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Mexico - Méjico

Responses to Totus2us podcasts given by Mexicans with Christian names beginning with M to Z - many thanks to you all       ♥
Respuestas a los podcasts de Totus2us dados por los Mexicanos con nombres cristianos que comienzan con M a Z - muchas gracias a todos ustedes    ♥


"The Virgin Mary is for me the big example for us about faith. First of all she was trusting in God about the message and then in all the life of Christ and, after that, she is with us."

Marco-Antonio gives his hablemos de Maria in English & Spanish.

Maria Elena      

"The Virgin of Guadalupe is what all the beatitudes have given to her, it's what made her our mother. In difficult times when we really need help, she is the only one who will really teach us the way to be calm, to be prayerful and just to hope in that holy waiting for God's will."


"For me Mary is my mother, my confidante, is the person who approaches me more to Jesus. She is somebody that I can trust that in the smallest, small hole that she has when she is crossing her hands, I can actually make myself enter this small hole and make myself safe and comfortable. She is everything that I want and that I love."

Martha gives her hablemos de María in English & Spanish.


"We love our Guadalupe Virgin because she chose our country to change our world, and to change our culture, to defend us and to hear all our prayers."

Padre Pablo      

Father Pablo gives his testimony in Spanish.


"Para mí, la Virgen es una Mamma … Mamita Maria."

Pedro Antonio di Maria      

"I am ‘all Maria’ because of St Louis Grignion de Montfort. It is very important that people read his book because Papa John Paul II was 'totally Mary' because he read this book and it changed his life. Totus Tuus."

Pedro Antonio di Maria gives his something about Mary in English & Spanish.


"Our Lady of Guadalupe, of Mexico City, is my lady. I love her.  

Creemos en la Virgen de Guadalupe, Madre de Jesucristo."


"I found Mary as my mother, as my mum, as mother of Jesus and as mother of everyone. So I want to share with you my joy, because my mother taught me how to love Mary, and I love her and my daughters love her."

Sergio gives his hablemos de María in English & Spanish.