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Spain - España

Responses to Totus2us podcasts given by Spaniards with Christian names beginning with A to J - many thanks to you all       ♥
Respuestas a los podcasts de Totus2us dados por los españoles con nombres cristianos que comienzan con A a J - muchas gracias a todos ustedes    ♥

Sister Agnes      

"Our Lady is my mother, she cares for me. I have no mother, she is my mother.

Mi madre, mi madre, mi madre."

Sister Agnes is a Sister Hospitaller of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.


"I do see Our Lady as our MUM, Mum in capital letters. She is actually the one that looks after us, she's the one who is always providing the daily things that we need, and also I see her as a direct connection with Our Lord. Whenever we need something for our day to day life, if we ask her she is the one coming back to her son and saying 'Jesus, this person needs that, this person needs that.' And she's insisting as a Mum with her son and eventually the son, because he loves so much his mum, the son ends up providing. So in this respect the Lord really listens to his mum."

Albert gives his algo sobre Maria in English & Catalan.


"I really feel that for me the Virgin Mary is my mother, is the point of reference when I feel I need somebody to take care of me. I don’t have a mother so actually for me every time that I want to feel that mother's loving, I always go to her and it always gives me a lot of peace. .. When I try to tell her of my problems and try to find from her some peace, I just find it. And also I try just to have her in every little thing that I do every time in my day. So, I just try to keep her very close to me."




"Mary is the one who takes me to Our Lord, she takes me by the hand and never allows me to be frightened. She teaches me to be happy, to trust."


"For me Mary is the way to get to Jesus Christ, she is my mother."

Azahara gives her algo acerca de María in English & Spanish.


"Whatever we do and whatever mistakes we make, whatever good things we do, we are completely loved by Saint Mary and that's why I always feel very, very relaxed when I pray to her or when I share with her something."


"Our Lady is my mother in heaven.

Nuestra Señora es nuestra madre en cielo."

Sister Bernardina      

"Mary is the guide in our life as she said the yes of the Annunciation. That’s the beginning of our Christian belief because if Mary hadn’t said yes, things wouldn’t have been the same. Mary is always a soft spot in everyone's life, I think, because we take her as a mother but not only as an ordinary mother, she's a special mother. God chose Mary for us to guide us to her Son."

Hermana Bernardina is a Sister Hospitaller of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. She gives her algo acerca de María in English & Spanish.


"For me Holy Mary is like the light in the dark, the one who is always with me, like guiding me in my life. She is obviously my mother but she especially takes care of me when I'm in my dark moments. 

Para mí la Virgen María es como la luz en la oscuridad. "


"Mary for me is my mother and I always go to her every time I need something or there's something I'm not sure about or I'm doubtful about something. I go to Lourdes (or I try to go to Lourdes) every year on pilgrimage and I've always got my medal of Guadalupe with me around my neck. So basically she's very important in my life."

Carlos gives his something about Maria in English & Spanish.


"We can always turn to the Virgin Mary whenever we do something wrong or we're ashamed of something or whenever we feel like we're not worthy of addressing God, we can have her as an intermediate. That's what I most like about her, she's always there and no matter how you feel you can always pray to her."

Carlos gives his algo de María in English & Spanish

Carlos chose San Ignacio as his Incredible saint"      

"What I most like about St Ignatius is how he resigned all his vanity and all the things he had, all the choices he had, and he gave it all away in exchange for following Jesus, like the disciples did. I really admire him for that. I wish we could all do that but sometimes it's not that easy.


"Mary is not only our queen and our mother but also like the friend every day - the one who is always there with you, the one who in every circumstance of your life shows you the way to Jesus."


"For me, Our Lady is my Mum."

Christina gives her algo acerca de María in English & Spanish.


"Mary is my mother and I love to call her Mama Mary. I guess my relationship with her really sprang to life when I was walking El Camino, to Santiago de Compostela … Before this pilgrimage my faith wasn't alive for me - I didn't truly believe and I didn't know what it meant to believe. But that was really the beginning of my conversion, what I call my initial conversion experience, which brought me into full faith, in true belief of my Father in heaven and His love for me and for every single soul that was ever created and it was Our Lady that led me to that moment of conversion. .. That's really what she did for me on El Camino... I don't know where I would be in my faith without her love and without her mantle of protection."


