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Auschwitz, Poland

Pilgrim: Father Frankie, who's 35 & from England      

"We went round on this tour and this tour guide filled us in and ran us up to speed with everything that had happened and the atrocities and the persecutions and the enormity and the horrendous situation of it all. But right at the end, the very last thing she showed us, she said she wanted to show us a cell and this cell she said belongs to a man. It was a true story about a couple of prisoners who had escaped from Auschwitz and the penalty for an escape was that you got everyone into the grounds, all the prisoners, and basically you picked 10 men out at random and starved them to death. This happened and this particular case, she said, one of these men burst into tears and said he had a family and that he couldn't die. And then another man stepped forward and said 'Well, I'll take your place. I'm happy to die instead of you." And she said that man was a priest and he was called Maximilian Kolbe, who went on to become a saint. And in the midst of such darkness and desolation, there was a real light there; you know a light still burns outside his cell. "