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Pope St Paul VI was a pilgrim to Hong Kong in 1970.

Here below are responses to Totus2us's podcasts given by Hong Kongers  
- many thanks to you all   ♥

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"I started to pray the rosary a few months ago. This was caused by a nun talking to me and she taught me that when we say rosary prayers, it's just like giving Mary dozens of roses. And I think all women like roses so, although it's a little bit long, I think it's worth spending time. And when we say rosary prayers it's just like reflecting every day. And this is really gracious, because whenever you finish rosary prayers, you know that you're giving her gifts and you're giving gifts to the people around you as well."

Agnes gives her something about Mary in English & Cantonese.


"Mary is our mother. She looks after our needs."

Ann gives her something about Mary in English & Cantonese.


"Mary is the perfect lady who is most patiently waiting for me, to embrace me and to love me."


"Saint John Paul II, his great change of heart when he read 'The True Devotion to Mary', ended up dedicating his entire pontificate to her - Totus Tuus - because of the power and presence of Mary when he was reading St Louis de Montfort's book. So I would ask all people to, if you have any problems, go to Mary. She's the quickest way to Jesus. Read the book, True Devotion to Mary, and read about St Maximilian Kolbe .. who is truly the inspiration of A Day with Mary."


"My experience with Mary is just really like a real relationship with a mother, that you can tell everything, that you can share with her whatever."


"Mary grabbed my hand way back in 2000. I knew a community who had a great love of Mary and with the introduction of a brother we started to pray a rosary together and it was my first full rosary. Then I went to Medjugorje and then I went again and again. Since 2001 I have already been 20 times. .. Mary has been holding my hand. She's been waiting for me and finally I realised how much she has loved me and how long she has waited for me."

Ella chose St Therese of the Child Jesus on The Incredibles      

"My favourite saint is Saint Therese of Child Jesus. She's actually the most popular saint after Mary and Joseph in China. Wherever you go to the church in China you will find St Therese's statue there, you cannot believe - she is everywhere! I only discovered I was born on her feast day (because I didn't have a devotion to saints previously) and I was born on 1st October and October 1st is also the national day of China so the whole country is in celebration of this national day, so St Therese is linked to China in a special way."


"Our Lady to me, she is my treasurer of grace. She is the treasurer of all graces. She has a mission from God to dispense the grace to whoever, whenever, whatever, in any quantity, in any time, in any place. She is the sole treasurer of all graces and because of her intercession all the graces I received, I offer my sincere gratitude to her. It is through her intercession that I receive my grace from God our Father, Jesus our Lord and our Holy Spirit. Thank you, Mama. Thank you."

Grace gives her something about Mary in English & Cantonese.


"It is wonderful because in my life Mary has done miracles, especially about my work, so I cannot deny her for sure. That is why this time I have to come to see her [in Fatima] and I feel so good."

Ivan gives his something about Mary in English & Cantonese.


"In my spiritual life, for Our Lady there is a special position in my heart. …  We have a lot of virtue to learn from Our Lady."

Joseph gives his something about Mary in English & Cantonese.

Father Justin CSJ      

"Mary helps me to discern the signs of the times - I would say the smile of God."

Father Justin chose as his Man for Others Father Michael       

"He never pushed me into anything but he always wanted to be very demanding to show me that I'm not looking for anything that is second best. He says to me that my best may be someone else's second best but I must look for what God wants for me that is the best. But he is open to all the bests that God can offer me. And he would help me to be attentive to where God speaks and he insists on me not closing any doors to God. Now that's a father."

Father Justin, a brother of the Community of St John, was ordained in 2009.


"I'm personally a converted Catholic so I started coming to faith through the person of Jesus and then through the Holy Spirit, and actually, little by little, Mary is given to me as a gift, as a mother. It’s a real journey for me to take her with me daily more and more, and to put my trust in her, believing that she’s really leading me closer to the Lord, building my faith, firming, strengthening it. So I now understand why so many people pray to the Lord with the intercession of Mother Mary. She’s great, she’s a loving mother, such a grace for each of us. Mary, may you really help us always love the Lord better, love our brothers and sisters better. Thank you, Mary, for what you are doing for the Church."

Sister Maria of the Resurrection ocd      

"Mary means a great deal to me - she's my mother, my friend, my companion in the noviciate. She walks side by side with me, holds me by my hand and guides me all the way through."

Sister Maria of the Resurrection is a novice in the Carmel at Notting Hill in London.


"Mary represents the ideal of motherhood for me, especially now that I have a new-born baby, so she's very important at the moment."

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Totus tuus ego sum et omnia mea tua sunt.
Accipio te in mea omnia. Praebe mihi cor tuum, Maria. - St Louis de Montfort

Pope St John Paul II took his motto Totus Tuus from this quote.

"I am totally yours and all that I have is yours.
I accept you for my all. O Mary, give me your heart.”