so close to Jesus."

Brother John Mary Jesus is 28, from Kent in England, and is a brother of the Community of St John.  

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30th November - Salinger       

"Our Lady has done wonderful things for me."

Salinger is originally from Sri Lanka