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Saint Aloysius Gonzaga

Jesuit novitiate, from Northern Italy
Born 9th March 1568 - died 21st June 1591
He took the vows of chastity, poverty and obedience, but died before becoming a priest, at the age of just 23.
Beatified only 14 years later by Pope Paul V. In 1726 he was canonized
by Pope Benedict XIII, together with another Jesuit novice, Stanislaus Kostka. In 1729 he was also declared Patron Saint of young students and, in 1926, Patron of Christian youth by Pope Pius XI in his apostolic letter Singulare Illud.
Tomb in the Jesuit Church of Sant'Ignazio in Rome.
Feast Day - 21st June

Amirah, from Congo chose Aloysius as her Incredible Saint       

"One of the saints that inspires me is St Aloysius because he was a rich man and he gave it all up and acted poor just to understand how the poor people felt. So he wasn't out partying all the time and he was actually considerate of other people. Like, most people take advantage of the amount of money they have, but he didn't do that. Even though he could get everything he wanted, he refused and like shared it all, and that's really inspiring."