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Saint Catherine of Alexandria

Patron Saint of Philosophers & Students.
Feast Day - 25 November

3 2us by Father Francis Selman      

"When the Emperor Maxentius began persecuting Christians in the early 4th century, in the final gasp of pagan fury, before Constantine  through his defeat of Maxentius at the Milvian bridge in 312 brought peace to the Church, Catherine rebuked him and, with the clear-sighted wisdom of her young mind, she showed that his pagan gods were empty idols. As Maxentius could not reply to her arguments, he called a large group of philosophers to a dispute with St Catherine, who was only 18 years of age but well able to handle her case single-handed against the most learned men of Alexandria. On the way she converted the Emperor's wife, which further infuriated him. He gave orders for a spiked wheel to tear her flesh, a so-called 'Catherine wheel', but the bonds that held her down broke, so she was beheaded instead."