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Somethings about Mary in April 2010

Many, many thanks to Adriana, Alanna, Eduardo, Celia, Daniella, David, Elizabeth, Francesca, Francesca, Gwendolyn, James, Joanna, Joella, John, Kaz, Leo, Louise, Louise, Sister Mary Pieta, Mark, Michel, Rohit, Roisin, Ryan, Sabrina, Sadora, Sarah, Solange, Sister Tamsin & Teresa for giving their 'something' about Mary.

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1st April - Maundy Thursday - Ryan       

"Our Lady for me is the only person I feel capable of going to when my own state of life or my own actions make me feel unworthy of contact with Our Lord. And she's the only person I feel will always be able to pick me up and cradle me in those scenarios and bring me back to Christ in a true motherly fashion."

Ryan is 25 and from England.

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2nd April - Good Friday - Sister Mary Pieta       

"I first came to encounter Our Lady under the title of Our Lady of Sorrows .. I came to understand her at the foot of the Cross and she showed me that in her intense suffering and her intense sorrow at the foot of the Cross, through it all she was also Mother of hope .. As she accepted Jesus' body from the Cross, she prepared his body for the resurrection and she does the same for me and for all her children that she accepted at the foot of the Cross."

Sister Mary Pieta is 27, from America and is a Franciscan Sister of the Renewal.

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3rd April - Holy Saturday - Elizabeth       

"Mary means a lot to me."

Elizabeth is from England.

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4th April - Easter Sunday - Adriana       

"Our Lady is my mother and I am so happy to know that she is guiding me to Christ in my life."

Adriana is from Italy and gives her response in English & Italian.

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5th April - Easter Monday - Francesca       

"Our Lady means to me mother, and generally compassion, and intercession, a lifeline to God, like an umbilical cord to Jesus."

Francesca is 30 and from England.

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6th April - Easter Tuesday - Joanna       

"To me Mary is the woman who shows me the way, who makes sense of my Christian faith, a woman like me but not like me; I just find that so awesome."

Joanna is from Britain; she has a blog called Auntie Joanna writes.

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7th April - Easter Wednesday - Eduardo       

"Maria is a woman who is very special for us in our country and in our culture, because she represents how special women are in our lives, not only as mothers but also as girlfriends, sisters; and that part of our life which makes us feel like we need to protect the person who gave us our life and the person for whom we dream and fall in love for.."

Eduardo is 33 and from Colombia; he gives his algo acerca de María in English & Spanish.

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8th April - Easter Thursday - Sarah       

"I know that Mary always wants the best for me and I look to her for the virtues of humility and perserverence and I pray to her when I'm in doubt or when I feel sad or lonely or when I'm trying to do hard things and I feel that she gives me the strength and that she intercedes for me to Jesus, to God, for all the good things I need. And so I feel it's really a vital part of my faith to trust in Mary."

Sarah is from America.

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9th April - Easter Friday - Michel       

"Mary is crucial to me.  She's the mother of God."

Michel is 24 and from France; he gives his quelque chose de Marie in English & French.

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10th April - Easter Saturday - Mark       

"Mary is my mother, my sister and my friend."

Mark is 19 and from England.

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11th April - Divine Mercy Sunday - Sadora       

"In all that she does and in all that she is, Our Blessed Mother will always bring us to her Son so that we may find rest in Him who is divine truth and divine love itself .. Mary is my joy because it is with her, in her and through her that I can fully rest in Jesus, the beloved of our souls."

Sadora is 27 and from the United States of America.

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12th April - Sister Tamsin       

"My first memory of thinking about Mary as a person was when I was a child and I was having a hard time at school. There was this beautiful statue in school and I used to go and look up at this statue when I was feeling unhappy and it seemed to me that Our Lady was looking down on me kindly."

Sister Tamsin is from England.  

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13th April - Louise       

"Mary means to me like a mother figure, so if I feel upset I'll pray to her about how I'm feeling because she was Jesus' mother as well so she's probably gone through the same stages with him as well."

Louise is 14 and from Great Britain.  

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14th April - Celia       

"Mary is the mother of our Saviour and whenever I need something I pray to her and she listens and then she makes our petition to God."

Celia is 17 and from Great Britain.  

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15th April - David       

"Mary is the icon of the Church for me. She's the mother of my beloved Lord."

David is from New Zealand.  

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16th April - John       

"I see Mary as a mother I can rely on, a heavenly mother who will always lead me closer to her son Jesus."

John is 18 and from Wales.

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17th April - Roisin       

"To me Mary is a religious role model."

Roisin is 13 and from England.

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18th April - Leo       

"For me Mary is a mother we can always come to and just be ourselves with."

Leo is 16 and from England.

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19th April - Louise      

"Mary is someone you can look up to for advice and talk openly about your problems to."

Louise is 14 and from England.

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20th April - Daniella       

"Mary is a great friend and she is the best person who can help us to pray in a better way to God and to Jesus. She is the living proof that God came to earth and became man, and she always helps us as a mother throughout our difficulties in life. We just really have to lift our eyes and pray to her and she never fails to help."

Daniella is from Italy.

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21st April - Francesca       

"To me Mary is not only a physical but also spiritual healer and provides us with love, strength and courage in times of need.  I'm a firm believer that she guides us on our journey through life, unseen, unheard, but listening to our every word."

Francesca is 22 and from England.

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22nd April - Teresa       

"I believe Our Lady, Queen of Peace, will save the world."

Teresa is from England (& is Francesca's mother).

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23rd April - James       

"Mary is like a mother to me because she is the mother of Jesus who we all look up to and I feel I can be honest with her in prayer and when I'm praying to God."

James is 15 and from England.

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24th April - Alanna       

"All I want to say about Our Lady really is about her love and her attentive ear to Our Lord. I guess what she means to me is a good example of a Christian and, with her Immaculate Conception, an example of what we're supposed to be."

Alanna is 24 and from England.

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25th April - Solange       

"I have a big, big devotion to Our Lady because she is the mother of all, she is love for me.  I trust her so much because whenever I asked her to be in my life, to help me, she has always been present."

Solange is from Lebanon.

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26th April - Rohit       

"Mother Mary is a mother to me. She is a messenger who delivers all our prayers to Jesus. She is a rock when people are in difficulty. She helps through the rosary and delivers all our prayers to Jesus."

Rohit is 17 and from India.

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27th April - Joella       

"Mary is like my second mother and I just go to her whenever I have problems."

Joella is 14 and from England.

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28th April - Feast of Saint Louis Marie de Montfort - Sabrina       

"To me praying to Mary is very important because I feel that her prayer helps me in many ways. Whenever I say it I feel like I'm being quided by her throughout the day. My friends may say to me 'Oh, what's the point of praying to Mary' and I always just share my experience that I feel that she guides me whenever I say her prayer.. I feel that she's not just a mother to Jesus, she's really motherly to me as well."

Sabrina is 16 and from England.

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29th April - Gwendolyn       

"I think Mary is a person who guides you to God; like, you have to pray and she will guide you the way."

Gwendolyn is 14 and from Jamaica.

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30th April - Kaz       

"Every time I see the little statue of Mary, it gives me hope so I can go on and can keep saying little prayers. It's just so amazing she is in my life everyday.."

Kaz is 35 and from Japan.