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3 2us on the North American Martyrs, in particular Saint Noël Chabanel SJ

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by Father John Edwards SJ    ¤

"There wasn't a slacker or a coward among them. These men were on fire with the love of God and of Jesus crucified and love of the indigenous people they came to serve. Men of total generosity, faithful to God, gifted in prayer, unsparing in their unselfishness, courageous, tough, spiritual giants .. But physically how did this weak man, Noel Chabanel, stand up to martyrdom - superbly; he died, like the others, without a murmur. You see he was hit on the head with a tomahawk by a renegade Huron while they were going through the forest and he never knew a thing, he just woke up in heaven. He wasn't a wimp but I like to think he is the patron of those of us who are."

(Feast Day - 19th October)