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The United Kingdom

Responses to Totus2us podcasts given by Brits with Christian names beginning with N - many thanks to you all   ♥


"I'd like to encourage you to pray the rosary for Our Lady's intercession because she's very powerful, and whatever problems we have, whatever difficulties we may encounter, she's always there to help, and many miracles have happened in my life and the lives of my family, friends and neighbours."


Psalm 103As far is the east is from the west, so far has He removed your sins - I guess that's fairly self-explanatory, because I really really need to hear that quite a lot and it is always very, very comforting when I do.


"I think Mary is really special and she's like the Mother of the Guardian Angels and she looks over and protects everybody."


"Now I know what is the love towards our Mother and she for me is everything, she’s my mother and I have unconditional love towards her and I can thank her that she gave me that gift to feel her love and I’m also thanking Our Lady that she’s praying for me to her son Jesus Christ."


"Our Lady for me is the guidance through the dark, she’s the light, the person who sees us through the dark times. She is a mother, she’s healing, she’s loving, she’s comforting and we follow her. She’s the one who’ll take us through these dark times."


"Mary to me is a mother, a mother that even though she shows me so much love constantly, she's also this mother that just keeps me in check, and she reminds me whenever I'm sort of straying a little bit far from the path where I should be looking and it's towards her son, Jesus Christ."


"It's difficult to explain it but I'm pretty sure that it's been Mary's prayers that have looked after me in the last couple of years, kept me safe, and kept me from taking the wrong path on a number of occasions, and just nourished me in the right direction."


"In my life, repeatedly, Mary has been a focus."

Father Neil      

"Our Lady is the one who is supporting me as I stand 'in persona Christi', in the person on her son, at the altar."

Father Neil Brett talks of his conversion and the role his spiritual director, Father Bob, played on his road to the priesthood      

"One day my spiritual director asked me a question and that was: "Have you ever thought of being a priest?" Well the answer was, yes, I had, but no-one had ever asked me, until then. And of course it was as if the flood gates opened and I said yes, and from then on the rest is my own history because I began to follow God more closely in the way of a vocation to the priesthood... Here was God calling me through one man, a priest."


"So when I returned home, I thought 'Right, it's going to go away soon' but after a few days it just kept growing and growing. And I knew I needed to speak to someone about it so I emailed a priest who'd traveled with us to WYD Madrid, and said 'Hi, Father, something has gone horribly wrong in my life. I think I want to become a priest. Please help me!' And he returned the reply and said 'Look, come and have a chat with me. We'll see what's going on.' So I went up and had a chat with him, and I must have been there for two or three hours, talking about all sorts but obviously centred around this sense of calling to the priesthood, which I was hoping he'd say 'Yeh, you're being ridiculous. Don't worry about it, it'll go away in a week.' But he didn't! He said, 'Look Niall, I think you need to take this seriously because the Lord never leads you down a dead end. So whatever He is leading you to at the moment, it may be priesthood, it may not be, but take it seriously and see where it goes.'"


"I thank and I praise God that He has given us Our Lady - that she is always there for us and at the 2 most important moments of our life: now and at the hour of our death. Amen."

Niall chose Padre Pio of Pietrelcina as his Incredible Saint      

"When I was growing up I had a lot of fear in my heart and, because for me it was normal, I didn't realise it could be any different. But as I started to pray I started to realise that God didn't want that, I remember I came across something that Padre Pio had said: 'Fear is a greater evil than evil itself.' In other words it's fear that stops us from being alive, it's fear that stops us from really enjoying the life that God has given us. And I always remember the words 'He is a good friend' because I really believe the saints aren't just people for us to admire and imitate, they're much more than that, they are actually friends and we shouldn't be afraid to speak to them like we would to a friend. And the love they have for us is so warm and so sincere and so compassionate .. For me, Padre Pio would be that, like a friend, I know that I can ask him for help, and I know that he is someone who suffered and who understands. He said a beautiful thing to his spiritual children: that when he got to heaven, he wouldn't go in, he'd hold the door open for them."

