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France - La France

Responses to Totus2us podcasts given by French people with names beginning with / Réponses donnés par des Français avec des noms chrétiens commençant par K à Z - merci beaucoup à vous tous   ♥


"Our Lady is my mum. She has been my mother for a long time and she is replacing the not very good relationship I had with my mother but I have a very good relationship with Our Lady. I pray to her and she very often gives me an answer and she is always on my side ...

La Vierge Marie est vraiment ma mère, elle est toujours à ma côté, je la prie souvent, si c'est pas tous les jours. Elle est dans mon coeur et elle a fait beaucoup pour moi, elle a souvent répondu à mes prières très concrètement."


"I think I really got a grace of seeing in my life the things that I didn't want to see ... I want to share - ask for the grace to find the way to see better what you need to confess and then you will feel so much better after confession."


"Our Lady matters a lot to me because she’s like my mother … she’s learning me a lot of things: patience, love, how to be a good wife, a good sister, a good friend. So I have, I can say, an intimacy with her and she helps me a lot to pray as well.

La Vierge Marie est vraiment quelqu’un qui compte beaucoup pour moi …  elle m’apporte beaucoup. Elle m’apprend à prier, elle m’apprend à être une bonne épouse, une bonne soeur, une bonne amie. Elle représente énormément pour moi et je peux dire avoir une très forte intimité avec elle."


"I discovered Mary more last year during a year I spent in a school of mission in Rome where we really learned how to live with Mary and how to deepen our faith with her. She is the one who really leads us to Jesus - that is why in some of the mysteries of the rosary we meditate to Jesus through Mary and I am quite conscious of this: Mary is really the way to Jesus, who is the way to the Father. So Mary for me is very important; I pray to her through the rosary, I ask her for her help especially in times of difficulty for prayer, in difficulties. She is also a great help for purity, purity of heart, for humility and she is my model of how to grow in faith, how to grow in acceptance of the will of God for me in my life."

Marie gives her quelque chose de Marie in English & French.


"The Virgin Mary is giving me love and comfort freely. She's there to love all of us and brings all our prayers to her son Jesus."


"Mary is there the whole time. We have so much need of a mother, that it is beautiful and a beautiful grace to have Mary in our life... 

Marie a toujours été présent dans ma vie comme mère, comme une maman vraiment."

Marie des Neiges      

"Mary our Mother protects us and she is always there to help us in difficulties. 

Je suis allé à Lourdes plusieurs fois. C'est vraiment là que j'ai pu rencontrer Marie et avec elle faire un engagement. Tous les matins, je prie Notre Dame de Lourdes qui me protège, qui nous protège tous et qui guérit tous les ans de nombreuses personnes."

Sœur Marie-Jérémie      

"La Vierge Marie pour moi, elle a ce visage de mère et d’éducatrice. En fait, à l’image de ce qui s’est vécu ici à Notre Dame du Laus, la Vierge Marie a conduit Benoîte Rencurel pendant 54 années, c’est-a-dire toute sa vie. Moi, je vois Marie vraiment comme une présence discrète à mes côtés, qui veille sur moi comme elle a veillé sur Benoîte mais qui en meme temps plus que veiller la conduite à son Fils à travers une vrai éducation, une éducation notamment à la vertu de la patience."

Sœur Marie-Jérémie, a Benedictine of the Sacred Heart of Montmartre, is based at the Sanctuary of Notre Dame du Laus.


"For me Our Lady is a mother and she is always there. ..

La Sainte Vierge pour moi est vraiment une mère."


"Pour moi, Marie c’est une maman parce qu’elle prenne moi depuis que je suis toute petite et elle est toujours là dans l'épreuve."


"I try to pray the rosary at least every day and it’s a true help and a true feeling of being loved by Christ through his mother, Mary."

Marien gives her quelque chose de Marie in English & French.

