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The United Kingdom

Responses to Totus2us podcasts given by Brits with Christian names beginning with F - many thanks to you all     ♥


"I appreciate that Mary accepted God’s will to be the Mother of Christ."


"Our Lady to me, when I am saying the rosary, I think of her sufferings along with Our Lord's sufferings. We don't hear about her sufferings but it's the sufferings of a mother. And she is the Queen of suffering but she is also the Queen of forgiveness and the Queen of Peace and my Queen."


"Our Lady, she is the Mother of God, she prays for us and she's very holy."


"For me, Mary, Mother of Jesus, the holy Mary Mother Virgin, she's a big focal point of guidance. When times are tough, she gives me reassurance and just a way to meet Jesus, and the Lord and God, because when I separate myself through sin, she's always there to meet me half way."

Fergus talking about the Sacrament of Reconciliation      

"When I walked out of the confessional, I felt like I had no excuse not to do anything coz the Lord had forgiven me even if I hadn’t forgiven myself. So I could do the works that He needed me to do and I had no excuse not to do it. And it just gives me a lot of courage and impetus. And it really helps me to bring me back down to earth, coz sometimes I can like achieve in areas of life and then I view myself as perfect, and that's a bad way to live. And confession just helps bring me down to earth and see people eye to eye, and to realise that I am a flawed being but above all I'm a very loved being by God. And just to find an encounter with love and mercy is just like the most personal and special moment. So confession ... has set me free in many ways."


"When I think of Our Lady, I think of someone who was completely pure in heart and so able to just totally love God, open herself to God. And I guess she teaches me how to love."


"It has been just such an incredible blessing in my life to be part of this parish trip to Lourdes for the last 22 years as a helper with the elderly who we take with us... The Lourdes week for me is the week around which the whole of the rest of my year revolves. And very year I've gone I have learnt more and more about the love of Our Lady, and the really special place she has for us as our intercessor, and she has become my first port of call for intercessory prayer. And I think of it really very much like just asking one of my friends to pray for me, but the difference is that this particular friend has got a very special place in the heart of God, and we know how much He will listen to her and how much He will react to anything that she asks of Him. And it's a real honour for us to be able to give her that special place in the hearts as well."


"Mary is my mother, somebody to turn to in times of need."


"Mary is important to me because my research work and my campaigning work take me to some very dark places and the foot of the Cross is a very lonely place to me. But Mary was there first and she reminds us that we're never alone, even in the darkest moments."

Fiorella De Maria is a Catholic writer & researcher.


"I’ve recently joined what is called ‘The Apostolate of the Legion of Mary’. So I’m very pleased to know the Virgin Mary more and for her to be my mother and I want to serve her, and I love her."


"I can truly say Our Blessed Mother is my best friend. I love her, I certainly pray to her, I ask her many favours. She is my closest friend because so often, when I don't know what to do or where to turn, I immediately call on her, knowing that she will help me. She is our greatest intercessor, she loves us with such a motherly love that none of us, until we get to heaven, will begin to understand the depth of our Mother's love for us."


"It was most definitely Our Lady who showed me how to bring out in my son everything that a mother should."


"I love Our Lady."


"I think Mary is special because she is the Mother of God."


"I love Our Lady. I love praying to her because it eases my worries."


"To me Mary is not only a physical but also spiritual healer and provides us with love, strength and courage in times of need. I'm a firm believer that she guides us on our journey through life, unseen, unheard, but listening to our every word."


"Our Lady means to me mother, and generally compassion, and intercession, a lifeline to God, like an umbilical cord to Jesus."

Francesca Kestrel      

"Mary is very protective of Jesus."


"Our Lady is just amazing, pure and simple. I was introduced to her through the Legion of Mary and one of the things we always say in the Legion: whenever you knock on Mary's door, you find Jesus. As St Louis Marie de Montfort said himself, 'Mary's a short cut to Jesus'. How do you get Jesus to come to you? You just knock on Mary's door. That's why having a devotion to her is amazing."


"The words I heard was not the elm
But someone else who spoke to me
Who loves the rustling of leaves amongst a million, million trees
And everything that lives and breathes in heaven directed harmonies.
Her head is crowned with stars that shine
Beyond reach of space and time
She wears the sun and treads the moon.
May I obey her late and soon."


"Our Lady is Mother in the order of spirit and she will look after our spiritual needs because God knows better what is best for us than we do ourselves and she, being the Mother of Christ is the Mother of God, so there wouldn't be anything from her and we want her intercession because her intercession is most powerful of all."

