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Saint Alphonsus Rodríguez      

Sarah, 31 & from London: "He was a porter for 40 years and he never went beyond that but he just did it with good grace. He had the gift of holy conversation, people sought him out for spiritual advice and he was just so gracious to everybody he met, and he was very well known for that. I suppose because of that post, he never had any writings or teachings, but his life was such a witness that people just flocked to him. St Peter Clavier was the saint who went to him for spiritual advice. The reason why I admire him is because he had so many losses in his life, so many things went wrong and he was forced to do so many things that would be deemed not the best things to do … it was like one thing after another, but he never lost that grace and he never lost that joy and that faith in God, and he was able to transmit that to others. And he was canonized so I think he was victorious in the end!"

San Alonso Rodríguez SJ (25 July 1532 - 31 October 1617), from Segovia, Spain. Jesuit Brother. Canonised in 1888 by Pope Leo XIII.
Feast Day - 30th October