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Mexico - Méjico

Responses to Totus2us podcasts given by Mexicans with Christian names beginning with A to L - many thanks to you all       ♥
Respuestas a los podcasts de Totus2us dados por los Mexicanos con nombres cristianos que comienzan con A a L - muchas gracias a todos ustedes    ♥


"I know Mary as the Virgin of Guadalupe but I know she has appeared in different places with different colour skins but with the same meaning - with this love and help."


"Mary is my mum and she’s the greatest woman ever."

María es mi mamá y ella es la mejor mujer de todo la vida."


"Para mí, la Santísima Virgen María es la persona a quien he confiado mi vocación  .. Ella es mi madre, mi amigo, en cierta manera mi esposo."


"Mary, the Guadalupe Virgin, is the one I keep always in my wallet and the one I give every single morning thanks for giving me a new day of living."

Berenice gives her hablemos de María in English & Spanish.


"Our Lady of Guadalupe is the most important thing we have in our country and the essence of our nation is Our Lady."

Bernardo gives his hablemos de María in English and Spanish.


"La Virgen de Guadalupe es el símbolo del amor, símbolo de la paz, la madre de todos los hombres."


"Our Lady of Guadalupe means everything for me.  She's been absolutely wonderful to me since the moment I was conceived and she has been guiding me along my life through everything, absolutely everything."

Carmen has often been a pilgrim to the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe     

"Visiting Our Lady of Guadalupe in her shrine in Mexico City is always wonderful. It’s a great grace just to walk, in silence or praying the rosary. We normally walk from our parents house in the west of Mexico City .. While walking to see Our Lady, being a pilgrim and thanking her for absolutely everything because I know that she has always been there in my life. What is exciting is that I always thought we are probably the only pilgrims but no, along the road we always meet other people and then when we arrive at the main avenue that takes you to the shrine, there are many people walking along .. It’s just amazing to see the great faith of these women or couples or elderly people going over there and seeing Our Lady. There is Mass every hour from 7 o’clock in the morning until very late, and there always priests providing confessions. It’s always a treat for the soul just being there before Our Lady."


"The Guadalupe Virgin is my heart, is my mother. The Virgin for Mexicans, for other nationalities, is the mother. In this moment the world needs hope, love, compassion. My mother, Our Lady of Guadalupe, represents every concept about love. We humans, we need to understand we need to give love right now, in this moment. Because of this I love Guadalupe, my mother, forever."

Cesar gives his hablemos de María in English & Spanish.


"Our Lady means to me many things. First of all, she's the mother of Our Lord but also I think she represents the purest love we can experience or even relate to. For me she's also having those arms to go to when looking for understanding or help. She also helps me to think about how I want to be with others, and how she treated Our Lord and everybody around her throughout her life; and her love and her patience.  She is an important guide in my life."

Daniella gives her hablemos de María in English & Spanish.


"For me, Mary is someone I have to have in my life."


"For me the Virgin Mary has always been very important … I feel her very close to my heart."


"I had a very nice experience with the protection of the Blessed Holy Mother. In Mexico we venerate her a great deal, and we believe that she is with us the whole time - when you don't know what to do, you ask her for guidance and she will give it to you ... Always, when I feel lost, I ask her for help and she is with me, all the time."

Domitilla gives her hablemos de María in English & Spanish.


"Mary is my mother. I know that she's always there."

Edith gives her something about Maria in English and Spanish.


"For me Mary means the mother of us all, especially coming from a country where she appeared to St Juan Diego, a very simple Indian man and she appears to us always, especially during prayer, and I feel her company when I pray the rosary."

Eugenia gives her hablemos de María in English & Spanish.


"The Virgin Mary, the Madonna, is the mother of all the world and is my mother, and all the time that I go travel, she is with me and she carries me nicely and gently.  

La Virgen María es la madre de todos nosotros, es la Madre de Dios, es la Madre del mundo entero. Es no importa raza, credo ni color, ella es nuestra madre y nos trata a todos por igual."

Father Francisco Javier      

"I always knew that Mary was first of all the Mother of God and secondly my mother, but I think this is an experience that everybody should develop with a very personal relationship with her. And it has been a growing experience in realising how close she is to my life and my vocation. I think the period of my life when I really got to know her was just before my ordination .. I really experienced that she was very, very alive, very present, she was very interested in my priesthood and in my sanctity, in my holiness, as a job that I cannot do on my own."

Father Francisco Javier Oseguera, a Legionary of Christ, gives the story of of his vocation to the priesthood in English     & Spanish  

"What I would like to share with everybody is just the reality that God really is present in our lives more than maybe we can imagine and He really has a plan for us. But it's up to us to really be open, to be in his hands totally, to really trust Him that, when He permits something in our lives, it's really for the good of us and for the good of others. Sometimes we may not understand those things, maybe they are going to be painful or difficult, but if we really hope that He is there and trust Him, He really surpasses our expectations. I've been very happy in my congregation, in my religious vocation, and excited about the things that God wants to do through my priesthood."


"The Virgin Mary for me is everything. She's a mother, she's friend. Every time I feel sad, when I feel down, I always go to her and I always pray .. She's my everything because she's the one who's holding me in her hands, so what can I say? She's my mother and she's the mother of the whole world. 

Nuestra Madre es la madre de todos."



Ismael is a seminarian with the Legionaries of Christ & gives his hablemos de María in Spanish.


"Mary is my hope, my happiness, my all."


"Our Lady of Guadalupe is the lady who protects us and takes care of us, and is something good in the world."

José gives his hablemos de María in English & Spanish.

Padre José Manuel SDJ          

3 2us de la Virgen de Guadalupe

Father José Manuel gives his reflection on his priesthood in Spanish   

Father José Manuel Torres Origel is a priest of the Servants of Jesus and as a missionary works in a parish near Rome.


"Mary is for me my mother."

Josephina gives her hablemos de María in English & Spanish.