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"Our Lady freely gave me the grace to love her very, very much.  Whenever I pray the rosary, which I love, or even think about her, I receive a beautiful inner peace, even in times of sadness or when discord is around."

Callum, with his wife Mary-Ann, runs Craig Lodge, Dalmally, a house of prayer in the Highlands.


"Our Blessed Mother has taught me so much in my life: the importance of daily prayer, that we are made for holiness and that we need very few things materially in this life."

Mary-Anne, with her husband Callum, founded Craig Lodge (in Dalmally), a house of prayer in the Highlands.


"When I think about Our Lady, I think of someone that I’ve always known, I’ve always been lucky enough to have known her, thought about her, loved her, from my earliest memories. When I was a teenager I picked up a book on Fatima and I think that was a bit of a wake up call. I detected the urgency in her messages and I began to think about what she was asking of us all and asking of me, and that was when I began to try and say the rosary fairly faithfully. I think that was a preparation, looking back, for the real turning point which was going to Medjugorje when I was 19 in 1983. That was the moment when I felt Our Lady was inviting me to a deeper commitment to her, a giving of everything really to her which I wanted to do, which I completely wanted to do. Ever since then I have tried and the emphasis is on the word tried because I fail so often, but I've tried to live the messages that she gives us at Medjugorje. Really my life is hers as far as I'm concerned and I've tried to give her everything."

Ruth is a member of the Craig Lodge Community.


"I think of Mary as a very, very brave and strong and gentle person ...In some ways I think of her as a spokesperson for the poor, especially through her Magnificat, through her beautiful prayer of praise and her prayer of incredible hope .. Through her words and through her life, I think she shows us how to believe, and that things can get better. She shows us how to have faith in our good and loving God, and I think again at Medjugorje she invites us to make that choice, about whether to be people of hope and whether to be people who put her son Jesus at the centre of our lives like she did and does always. So, more than anything, I suppose when I think about Our Lady, I have a huge, huge sense of gratitude to her for her constant presence in my life and for her never giving up on me when I go astray, when I forget what's important, when I forget her Son, when I sin. I have such a sense of gratitude for her patience, for her never tiring of inviting us again back, for never giving up on us, for never making us feel bad about ourselves. Those are my thoughts on Mary, my mother."

Magnus started Mary's Meals in 2002, which now provides daily meals in school for over 750,000 children in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe.