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The United Kingdom

Responses to Totus2us podcasts given by Brits whose Christian names between Meena & Muriel - many thanks to you all       ♥


"Mary is the holiest woman in the world and she said yes to God and she brung Jesus into the world to save us."


"For me Mary is like a mother figure but maternal in the way that she leads us by good example. So instead of being motherly in that she can give us hugs and offer us advice, she is always there to keep us on the straight path. She's the mother of all mothers ... and I think that she's a really great example for modern day women of how you can be a role model for someone, also aim to be as sinless as possible and just keep your eyes firmly focused on God."


"When I was about 10 I went to Fatima and I couldn't speak, and the doctors thought I was disabled and how my dad paid for me to see like helpers and things like that. I remember the evening when we went to Fatima for like the pilgrim thing with my aunt, I went and lighted a candle for Our Lady, and I cried. When I woke up, I was speaking and I was reading and like everybody was shocked. So I went to the doctors and they asked like what happened and my mum said 'She asked Mary and Mary interceded for her.' So this is kind of like my connection with Mary."


"The first thing I learnt about Mary, being a convert, was Monstrates in matrem" - "Show me that you are my mother"."

Mhari Bernadette      

"Our Lady has always been very special to me. Before I was born, they offered my mum an abortion, and I'm 65, so that's how long ago. Of course Mum refused. They then, when I was born, called me the miracle baby because I was perfectly alright. I was meant to be small and undersized - I'm about 5 foor 9, anything but! So they named me after Lourdes, Mhari Bernadette, because they went there on their honeymoon, my mum and dad.… She's always been part of my life. I'm sure she's the reason why I'm perfectly healthy and I've got 3 daughters of my own. So, yeh, she's very very special to me always, looked after me and she's always with me."


"I believe in Mary, Mother of God and Mother of Jesus. I pray and ask her many favours. I love her like I love Christ. Amen."


"We thank Mary for all our blessings but most importantly for our families."


"Mary is the mother of Jesus Christ and she is the Blessed Virgin, and she is a very important person not only in my life but in the life of other Catholics, and also of other faiths as well."


"Mary came into my life about 20 years ago. Having been brought up a Catholic and kicked it all pretty well into touch, somehow a place called Medjugorje came on the scene to me, and when I was searching I thought 'Yes, I'll have a look at this place. If she is there, she can tell me. If not, I'll carry on the way I'm going.' I went to Medjugorje - Mary touched me in the most extraordinary way and I can't really say very much other than that my parish priest (who said I was the most unlikely member of the pilgrimage) asked me what I was feeling and I said 'I am feeling extraordinarily loved, unbelievably loved and yet I am absolutely nothing.' And that has remained with me ever since. So Mary, through Medjugorje, brought me back to her Son and since then, yes, a change of life."


"For me this came to show the willingness of our holy mother to accept us in all our faults, in all our sorrow, in all our hardships in this world, and to loving bring us towards the pardon that Christ offers."


"Our Lady is the Immaculate Conception."


"Mary is the Queen of my heart and she has not failed me yet."

Father Michael Dunne      

"Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta teaches us: 'If ever I become a saint, I will surely be one of darkness. I will continually be absent from heaven to light the light of those in darkness on earth." The paradox of darkness is that it is the gateway to light, through the cross to light - per crucem ad lucem. The key to holiness in every Catholic's life - not just in the lives of the great saints, every one of us is called to sanctity - must be this interiorisation of the Passion; of what St Paul of the Cross calls 'participation in the Passion.' Because if we can interiorise the Passion of Jesus Christ, live it in our own suffering, then we are open boundlessly to all that the Passion is for the redemption of the world. It is the means of our own purification, living our suffering, but even when we have done that, it is the means of reparation also, that we share Christ's redemptive role in the world, which is the dignity conferred upon us in our baptism."

Father Michael Krychiwsky      

"The essential point is not the number and kind of our sins but the presence of true contrition, the willingness to change. Confession enables us to experience for ourselves what the Church sings in the exultet 'Oh happy fault! Oh necessary sin of Adam which gained for us so great a redeemer.' Jesus knows how to make all of our faults, once they've been repented, into happy faults, no longer remembered for the guilt or the shame that they engendered but for the experience of divine mercy which they occasioned. The way to experience profoundly the joy of Easter is through the door of the confessional."

Father Michael Krychiwsky is a priest of the diocese of Leeds.


"My mother died when I was 24, at a difficult time in my life, so I always think of Mary not as a substitute but as someone to replace her."


"The Holy Mother is very important to me and very dear to me."


"What Our Lady means to me is forgiveness, love, peace, joy!"


"I became a Catholic some years ago and I was taken to Lourdes where I met Our Lady for the first time."


"I particularly love St Joan of Arc because, on the surface level because of her courage and the fact that she was so young and she had such a devotion to God which came out of such great wounds in her life. In the face of everything back in those days, she was just so convicted by her faith and by God speaking to her and she responded in such a magnificent way. .. Also she got such a faithful following of people because she was such an inspirational leader, she was strong and courageous, and I think we need strong and courageous leaders in the world today."


Mike puts his conversion down to learning about Pope St John Paul II's Theology of the Body on a retreat.

His John Paul II quote is: "I can only respond to an abyss of evil with an abyss of love."


"Mary represents purity and faith."


"Our Lady means to me total overwhelming love and peace."


"Mary for me is the mother who’s always there for me."


"I think that the Virgin Mary is a light for me and she is kind."


"Mary to me has a special meaning in the Hail Mary because I say 'pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death. Amen.' And we never know when that's coming so I always feel that every day Mary's praying for me and that keeps me going."