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Somethings about Mary in September 2010

Many, many thanks to Agripina, Alex, Anna, Anne, Barry, David, David, Dino, Doretta, Françoise, Frankie, Gonzaga, Harriet, Jean-Pierre, Joanna, Jonathan, Father José Alberto, Leonardo, Loretta, Mairin, Margaret, Maria-Angela, Marina, Mark, Patrick, Roberto, Sabine, Sarah, Father Thomas CFR & Tom for giving their 'something' about Mary.

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1st September - Sarah      

"When you pray to Our Lady I think that there is kind of more steadiness to your faith, it gets more consistent. I think it's very easy to be up and down about God, and kind of blowing in the wind, and I think Mary steadies me a bit, or a lot actually. The main prayer that I say at the moment, apart from going to Mass obviously, is the rosary. I try to say it every day and I find it unbelievably helpful for me."

Sarah is 25 and from Ireland.

2nd September - Dino      

"I have a devotion to Our Mother - I made my First Communion in Lourdes and she is a special person that always stays with me."

Dino is 35 and from England.

3rd September - Joanna      

"Our Lady for me is very mysterious and a real example of faith. I think she is mysterious because she is so close to God it seems amazing to be able to be that close to God but at the same time she feels like an example that is possible for all of us."

Joanna is 30 and from England.

4th September - Alex      

"For me the Lord's Mother, Maica Domnului, means love; means the love that we share every single day and the love that is reflected into every single action that we do in day to day life. I think this wonderful love is shared by everybody and it just keeps us going to be better humans and to act more and more for our fellows, and share the great joy that Our Lord gave us."

Alex is from Romania.

5th September - Feast of Blessed Mother Teresa - David      

"When I was a little child aged 3, the nursery maid taught me the Hail Mary and I never forgot it and always thought about it and that's how I became a Christian and a Catholic at the age of 14."

David is from England.

6th September - Margaret       

"With Mary I came to discover the joy of being a Christian. And I also find that when things get very difficult she is there in a very quiet way, sometimes like a harp, playing on my heart, and she restores my soul when I feel very low and just brings joy to my life.  I'm so grateful for her presence in my life."

Margaret is from England.

7th September - Barry      

"Our Lady has always been the most important person to go to at any time: at times of help, times of need, times of happiness, she is always there."

Barry is from Ireland.

8th September - Our Lady's Birthday - Father Thomas CFR      

"Our Lady will be there if we allow her. If you just open your heart to her, if you just ask her to be there for you as a mother, she will be there more than you will ever know, many times she is working in ways you don't even know already and yet sometimes she will even make it very clear that she is present."

Father Thomas Francis Cacciola is a Franciscan Friar of the Renewal from America.

9th September - Anne      

"Mary to me is above all else a comforter and I ask her all the time to go and comfort all my friends who need help, just so that they can feel wanted and loved."

Anne is from London.

10th September - Leonardo      

"Mary for me is the mother, the power and the faith."

Leonardo is from Brazil; he gives his algo sobre Maria in English & Portuguese.

11th September - David      

"Mary is this extraordinary conduit for me, full of love and interceding for us."

David is from England.

12th September - Father José Alberto      

"I have been in a parish in Spain for 14 years in Alcaraz, in which there is a shrine to Our Lady. La Virgen de Cortes is a shrine from the 13th century and I've seen people coming there to pray to Our Lady about all their worries and all their necessities. I have been a witness of how Our Lady conserves the faith on poor people and normal people, and this has been very encouraging to me. I have always thought that during these 14 years it has been the Virgin who has strengthened the faith of my people; it hasn't been me who has helped these people to believe, but it has been the Virgin. "

Father José Alberto is from Spain; he gives his algo de María in English & Spanish.

13th September - Jean Pierre      

"Mary is above all our mother; the mother of all men by virtue of being the mother of God incarnate, bequeathed to us by her son at his death. She is the model of femininity in a world that has lost the sense of what it means to be a woman; she is the model of purity, of maternal love."

Jean Pierre is from Belgium.

14th September - Feast of the Triumph of the Cross - Roberto      

"For me Mary is my mother because I became Jesus' brother through my faith. And Mary for me is a mum and we can seek her help and we can present our prayers to Jesus through Mary."

Roberto is from the Congo.