"Our Lady is the way, the path, to go to God, and always the hand we have to hold if we want to live our lives in purity and chastity."

Cristina gives her algo sobre Maria in English & Spanish.


"For me, Mary is a model of discipleship. She is the first disciple of Jesus and she was with him all the time - since the very beginning until his death and resurrection. So that pushes me to be as Mary: a disciple of Jesus. Also to bring the Gospel to all the people as Mary did: at Cana, to her cousin Elizabeth, or to be available fpr the faith as she was at Cana, or to be with the Church, the new born Church at Pentecost, to be with the suffering as Mary was at the foot of the Cross. And also to approach people with mercy, simplicity and humility."

Daniel gives his algo acerca de María in English & Spanish.


"Mary has always been for me like a second mother and a great gift."


"I think the Virgin Mary is the one who can be the intermediary between God and us.  

La Virgen María es un ejemplo de madre."


"Holy Mary is for me my mother because I can speak with her; everything I can do with her."

Eduardo gives his algo acerca de María in English & Spanish.


"I feel myself very blessed to be able to go to Mass every day before going to work. I just find it incredibly helpful. It really is the daily bread that keeps me going. And it does make a big difference, the days in which I am able to attend Mass before work and the days in which I'm not. The days in which I am, I can really see the good effects it has in my dealings with my colleagues."

Enrique speaks in English & Spanish about confession      

"I just find every week when I can go to confession it’s like starting all over again. It doesn’t matter what mistakes one makes, even if it’s the same ones every week, it's the starting over again with a new strength, a new grace."


"The Virgin Mary for me is a model and I am so grateful to her."

Eva gives her algo acerca de María in English & Spanish.

Sister Felicidad      

"I love the Virgin Mary. She's our mother, always protecting us. We cannot live without her. Our foundress, St Maria-Michaaela, was very devoted to the Virgin Mary. When her mother died, she said she chose Mother Mary as her mother."

Sister Francesca gives her something about Mary in English & Spanish. She is a sister of the Adoratrices Esclavas del Santisimo Sacramento y de la Caridad (Adoratrices, Handmaids of the Blessed Sacrament & of Charity) who, in Kensington Square in London, work with women affected by prostitution and victims of sex trafficking - more info about their work through Rahab Project here.


"Our Lady means a lot to me: she's my mother and she's my friend and she's my company. Amen."


"The Virgin Mary is just my mother basically, as I love her very much."

Francisco gives his algo acerca de María in English & Spanish.


"For me the Virgin Mary is the pure example of selfless behaviour and also of parenthood."

Gonzaga gives his algo de María in English & Spanish.


"I once heard that whenever you want to forget about something you’ve lived or you just want to forget about, if you pray to the Virgin Mary she will help you in that. And more than twice, I've done it and successfully I forgot about several things. I have to thank the Virgin Mary for that."

Guillermo gives his something about Mary in English & Basque.


"For me Mary represents strength, strength to overcome difficulties and the strength to share your love with everyone and put everybody first before yourself."

Ian gives his something about Mary in English & Spanish.


"For me Mary is my mother, my first mother and she's not only my mother but also the mother of my Lord, and so that is very important for me. As my Lord is very important for me, so she also is  very important for me."

Ignacio gives his algo de María in English & Spanish.


"For me Mary is the person to go to when I feel that I can't go to Jesus because I feel that he's too high up for me. So she's my mother."

Inés gives her something about Maria in English & Spanish.


"The Virgin Mary for me is all in my life."

Isabel gives her response in English and Spanish.

Sister Isabella      

"Mary for me is everything, is my mother. I always attribute to her my vocation. Without her I don’t know how I would have got on in this wonderful way, because our mission is to glorify God and to pass on his compassionate love to the sick, especially to the mentally ill. And for us, Mary is our model as Mary at the foot of the Cross. So this is how we imitate her, at the foot of the Cross, at the foot of all those who suffer."

Sister Isabella, a Sister Hospitaller of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, gives her algo acerca de María in English & Spanish.


"I recently had a conversion through a spiritual retreat I went to. I found the mercifulness, the love of Jesus in me, in my life and ever since I've felt the company of Jesus and I've learnt, through Mary, the way to him by looking at her as the Mother of all of us, as we're all connected through the eyes of a mother who looks at her son with no shame, with no bad feelings, she's just there waiting to embrace you. And that gives me the peace and the confidence every day to get closer to her and to Jesus."