Father Martin CSJ      

In Man for Others Père Martin Sabathé, a brother of the Community of St John, talks about the priests who, by their prayer, helped in his vocation, the Jesuit priests who educated him and his brother priests in the Community of St John:

"There is something very special when you have a very, very good friend who is also a priest. The friendship is not exactly the same, and I think it is very important for a vocation and for a priest, especially as a member of a religious community, to be able to be supported by friends who are priests. So I thank the Lord for this gift of priesthood, men who are so deeply connected to Him, and who are able to give so much. They are poor instruments in themselves but God is really, really giving so much through them and in them. So, thank you, Lord."

3 2us on Christ the King      
"Jesus is King in serving us for our good and the good of all His Church… Jesus is King by washing the feet of his disciples, in this very humble service by which he says to his disciples "Do you accept that I wash your feet."

3 2us on the Resurrection      
"The Holy Spirit guided John so that he could see beyond the visible, so that he could see the invisible. That is the mystery of Jesus, the Son of God, the Word of God. And the risen Jesus is in a way the Son of God fully expressed in his humanity and to reach the Son of God, the mystery of the Word of God made flesh, John needed the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit gave him this light, so that he could see, and helped him to believe. And that is for us. We need the Holy Spirit to make this act of faith in the risen Christ. To meet Jesus in our faith, we do have to call on the Holy Spirit - please, Holy Spirit, come. Come into my heart, pour your light and your love into my heart so that I am able to make an act of faith which is to discern the presence of Jesus, whereas I do not see him.'


"By working for Mary, she was really in the centre of our family, in the centre of our prayer. Now, with detachment, I can tell how Our Lady worked for us, through the beauty of our family, the love of my parents and the relationship that I have with my brothers and sisters.

Par ce travail que mes parents faisaient pour Marie, elle était vraiment toujours au centre de notre famille, spécialement au centre de notre prière. Maintenant, apres 15 ou 16 ans, avec le recul, je peux vraiment me rendre compte qu'elle a énormement travaillé dans notre famille, quand je vois la beauté justement de ma famille, l'amour de mes parents et cette relation que j'ai avec mes frères et sœurs."


"I love Mary very much. I’m saying my rosary every day and she’s protecting us very much. So we can have a lot of faith because she's our mother and she protects us. 

Quelqu'un a dit que si Marie n'existait pas, on serait orphelin. Qui a dit ca? C'est magnifique et c'est tout à fait vrai. Voila. Elle est notre mère et elle nous protège et c'est un cadeau du ciel merveilleux."


"Mary is crucial to me. She's the mother of God."

Michel gives his quelque chose de Marie in English & French.


"Mary is my mother in love.

Marie, c'est l'amour."


"I’ve been to Le Puy and there’s a big walk with Mary on the top of it.

Le Puy c’est la ville où il y a le pèlerinage qui part et il y a la Vierge sur un rocher."


"For me the Virgin Mary is someone who I met a couple of years ago and she’s been by my side ever since, and nothing is too big or too hard that I can't ask her. And she's always listening. And pray the rosary - it's the best thing that can happen to you. She's by your side, always.

Je trouve que quand on prie le chaplet, c'est une façon d'atteindre Dieu mais à travers Marie."


"I really felt that Mary was there like a nurse assisting Jesus, who was doing the healing operation."

Nicolas chose Lazarist Father Vincent as his Man for Others           en français  

"I remember him praying so that I could love confession as a sign of the merciful love of God. I felt very impressed by the kindness and humility of this old man."

Nicolas is a seminarian from the diocese of Annecy, studying in the provincial seminary of Lyon. Vous pouvez prier la neuvaine à la Miséricorde Divine avec Nicolas.


"The way that Mary has been speaking to me in my life was by being more involved with the Community of the Marist Fathers (who run Notre Dame de France) but also to see the model of life in the way that my mother confronted cancer and died last year, and then my grandmother as well followed 6 months after. 

J'ai perdu ma mère en Marseilles l'année dernière et six mois après ma grandmère, et je me rappelle très bien dans le film de Mel Gibson le personnage de Marie, comme quoi elle était très effacé, et au même temps elle montrait la souffrance qu'elle avait de perdre son fils."


"For me, Mary represents the way to purity, the way to her Son Jesus Christ. She is just showing us by her love, par sa douceur maternelle, le chemin vers son fils Jésus Christ. C'est elle qui nous porte vers la foi."

