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Responses to Totus2us podcasts given by Irish people with Christian names beginning with G to J - many thanks to you all   ♥


"Mary is such a role model in such a quiet, gentle way."


"What I want to touch base on about Our Lady is the hope and salvation that she has for Christians who are being persecuted, particularly in Egypt. There have been many instances over the years of Our Lady appearing to the Copts, particularly in Egypt, and helping them in their hour of need."


"Our Blessed Lady is very special. I always put Mary and Jesus together. She is always there beside Jesus, helping him, watching him, and she suffered so much for him; what suffering to see her son suffering. She kept everything in her heart, she never spoke about it, she never shared it with others. She pondered it in her heart, but she suffered so much. She loved. She gave Jesus strength, she gives us the strength to help each other, that's what I feel - to give each other strength and love, true love."


"To me Mary is Our Lady, Help of Christians. If you trust in Our Lady, Help of Christians, you'll see what miracles really are."


"I had great devotion to Our Lady when I was a child: I used to pick little primroses and my mother had a little altar. During the month of May I used to decorate it with the veil and the flowers, but over the years I strayed away and it was the blessed lady who brought me back again to Jesus. I went on a pilgrimage to Medjugorje and it changed my life. Her greatest contribution to me is that she's like the refuge of holy love, the protectress of the faith and I pray to her every day to protect my faith because I never want to lose it again; it's the most precious thing I have."


"I pray regularly to Mary in response to the Holy Family when, as an active part of my prayer, I offer prayers of thanks and of perhaps listening to the Holy Family, and within that context I think very specifically of Mary, being the mother of Jesus Christ."


"My devotion to Our Lady has matured over the years and I love her humility."


"Mary is my mother."


"I'm in Fatima and I'm in awe of the whole thing, I really am. I can't take it all in actually, so I can't - simple as that!"


"For me, Mary is the perfect mother of God and someone who sets a really good example for the way we should live our lives."

Father Jimmy      

"I have a great devotion to Our Lady .. I have been to Lourdes over 40 times - I’ve brought groups to Lourdes every year for the past 42 years, since I got ordained (one year I went twice)."


"Mary is my real mother and I trust in her with all my heart, I love her with all my heart. I always say the rosary and she always directs me to her son Jesus - I know he can't refuse her anything. I always go to Jesus through Mary."


"I remember praying to St James before leaving for to have an open heart and really to enter this new decade in my life with the hope of really understanding in my heart this call. I wanted to know for myself personally what this call meant for me and how I could walk this path to The Camino to Santiago de Compostela. And, believe you me, walking every day 20 kms was a very, very good experience, very hard but it was wonderful. It combined many things. It combined suffering, it combined great joy, it combined astonishment at the way things happened. And really what I found on this journey was many other people were coming with something in their heart, some people even didn't know why they were but that there was something that had drawn them … I remember one or two people that I met, that really it struck me how St James is leading people spiritually. They want to enjoy the outdoors and walking, which is so healthy, because it's when we come in contact with nature that it gives our spirit, our soul, our body, time to think, time to be, time to experience just the every day toil of tiredness, of hunger, of thirst,  and the joy of being with people. But when you met people on the way, on this walk, you really didn't talk about superficial things. You'd certainly say hello and where do you come from, but people really very quickly spoke from the heart."


"I am a member of the Legion of Mary: ‘I’m all thine, my Queen and my Mother, and everything I have is thine.’ I’m just back from Medjugorje, where Our Lady has been so good to me."


"All my life I have had really great devotion to Mary, and I turn to her both in hours of need and in hours of joy as well."


"Our Lady means so much to me."


"Mary means an awful lot to me. I consider her as my mother really and I pray to her every day."

Father John      

"I just thank our Blessed Mother for Medjugorje, it has been key, I can't but mention it. I was very blessed, at a time in my life when I really needed I suppose help. I was lost in the grief of my older brother who had died of cancer a year previous to that at 23 years of age. I was 21 and I was wild in the world, very lost in so many ways and thinking the world might satisfy my loneliness. And yet Medjugorje just gave me the embrace of our Blessed Mother. And when one knows how special one is, when one experiences being loved in such a spiritual deep way, something has to change and my heart did change. I knew I had to come back, I knew I had to commit to my faith. And Our Lady I believe from Medjugorje gave me the tools, she gave me those things that I needed to bring me back on the true journey which Our Lord had for me. So thanks to our Blessed Mother for that."

Father John Egan is a Pallotine priest.


"She’s our mother and we all think the world of her. I praise the whole time to her. I love Our Lady like my own mother."

John Paul       

"Our Lady invited me to go to Medugorje in summer 2010 and from that time she has been leading me back to her son, Jesus. So I just encourage all of you to turn to Our Lady. If you're experiencing any difficulties in your life, turn to Our Lady and she'll never let you down. She'll hold you by the hand if you ask her and, through the rosary, she'll lead you back to her son, Jesus."

John Paul speaks about the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar      

"I never really quite understood the true meaning of the Eucharist until 2 years ago when I experienced the true presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. Jesus is truly present, body, soul and divinity, He is there in every tabernacle of every church throughout the world. He is there waiting for us to come before Him, to bring our prayers and petitions, to praise and worship Him, to bring all our concerns, to seek his forgiveness and to receive Him. So I encourage you: come back to your faith, come back to the Catholic Church. There you'll find true peace and happiness."


"Our Lady for me is Queen of Heaven and Mother. Therefore she must know what's best."


"Our Lady is a gift from God, to bring the Son into the world. She's sinless and yet she accepted us sinners at the foot of the Cross. And when I pray, I say 'Our Lady, I am a sinner but I pray with you, sinless one.'"