Javier gives his something about Maria in English & Spanish.


"Mary is very important for me because she's my mother and also she's also the way which leads to Jesus."

Javier gives his algo de María in English & Spanish.

Padre Javier

3 2us on Corpus Christi       
"What is Communion? Communion is Jesus coming to you. Communion is Jesus entering into your heart. The heart is the inner part of the person, your heart is your intimacy, and communion is receiving the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ, but letting Him enter into communion with you: from heart to heart, the union of the heart of Jesus with your heart. We need Jesus. In the Old Testament, one of the words that is most repeated is 'heart'. Man has a heart and we could say that man is heart. We need the love of God in our hearts; our lives are empty without Him. Most of all, Communion is realising that God loves us so much that his love wants to fill our whole hearts. "

3 2us on the Epiphany      
"The best gift that we can give is the gift of ourselves. The best gift is not a material thing but it is our heart and it is what we truly celebrate in the Feast of the Epiphany: God has given himself to us, God has given our heart to us in the Incarnate Word, the baby Jesus, which is given to humanity. The invisible God has made himself visible in the flesh of Christ."

3 2us on Santiago      
"After Christ sent his apostles to the end of the world, St James came to the end of the world which was thought in those times to be in North Western coast of Spain … The city of Santiago where his tomb now is is one of the main sanctuaries of Christianity, a place of pilgrimage .. Pope John Paul said that Santiago and the Camino was a prominent part in the construction of Europe .. To say Santiago is the same as to say to become a pilgrim, to pilgrimage .. Life is a pilgrimage, a pilgrim has to travel with a very light backpack...somebody who goes through, who is weak, who goes through dangers ..All these symbols are symbols for life. We cannot carry many things in our life, we have to love God above every other thing. . A true pilgrim in life has to be poor, has only to put what is needed in his life which is the love of God our Saviour, a pilgrim should always be moving, in spiritual life we say that a pilgrim cannot stop growing, cannot say 'it is enough, I am not going to continue walking, I have loved enough, I do not need to grow in love' ..that is not going to the goal of our pilgrimage which is the greater Love."

Father Javier Igea is a priest of the Archdiocese of Madrid (he organised the Days in the Dioceses before JMJ World Youth Day Madrid 2011).


"For me, Mary is my mother, especially having been in the UK for two and a half years where my earthly mother is not physically with me. So every time I cannot talk to her, I talk to Mary. In exactly the same way my mother, when I was little and did something wrong, she would go and talk to my father, Mary in the same way intercedes for me before Our Lord, before God."

José gives his algo de María in English & Spanish.


"For me Mary is our mother, the Mother of God.
La Virgen María es la Madre de Dios, nuestra madre."

Padre José Alberto       

Padre José Alberto Garijo gives his algo de María in English & Spanish      

"I have been in a parish in Spain for 14 years in Alcaraz, in which there is a shrine to Our Lady. La Virgen de Cortes is a shrine from the 13th century and I've seen people coming there to pray to Our Lady about all their worries and all their necessities. I have been a witness of how Our Lady conserves the faith on poor people and normal people, and this has been very encouraging to me. I have always thought that during these 14 years it has been the Virgin who has strengthened the faith of my people; it hasn't been me who has helped these people to believe, but it has been the Virgin."

Father José Alberto speaks about his vocation to the priesthood    

"From this parish have come 10 priests. It has also been an experience of brotherhood among us; I can rely on them on my 10 friends. In the life of a priest it is a very important thing to have other priests as your brothers. .. I think we are not supermen, we are very ordinary people. That is what amazes me is that God has chosen us to be priests. I have discovered along the years that God knows me better than I know myself, he knows me very well and even though he knows how I am, God has chosen me."


"For me the Virgin Mary is the amazing girl in this world because being a human person she's a person and human as well but she has no sin, and this something amazing that overwhelms me. She brought here a Saviour. God came into the world through her, in the family of Nazareth, and it's something amazing because it shows me that this is possible, even with the reality that we are sinners and we have sin inside our nature, but there is a calling inside us to say yes as the Virgin Mary said to God, to say yes, everyday in our daily life."


"Holy Mary never lets us down."

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