15th September - Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows - Sabine      

"Mary for me is the mother of everyone .. She is someone on whom you can rely on when you have difficulties.

Marie est pour moi la mère de tout le monde … Elle est là pour nous aider .. pour nous donner la force d'aller beaucoup plus loin dans les choses, et également quelqu'un en qui on peut compter sur."

Sabine is 32 and from the France.

16th September - Frankie      

"Our Lady reaches out to people and brings them closer and nearer to her Son."

Frankie, 1 of the Totus2us team, is 33 and a seminarian from England.

17th September - Maria-Angela      

"Mary is our mother in heaven. Maria è la nostra Mamma celeste."

Maria-Angela is from Italy.

18th September - Tom      

"Our Lady is very special to me. I think it can be summed up in the words of Our Lady of Guadalupe when she said to Juan Diego, who had a very sick uncle. She said 'What do you fear? What troubles you? Why are you anxious, why do you fear illness? Am I not here who is your mother?' And that really sums up for me that Our Lady is all of our mothers. She is a very loving mother to all of us - she is forgiving, she is all enveloping. When I think of Our Lady all I can think of is peace and love, and just this wonderful woman who is bringing us to Christ, because that is essentially what she does."

Tom is 32 and from London.

19th September - Mairin      

"Mary is there to bring us to Jesus, in a relationship with him, and to help us to lead a better life, with a motherly touch."

Mairin is 24 and from Australia.

20th September - Gonzaga     

"For me the Virgin Mary is the pure example of selfless behaviour and also of parenthood."

Gonzaga is 24 and from Spain; he gives his algo de María in English & Spanish.

21st September - Anna      

"Mary kind of stands out from the crowd and she is always there and she has to go through so much hardship but she gets through it and she's like a role figure."

Anna is 13 and from England.

22nd September - Patrick      

"I pray to Mary every time I can as much as possible because she strengthens me and my family. So she's like my mother so to speak, well my spiritual mother, I guess."

Patrick is from Nigeria.

23rd September - Feast of Saint Padre Pio - Doretta      

"Holy Mary is an example of grace and patience and understanding - that's what every woman should be about.

La Madonna è un esempio di grazia, di pazienza e di comprensione verso tutti."

Doretta is from Italy.

24th September - Feast of Our Lady of Walsingham - Jonathan      

"For me Mary shows an example of by how giving herself totally to God she receives totally God's promise for us in the next life. So for me she's an inspiration to encourage me to continually try and give more of myself, in that she gives me the courage that by doing that I can trust in God to receive what He has promised for us."

Jonathan is 28 and from the UK.

25th September - Mark      

"It was through the intercession of Our Lady that I came home to the Catholic Church. So for me the Blessed Mother is really my mother, my teacher and my advocate, and all I can say is that I really love her beyond all telling. It is true enough when Pope John Paul II said Totus Tuus, totally yours - once and for all when you've consecrated yourself to the Blessed Mother, everything is going to be fine. She is the mother of us all, she is our yes to God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit."

Mark is 25 and from the Philippines; he gives his response in English & Tagalog.

26th September - Loretta      

"For me Mary is absolute warmth .. I consider her a real true friend. In dark times she always seems to be appearing there in the light behind my eyes."

Loretta is 31 and from New Zealand.

27th September - Harriet      

"Mary is very important in my life. Without her we wouldn't have Jesus in our lives and without Jesus we wouldn't have eternity … With Mary, everything is always blessed."

Harriet is 27 and from Uganda.

28th September - Agripina      

"I love her."

Agripina is from the Philippines.

29th September - Marina      

"I have seen Mary working in my life, throughout. Any time I can pray the rosary and I know that she is there looking after me and guiding me. And this year I had the great privilege of getting married on the Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary which was a real blessing and we had such a great time and it was such a privilege to know that she was there, praying for us."

Marina is 35 and from Trinidad and Tobago.

30th September - Françoise      

"The Virgin Mary is for me precious because in my life she always intervenes. In danger, when I feel danger, the first thing which comes to my mind is to pray the Ave Maria. Whatever happens in my life, the Virgin Mary is always present and my support … She always helps me, accompanies me and leads me to Jesus."

Françoise is from Madagascar; she gives her something about Mary in English & Malagasy.