Father Francis Selman      

"Devotion to the Eucharist and devotion to Our Lady are the two great pillars of the life of a priest."

Father Francis reflects on his priesthood       

"One way of being a man for others is to be a priest. A priest quite clearly gives up some of his life for others. It is probably true to say that no-one can lead a life for others without making some sacrifice. This is not just true of priests or religious, but what the priest gives up is so that he may bring the source of all life, Christ himself, through the Mass and the Eucharist, to others.. A priest not only gives up things in his life, he receives consolations.. The greatest consolation is simply to offer the sacrifice of the Mass every day. Every time that I hold up the Host before communion and say 'This is the Lamb of God', these words are still as fresh and full of wonder as on the first day that I celebrated Mass on my own. The great thing is to have gratitude to God for one's vocation, every day."

Father Francis Selman has given Totus2us much help and support, in particular giving the podcast series Philosophy and Faith. He teaches philosophy at Allen Hall Seminary and theology at SPES.


"Our Lady is my spiritual mother and I say ‘Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us now and at the hour of our death. Amen.'"

Father Frankie, from the Totus2us team      

"Our Lady reaches out to people and brings them closer and nearer to her Son."

Frankie describes 92 year old Father Jimmy Collins, his Man for Others      

"You see this self-sacrificing love which is the route and heart of any good priest - they follow in the footsteps of Christ, "persona Christi" … He just lives his life sacrificing himself for the needs others and I'd certainly say he's one of the world's modern day heroes."

Frankie was at World Youth Day Sydney with Benedict XVI       

"Love is the light." - BXVI

Frankie has been a pilgrim to Lourdes      

"As you get nearer and nearer to the Grotto, you can feel the peace, you can feel the quietness and I really do think Our Lady literally leads you by the hand to bring you closer to her son's heart in Lourdes. And I think it's a great place of challenge, but also as well in the silence realising what's important, what's worth living for and fighting for. I've been very blessed as well to witness young people go to confession out in Lourdes, young people go to confession who haven't been for a number of years, and I've really seen them be touched by God's spirit of love; the Holy Spirit has really touched them in the Sacrament of Confession and I've really seen lives changed. I think it's to do partly with the powerful intercession of Our Lady, who invites people to come closer to the face of love, which is the face of Christ Himself as they encounter Him, not only in the Eucharist and in the Sacraments but in the face and love of other pilgrims."

Frankie's Incredible Saint is Catherine of Siena        

"My incredible is St Catherine who was from Siena in Italy and she was quite an extraordinary lady. She was famous for saying: 'If you are what you are meant to be, you will set the whole world ablaze.' St Catherine certainly lived that message in her life even though she died at just 33. Catherine was a lay lady who was a Third Order of the Dominicans; she never quite joined an Order because she felt that God was telling her that He had plenty of work for her to do in the world. One of the most famous stories about Catherine is that she travelled to France to see Pope Gregory XI who at that time resided in Avignon and it was through Catherine exhorting him energetically that he effectively moved back to take his proper chair of Peter back in Rome, and she did this through a prophecy she had for him. She said to him: "Fulfill what you have promised to God.'"

Frankie Mulgrew was ordained a priest for the diocese of Salford on Saturday, 13 July 2013, along with Nathan. Praise be to God! It was a very blessed, happy day & there was much to give thanks for.

Totus2us would never have even started if it hadn't been for Frankie & his podcast ideas.


"Our Lady for me is a hope. Lourdes is just a really important part of who I am and she’s obviously a massive part of Lourdes and she’s someone that’s just always been in my life and I feel like something that has led me back to my faith constantly, whether I like it or not. Yeh,  she’s just like something that’s steadfast in my life and I just love her."

Freya speaks about being a pilgrim to Lourdes      

"Lourdes for me was a massive conversion in my faith. I went the first time when I was 17 and I didn’t really want to go but my teachers told me that I should so I did! .. As I was looking out, you know how the people with the candles snake towards the Basilica, I just saw like this light, it was so insane to me. There were probably only like a couple of thousand of people there but to me it could have been hundreds of thousands, like it was just full of light and I just had this sudden realisation of something that was much bigger than myself. It took my breath away a bit because I was, wow! And I felt this sudden calm in me, like, God exists, why are we ever worried about anything? And that sort of stayed with me for the past five years and it has really shaped who I am. I think that’s one of the reasons why Lourdes and why Our Lady are so important to me is that it has been a life changer."