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Somethings about Mary in June 2010

Many, many thanks to Anna, Anne-Marie, Bernadette, Father Bryan, Cathy, Cornelius, Daniella, Father David MSH, Eduardo, Florence, Geraldine, Hal, Hilary, Jan, Jana, Brother John Bosco CFR, Joyce Anne, Jude, Larisa, Lydia, Mags, Mandy, Marcello, Maria, Peter, Pilar, Brother Sebastian, Tina, Wadim and Yustinne for giving their 'something' about Mary.

This image is of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, whose feast day was on Saturday, 12th June.

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1st June - Larisa      

"Mary for me is an example of life, of patient love, prayer and engagement to God. So she is a person we have to copy to be constant in prayer and to follow God's commandment, like when we pray the Angelus - we leave everything in the hands of God. We have to be brave and supportive and have this huge heart, as she has to believe in God, have faith, and leave all  things in His hands."

Larisa is from Venezuela and gives her algo de María in English & Spanish.

2nd June - Brother Sebastian      

"Speaking about the Holy Mother, for me she is my sweet mother as she said in Guadalupe, and I believe she always will sustain me and will help you."

Brother Sebastian is from Romania and is a Franciscan Friar currently based in Assisi.

3rd June - Feast of Corpus Christi - Jan      

"My relationship with Mary started becoming closer and closer when I went to Medjugorje a year ago. In her I found a mother, I found forgiveness and felt peace, and when I came back to my city that was the only thing that I could think about and look for in the months that came. And I started praying the rosary every day and she started bringing me closer to Jesus, day by day, and what happened next is I started discovering again the sacraments and the Mass."

Jan is 30 and from Italy; you can pray il rosario in italiano, la coroncina della Divina Misericordia & preghiere per i sacerdoti with him.

4th June - Maria      

"Mary Mother is to me the most precious mother, more precious than my own mother.  She is the mother of my God, Jesus, my Lord Jesus."

Maria is from England.

5th June - Cathy      

"I would invite Our lady to walk down the aisle with me with her arms around me when I received Jesus in Holy Communion, to teach me how to receive Him. And, well, I believe that she does that. I don't believe that I know how to receive Him, I don't believe I will ever know how to receive Him properly. But I know that she answers my prayer and as far as I can open my heart, she helps me to receive Him as worthily as I unworthily know how."

Cathy is from England.

6th June - Hilary      

"Mother Mary is a very special person in my life, particularly a mother. To me she is a special guide, she's a perfect example of what all Christians should be, a first disciple, and I pray that all of us as Catholics, as Christians, will be able to say yes to God's call when He does call, just like Our Lady."

Hilary is 28 and from Singapore.

7th June - Mags      

"For me Our Lady has really built bridges between my mother and myself."

Mags is from England.

8th June - Eduardo      

"Holy Mary is for me my mother because I can speak with her; everything I can do with her."

Eduardo is from Spain and gives his algo de María in English & Spanish.

9th June - Bernadette      

"Having the name of Bernadette brought me to a very close affinity with Our Lady of Lourdes. I could completely identify with that encounter - looking at Bernadette in her simplicity and in her poverty and in her weakness, I could identify that from my own experience. And she was open to hear the word of Our Lady speaking to her heart.  And when I put myself into Bernadette's shoes and I look at Our Lady, I see heaven and earth meeting."

Bernadette is from England.

10th June - Marcello      

"Mary is always ready to help us and always interceding to give us the graces that we need and even if we don't know which ones they are. That is why she loves us and we love her."

Marcello is 32 and from Argentina; he gives his algo de María in English & Spanish.

11th June - Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus - Father David      

"As Missionaries of the Sacred Heart, we see Mary under the title of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart. So Mary really is one who points to the heart of Jesus.."

Father David Nixon is a Missionary of the Sacred Heart from England.

12th June - Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary - Daniella      

"Our Lady means to me many things. First of all, she's the mother of Our Lord but also I think she represents the purest love we can experience or even relate to. For me she's also having those arms to go to when looking for understanding or help. She also helps me to think about how I want to be with others, and how she treated Our Lord and everybody around her throughout her life; and her love and her patience. She is an important guide in my life."

Daniella is from Mexico and gives her algo de María in English & Spanish.

13th June - Geraldine      

"Mary is such a role model in such a quiet, gentle way."

Geraldine is 35 and from Ireland / Scotland.

14th June - Lydia      

"I trust in Our Lady and she has always protected me and my family."

Lydia is from India.