Go in Peace               en français      

"This is a feeling that remained a long time in my heart. I always had this fear because I think that I didn’t really encounter God at that time, I didn't know that Jesus was a complete loving God, that he was all goodness and he wanted me to be good also and beautiful. And then one day I realised it and this feeling of fear disappeared and it was transformed also by time. Then one day I kind of realised that I wanted to go to confession, this is something I wanted because I knew that behind the priest was God, was Jesus, and Jesus loved me. .. I'm always moved by this experience. I know that I'm weak, I know that I still do things wrong, but I know that God loves me and he wants me to be better and he will help me doing that and confession is that. "

"J’imagine Jésus derrière le prêtre qui m’accueille, qui me pardonne et qui est là pour moi, pour m’aimer, pour me dire 'Perrine, je t'aime, je t'aime. Je veux t'apprendre comment aimer mieux, comment je veux te voir dans le bonheur, t'enlever de l'esclavage du péché qui te fait du mal, et te recevoir et t'aimer et te pardonner toujours, toujours, car Dieu pardonne toujours. Merci Seigneur."

Sœur Philippe      

"I have known the Virgin Mary since I was very young and she has been my strength all of my life, and my religious vocation as well. I thank her for all that.

La Vierge Marie a été pour moi toujours une force depuis mon enfance, especiallement durant ma préparation à la vie religieuse et depuis toujours elle a été une force pour moi. Merci Marie pour toutes ces grâces et pour me faire connaître Jésus et le faire aimer et le faire connaître. Amen."


"Je vous salue, Marie, pleine de grâces, le Seigneur est avec vous, vous êtes bénie entre toutes les femmes, et Jésus, le fruit de vos entrailles, est béni. Sainte Marie, Mère de Dieu, priez pour nous, pauvres pécheurs, maintenant, et à l'heure de notre mort. Amen."


"For a long time I didn't know who Mary was. I mean, I had a personal relationship with Jesus, and the Father and the Holy Spirit. Then 2 years ago I went on a pilgrimage in Bosnia and I really experienced the love of Mary as a mother. And it was really new to me and it really changed my relationship with Mary and helped me pray the rosary every day.

Pendant longtemps je connais pas vraiment qui était Marie. J'ai eu une relation personelle avec Jésus, avec le Père et l'Esprit Saint. J'ai fait un pèlerinage marial en Bosnie et là j'ai pris conscience de l'amour de Marie comme Mère de Dieu et Mère de tous les hommes et le chaplet a pris un autre sens pour moi et j'ai pu le prier tous les jours."


"Mary for me is the mother of everyone .. She is someone on whom you can rely on when you have difficulties.

Marie est pour moi la mère de tout le monde … Elle est là pour nous aider .. pour nous donner la force d'aller beaucoup plus loin dans les choses, et également quelqu'un en qui on peut compter sur."


"Our Lady is my mother. .. I know that she will take all in her hands and I won’t be anxious anymore.

Vous avez un problème .. juste dites un ‘Je vous salue Mairie’ et puis commencez à lui parler."


"Mary is really the one I can trust when I am facing difficulties and I am struggling. She is the one I can call for help and she will answer... 

Marie est la personne en qui je peux avoir totale confiance et au moment je rencontre des difficultés c'est à elle que je fais appel et elle répond."


"I think in my life the presence of Our Lady has been very protective and very good inspiration as a mother figure.

Je suis très reconnaissante pour la Vierge Marie, pour tout ce qu'elle a fait pour moi, pour ce qu'elle représente dans ma vie."

Sandrine is from Martinique in the French Caribbean.


"Mary is the one I want to tell everything because she is the one who will give me everything without harm."


"Thank you, heavenly Father, for choosing the perfect mother, now our mother, for your only Son, our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. I thank you, Mother of God, for the priceless yes to the Angel Gabriel which changed human history. The 'yes' gave birth to the ultimate victory for the children of God through Jesus Christ."


"Thank you, Mary, for all you do in my life.

Merci, Marie, pour tous que vous faites dans ma vie."

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