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Somethings about Mary in October 2009

Many, many thanks to Alexandra, Anna, Sister Annamisse Mary, Anthony, Bertrand, Ashley, Bethanie, Catherine, Brother Charles Mary CSJ, Christina, Christine, Emmy, Ingrid, Jessie, Joe, Kathy, Margaret, Maria, Maria Ophelia, Mario St Francis, Mark, Markus, Mary-Rose, Father Martin, Michael, Nick, Philippa, Sister Regina Mary, Sera, Soraya & Yvette for giving their something about Mary.

This image is of Our Lady of the Rosary, whose feast day is 7th October and October is the month of the Holy Rosary.

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1st October - Feast of St Thérèse of the Child Jesus - Jessie       

"Mary is the perfect example.  She sacrifices herself for her children." 

Jessie is 23 and from France.

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2nd October - Joe       

"I've gained solace through Mary who has given me a lot of comfort and a lot of faith."

Joe, whose parents are from Goa, India.

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3rd October - Philippa       

"Mary is always there and it is always comforting and familiar when I pray to her."

Philippa has just finished being a student and lives in Leeds, England.

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4th October - Alexandra       

"Whenever I'm stressed or whatever else, I find that I'm praying to Mary and there's a certain comfort and safety."

Alexandra is 32 and from the Bahamas.

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5th October - Sister Annamisse Mary       

"Mary has got a special place in my heart."  

Sister Annamisse Mary is from Zimbabwe and a Sister of Nazareth, in their community in Johannesburg.

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6th October - Emmy       

"Whenever I feel like everything is crumbling around me, I can always find refuge in her loving arms."

Emmy is 24 and from the USA.

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7th October - Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary - Margaret       

"I know Mary is there always, interceding for all of us.  She is the mother of everyone."

Margaret is Nigerian by birth.

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8th October - Catherine, with Peter and James       

"Our Lady is to me the greatest mother who ever lived."

Catherine, who's from England, with Peter and James, 2 of her 6 sons, on Peter's 6th birthday.

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9th October - Markus       

"Mary for me means a relationship, to a woman who is my mother and who is able to talk to me and tell me little things."

Markus is 24 & from Germany.

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10th October - Yvette       

"Mama Mary is the epitomy of what a woman should be as a mother, a daughter and as a sanctuary."

Yvette is from the Philippines.

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11th October - Bethanie       

"Mary is a stepping-stone to Jesus."

Bethanie is 18 and from the UK.

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12th October - Anthony       

"I love Jesus and Mary."

Anthony is 22 and from Oxford, England.

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13th October - Kathy       

"I know I can turn to Mama Mary no matter what."

Kathy is 16 and from the Philippines.

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14th October - Brother Charles Mary       

"I talk to Our Lady the whole time as if she's in the room, because she is."

Brother Charles Mary is from England, 35, and has been a brother of the Community of St John for 8 years.  You can pray the Luminous & Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary with him in English or in French.

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15th October - Feast of St Teresa of Avila - Sister Regina Mary       ♦

"Mary is for me our protection, our mother - not only in the body but in the spiritual."

Sister Regina Mary is from Western Samoa and a novice with the Sisters of Nazareth.

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16th October - Bertrand       

"Mary will give you a lot of comfort especially when you are in trouble."

Bertrand is 25 and from France

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17th October - Christine       

"Mary is first and foremost a mother; she is for me a symbol of purity, of hope and of love."

Christine is 28 and from the Philippines. 

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18th October - Mark       

"No other disciple followed Jesus so closely or more perfectly than Mary did."

Mark is 26 and from Leeds in England.

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19th October - Cristina       

"Mary is always there."

Cristina lives in London.

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20th October - Maria       

"I really love Mary, the mother of Jesus."

Maria is from Sri Lanka.

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21st October - Nick       

"When I think of Mary, I think of someone gentle."

Nick is 20 and a student in London.

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22nd October - Soraya       

"Mary is the one I want to tell everything because she is the one who will give me everything without harm."

Soraya is 27 and from France.

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23rd October - Mary-Rose       

"I see Mary as a role model for young women like me and an inspiration."

Mary-Rose is from the US.

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24th October - Michael       ♦

"Our Lady is the Immaculate Conception."

Michael is from Oxford, England.

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25th October - Father Martin       

"Mary for me is the one chosen by God, the one closest to Jesus, the one who takes my prayers to Him."

Father Martin is 35 and from the archdiocese of Birmingham, in the United Kingdom.

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26th October - Maria Ophelia       

"I feel so near Our Lady and she is so near me and gives me such peace." 

Maria Ophelia is from Colombia.

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27th October - Anna       

"When I'm heading for the finish line but fail it's Mary who picks me up through her prayers and takes me forward to Jesus, to her Son."

Anna is 27 and from Leeds, England.

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28th October - Ashley       

"At World Youth Day Mary showed me to the Catholic Church and she is the reason I became a Catholic."

Ashley is 18 and from Australia.

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29th October - Ingrid       ♦

"Getting to know Our Lady has enabled me to get to know her Son better, and deepened my faith enormously and changed my life."

Ingrid is from England.

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30th October - Mario St Francis       

"To me the Blessed Virgin Mary is one of the great gifts that Jesus Christ gave to us."

Mario St Francis is from the US; for more about him, visit his website.

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31st October - Sera       

"Mary is the constant apostle."

Sera is from Malaysia.