Niall is a member of St Patrick's Community, who are based in Ireland and help lead retreats in parishes around the country.


Niamh, loves Pope Benedict XVI for all that he teaches, and most especially because she has found that at the heart of everything he says is his call to a real, authentic friendship with Christ.

"Try each day to follow Christ’s word. Listen to him as a true friend with whom you can share your path in life. With him at your side, you will find courage and hope to face difficulties and problems, and even to overcome disappointments and set-backs." - BXVI - from his Message for the 26th World Youth Day (in Madrid 2011)

(Niamh is on the right in the photo, outside Lambeth Palace, during BXVI's visit to London)


"I think that Our Lady is a very powerful intercessor. In all times of need, I turn to her. I especially find her help most powerful in Lourdes, but also here at home."


"Mary is the Mother of Our Lord obviously and that means a great deal, that she said when faced with the angel, 'Be it done unto me according to thy word', makes me realise how much she trusted in Our Lord and how much we should. And I also look at her as the forlorn, devastated mother who lost her son, and then that makes me realise how much she took on her shoulders, how much it must have hurt her and what a strength and inspiration that should be to us."


"When I think of Mary, I think of someone gentle."


"Mary is my mother in heaven. She is the one who guides me. She's the one who I have entrusted my life to and I choose to serve God through her."


"Then in the closing months of the year I sort of came back towards it all. I really got the sense that I lived the life without the faith and it's a very dark one, one that there's a real sense of being lost and one that quite frankly isn't worth living. I'm very grateful now for the fact that I've got my faith back, and I'm a young person involved with God and Jesus and that to me is the most important thing in my life. Here I am now, 22 years old, 'going forward home' as they said at the end of the Youth 2000 conference and looking forward to kicking off a good life."


"Our Lady is everything to me. She led me to Christ and every day I just hope that my heart can be a little bit more like hers. Being close to Mary is just the greatest gift you can have."


"Our Lady defeated the devil and the devil is scared of her. She said yes to take care of a human baby, Jesus Christ."


"My relationship with Mary I suppose is about her being a woman who will teach me how to love Jesus in the best way that I can because she loved him the best. And also, as well as loving as well as any human being can love another person, she allowed herself to be loved most perfectly by God, so for me she's the person who, of anyone, can teach me that."


"I hope that Mary will be the means, the channel, by which the Church will be restored to unity."


"For me, Our Lady is somebody who I can turn to but when I'm in trouble or I want to share something wonderful. Before, when I was younger, I had no affinity with her at all, but now I feel like she is the one person I can come to and turn to. And if I have any question for Jesus and feel bad asking him for anything, I feel like well he might be able to refuse me but he can't refuse his mother, so I go to her. She is my rock."

Noelita chose John the Apostle as her Incredible Saint        

"The saint who is very special to me is John the Disciple, I think for 3 reasons: the first being he was the youngest of all the disciples and he had a strong faith from a young age, which is something I felt I could resonate with, so somebody I could turn to and talk to in my youth, as a young person. The second thing is I've always admired how, when everyone else deserted him at the Cross, how he was there and how he managed to find the strength to keep his faith and to be there for Our Lord in his moment of weakness and pain is something I have always admired. And the third is the Last Supper, the idea of when he rested his head on Jesus's breast, the idea of how he surrendered his intellect, almost his mind, to be absorbed completely next to Jesus's heart which has always made me think how he surrendered his mind to his heart and to give his love completely to Jesus."


"Our Lady means a lot to me because she's absolutely the doorway to understanding Jesus and through her I've learnt a lot of things about my faith and how to endure and trust in God."


"Our Blessed Mother took me by the hand and led me to her son Jesus and my life has never been the same since … Since that time, with the grace of Our Blessed Mother always with me and in my heart, I've been given the strength and the courage to do things I never thought would be possible in my whole life and now my greatest joy is saving souls. I just want to work for Jesus and Mary to bring people back to our heavenly Father."


"I love Our Lady."