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Philip, 25 & a seminarian from England: "St Margaret was a wife and mother, martyred in 16th century York for helping Catholic priests in their mission to convert England back to the Catholic faith. She had a priest hole in her home and another elsewhere in York where she could hide priests so that local Catholics could receive the Sacraments. She was executed on 25th March 1586 by being squashed by a wooden board with heavy stones on it. She inspires me because she gave her life for the protection of priests, or, as I heard a priest put it recently in a homily, she died so that I could celebrate the Sacraments."

Margaret Clitherow (1556 - 25th March 1586, from England) was beatified by Pope Pius II in 1929 and canonised, along with other martyrs from England & Wales, by Pope Paul VI on 25 October 1970.