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The United Kingdom

Responses to Totus2us podcasts given by Brits with Christian names beginning with I - many thanks to you all       ♥

Father Iain OCD       

Father Iain's Man for Others is fellow discalced Carmelite, Father Ronan:

"He was very focused on Christ; that union with Christ is all that mattered, or anything that matters flows from that, or leads to that."

Fr Iain Matthew has been based at the Kensington Carmelite Priory in London, serving as Catholic chaplain at UCL. He is moving to Rome in September 2013 to take up a teaching post. He is author of The Impact of God, a WONDERFUL spiritual read with soundings from St John of the Cross (it has 23 reviews on US Amazon, with 5 star rating).

Father Ian        

"There is a truth, I believe, in saying that the secret of Peter, Andrew, James and John was that they trusted the one who called them. It wasn't that they believed that they had all the answers themselves; no, because later in their following of Jesus, they would make mistakes, Peter would betray Him, and yet what carried them through to the end was that ability to trust. If we are to make commitment, if we are not to be mere historians of what might have been in our own lives, there does come a point when we hear the invitation 'Follow me' and we dare to trust the One who issues the invitation. In the words of good Pope John Paul II, 'Let us arise. Let us move forward in hope.'"

Father Ian Kelly is Catholic chaplain to the universities in Manchester.

Father Ian       

"When the Catholic Church canonises somebody they're talking about heroic virtue, heroic sanctity, that a person was heroic, they're not talking about somebody being faultless. I think sometimes people used to say 'O well, Newman had this fault and that fault, so he couldn't be a saint.' That's actually not relevant because no-one is perfect and indeed all the saints have faults. What the Church is looking for is a heroic quality, it's not looking for impeccability, it's looking for heroism and Newman heroically followed the kindly light of truth through his life."

Father Ian Ker is a member of the Theology Faculty at Oxford University and author of numerous books on Newman,


"To me Our Lady is firstly my mother. She's everyone's mother and she is our advocate and our intercessor to Jesus. And her Immaculate Heart is completely in line and together with Jesus's Sacred Heart."


"Mary for me is like a mother and if I need help for my children I think ‘Well Mary is a mother, she might be able to help me know what to do.’ And so I pray to her to give me the answer."


"Getting to know Our Lady has enabled me to get to know her Son better, and deepened my faith enormously and changed my life."