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Somethings about Mary in January 2010

Many, many thanks to Amaka, Amy, Catherine, Charlotte, Brother Christopher Joseph, Danelia, David, Deanna, Deborah, Dougie, Edna, Sister Francis, George, Isabelle, Jenny, João, John, Liam, Liam, Lucine, Margaret, Marie, Mark, Sister Mary Benedicta OP, Michelle, Niall, Rachel, Sarah, Father Stefan, Stella & Vincent for giving their 'something' about Mary.

This image is of the Theotokos of Vladimir. 1st January is the Feast of Mary, Mother of God - Theotokos.

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1st January - Feast of Mary, the Mother of God - Dougie       

"Mary is a mother.  Like St Thérèse would say, I'd say the same - she is more a mother than a queen."

Dougie is from Scotland.

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2nd January - Sister Mary Benedicta OP       

"Mary is my strength, my confidence, the cause of my joy."

Sister Mary Benedicta, from Nigeria, is a novice of the Order of Preachers with the Dominican Sisters of St Joseph.

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3rd January - Stella       ♦

"Our Lady is the source of all grace for myself and my family."

Stella is 25 and from London.

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4th January - Danelia       

"I recently went to Guadalupe and I had an amazing experience of really encountering Our Lady, the mother of Christ but also my mother."

Danelia is from Colombia.

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5th January - David       ♦

"Our Lady is just the most amazing mother you could ask for… and she will never let you down."

David is 25 and from England.

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6th January - Feast of the Epiphany - Amaka       

"Our Lady has been most wonderful."

Amaka is from Nigeria.

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7th January - Sarah       

"To me Our Lady is the perfect mother."

Sarah is 30 and from England.

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8th January - Deborah       

"I've felt Mary's personal love for me in so many personal situations and I know that she's there for me."

Deborah is 26 and lives in London.

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9th January - George       

"Mary is always there, with her arms open."

George is 26 and from Bournemouth, England.

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10th January - Sister Francis       

"Holiness sometimes seems so complicated but when I look to Our Lady it's so simple - it's just to give God everything and to say yes to His plan in my life. "

Sister Francis is a Franciscan Sister of the Renewal and is from America.

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11th January - Jenny       

"Thanks to Our Lady and to her yes, I'm saying yes to Our Lord and hopefully from now on and for ever."

Jenny is from London.

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12th January - Vincent       

"To me Mary has been a big help, a comforter and a great companion in my journey through faith."

Vincent is originally from Kenya.

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13th January - Liam       

"Mary means to me hope that I'll always be with Jesus because I know she's always praying for me that I'll always be with Jesus."

Liam is 22 and from England.

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14th January - Father Stefan       

"For me Mary signifies beautiful, gentle acceptance; an advocate that can't be beaten."

Father Stefan is an Augustinian priest from Glasgow, Scotland, and is based at St Augustines, Hammersmith, London.

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15th January - Marie Margot       

"Mary is everything for me ...  Marie, la Vierge, est mon tout."

Marie Margot is from Mauritius and gives her 'quelque chose de Marie' in English & French.

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16th January - Charlotte       

"Our Lady has saved my life."

Charlotte is from England.

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17th January - Brother Christopher Joseph CFR       

"Mary's really a complete extra outpouring of grace upon us from God."

Brother Christopher Joseph is a Franciscan Friar, currently based in East London.  He's 32 and from England.

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18th January - Margaret       

"I am a real, real lover of Our Lady because without her I don't think I would have been brought to the feet of her Son, and that means so much to me."

Margaret is from Singapore.

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19th January - Lucine       

"She's like always there for you and knows what you need to do, and she's trustworthy."

Lucine is 13 and from England.

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20th January - João       

"It gives me tremendous delight and courage to think about the yes that Maria said - the fiat that is what is asked from us all - and she was so committed to the very end."

João is 28 and from Portugal.

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21st January - Rachel       

"I also want to be a beloved disciple of Jesus, so that's why I want to take Mary into my life."

Rachel is 21 and from England.

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22nd January - Edna       

"Mary teaches us how to carry everything in silence, in our hearts."

Edna is 32 and from Brazil; she gives her algo sobre Maria in English & Portuguese.

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23rd January - Niall       

"I thank and I praise God that He has given us Our Lady - that she is always there for us and at the 2 most important moments of our life: now and at the hour of our death. Amen."

Niall is from England and is a member of St Patrick's Community, based in Ireland.

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24th January - Deanna       ♦

"I pray to Mary to give me strength to follow in her footsteps; to surrender to God and not be afraid; to keep going and just say yes every day."

Deanna is 29 and from the United States.

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25th January - Feast of the Conversion of St Paul - John       

"Mary means to me everything.  I would say that she's the person who brought me to the love of Jesus.  She's the person who is there when I feel alone or afraid."

John Pridmore, from England, is a member of St Patrick's Community in Ireland and he's invited all round the world to share his conversion story. His autobiography is From Gangland to Promised Land and his most recent book, Journey to Freedom, is full of the encounters he has had on his journeys over the last 15 years. For more info, visit his website.

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26th January - Isabelle       

"I cherish the image of the Visitation in the rosary - it's my favourite one. When I see Mary so young and so full of joy, and expressing her joy to Elizabeth.  And I receive that personally, like Mary coming to me, comforting me and sending all her graces."

Isabelle is from France.

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27th January - Liam       

"She's someone who really knows the struggles I can go through and she's always there to listen."

Liam is 24 and from England.

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28th January - Amy       

"Our Lady has been a great help to me. I call her my mother, my sister, my friend.  She is everything to me."

Amy is from Kenya.

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29th January - Mark       

"I found myself not being afraid to have a tear in my eye - it wasn't through hurt of things but because I felt love. I felt that I was being loved.  I picture Mary with such a gentle smile."

Mark is 24 and from Scotland.

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30th January - Michelle       

"Mother Mary means to me eternal peace, a stillness, a calmness, someone to strive to be more like."

Michelle is from the US.

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31st January - Maria       

"Mary is so helpful to me because she always leads me and the rest of her children back to her Son.."

Maria is 20 and from England.