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Saint Dominic Savio        

Richard, a seminarian from England: "He was an Italian boy, who with the salesians was under the direction of St John Bosco. He died at the age 14 but the reason why he was canonised was his life of virtue and resisting peer pressure .. He had a strong will and loved Jesus and Mary, and dedicated himself to them and so with their grace he was able to resist temptations .. He is a really great example of how one can put one's hands into Our Lord's and trust in Him to keep one pure and free from sin."

Dominic Savio (2 April 1842 - 9 March 1857, from Turin in Italy). With the help of his friends, he started a group called the Sodality of Mary Immaculate, the main aim of which was to be to obtain the special protection of Mary during life and at the time of death. The means Dominic proposed to this end were: (1) to honour, and to bring others to honour, Mary by different means, and (2) to encourage frequent Communion. For his "heroic virtue" in his everyday life (documented in St John Bosco's biography, The Life of Dominic Savio), Pope Pius XII canonised him on June 12, 1954.
Feast day - 6th May