15th June - Anne-Marie      

"Mary is a friend who invites me to the quiet life of Nazareth, to that hidden and unknown world, to be hidden and unknown in the world and to live that out today, where I am."

Anne-Marie is from Hungary.

16th June - Father Bryan     

"There's no doubt about it at all that Mary is important for me because she does God's holy will and, when I try to do that too, I find peace, joy and love. So I want to do, as much as possible, with Mary God's holy will."

Father Bryan Storey is from England and today celebrates his 50th anniversary (= Golden Jubilee) of his ordination.

17th June - Pilar      

"Mother Mary is our mother and everything I ask, I always feel that Mother Mary is beside me, and helping me to solve my problems, whatever. I always feel that Mother Mary is always listening to our prayers, so I encourage you to be with Mother Mary and to pray the rosary."

Pilar is from the Philippines.

18th June - Anna      

"To me Mary is a blessing; she is like a second mother and she is always there."

Anna is 14 and from Nicaragua; she gives her algo de Maria in English & Spanish.

19th June - Joyce Anne      

"Mary is everything to me; she is my mother and I go to her for everything; I go to her in prayer, especially for help with my children and with my family."

Joyce Anne is from America.

20th June - Wadim      

"Our Lady - I knew she was like helping me to be closer to Jesus, her Son… and she's important for me because through the Bible I understand she delivered for us the Messiah who saved us, but she is also still helping to bring us to her son."

Wadim is 32 and from Poland; he gives his something about Mary in English & Polish.

21st June - Brother John Bosco CFR      

"Isn't Mary wonderful. When I think back on my life, every single time I have been in deep trouble, I go to Mary… For me, our mother Mary has always been there in times of trouble and distress… I thank our blessed mother for her incredible motherly concern for us and the fact that she is always there to hear our prayers."

Brother John Bosco is from England and is a Franciscan Friar of Renewal, currently based in Canning Town, East London.

22nd June - Yustinne      

"Our Lady is essential in my life, and every time when I am afraid or I feel weak, I run, I flee to her, and she is always there, she always covers me and gives me again the strength and the faith to continue following Jesus."

Yustinne is 18 and from Colombia.  She gives her algo de Maria in English & Spanish.

23rd June - Mandy      

"Now when I think about my mum, my grandmum and all the women in my life, I think of some aspects and I can see the image of Mary in their lives and how they effect my life and they teach me to be a good woman, a wonderful woman. Mary is a model for me and shows me how to be a good Catholic woman."

Mandy is 26 and from China. She gives her something about Mary in English & Mandarin.

24th June - Cornelius      

"Mother Mary is always there for me with God, and I really thank Mother Mary for everything, and she is really my mum."

Cornelius is 21 and from Malaysia.

25th June - Florence      

"I believe in Jesus Christ and in his mother, Mama Mary; whatever I ask them, if it is really for me, they always answer me. …I think if you pray hard, and it is really deep in your heart, in your mind, they will answer you because we are all loved by Jesus, we are all Mama Mary's children."

Florence is 84 and from the Philippines.

26th June - Jana      

"Mary is a union with God because she was the first who was hearing and understanding His will, through the Holy Spirit; and it was she who brings Jesus and it was she who is the first person who is near God and near Jesus, so when we pray it is her who is the closest.."

Jana is from Slovakia

27th June - Tina      

"Ever since I was a child I always loved the Blessed Mother; she is always there for all of us, whenever we ask her."

Tina is from the Philippines

28th June - Hal      

"'Full of grace' - that to me is the most pertinent aspect of Mary's life and witness to me.  She is a woman who heard God speaking his secret wisdom in the depths of her heart and, in spite of all the opposition outside there in the world, she remained true to the secret wisdom spoken in her heart and did what God commanded and brought His living body down from heaven to earth to redeem mankind. So it's the aspect of grace and responding to grace that makes Mary so special for me. She was unafraid to go where God called her and to take on the establishment and all the conventions of Jewish culture of the day, to be a faithful witness to God's calling and to live out the message of the angel Gabriel when he said 'Hail Mary'."

Hal is 32 and from the UK; he is a member of the band Ooberfuse.

29th June - Feast of Saints Peter & Paul - Peter      

"I discovered out of pure logic Jesus had to have a human mother and that human mother had to be so special, so unique, so wonderful; and that was Mary, Holy Mary, Mother of God."

Peter Hutley, from England, is the writer and producer of the Wintershall Life of Christ. He has also given some TOP CHAT about the Wintershall plays.

30th June - Jude      

"We are very devoted to Our Lady, especially the Catholics of Bombay."

Jude is from India.